BOSTON (CBS) – An Army reservist is in a new battle. He’s struggling to pay his medical bills after he had a heart attack during a fitness test.

“I’ve been through a lot,” Shane Morgan said. “This past year has been as difficult, as challenging as my deployment to Afghanistan.”

Morgan is an Army veteran, a captain who served in Afghanistan and a current active reserve member. But lately, Shane and his wife Jaime have fighting to get health benefits from the Army.

It all began when Shane took a required Army physical fitness test last November.

Shane Morgan (Courtesy Photo)

Shane Morgan (Courtesy Photo)

“As we were doing the push-ups I got 15 in, and I noticed that it was a lot harder for me to do push-ups than it has ever been,” Shane said.

“So he hooked me up to the EKG and said ‘I’m 99.9 percent certain you’re having a heart attack.'”

One artery was completely blocked, but there was another problem, the Army determined the heart attack did not happen in the line of duty, so its been withholding medical payments.

“You have a heart attack during a forced, a mandated PT test and then you tell him it’s his fault that he could have had it at home, but he didn’t have it at home he had it, while he was doing push-ups,” Jaime said.

The Army cited an earlier blood test.

“My cholesterol was 214,” Shane said. “However on the day that I had my heart attack the hospital did a lipid panel and my total cholesterol was down to 185.”

With bills piling up, the Morgan’s credit rating suffered, but the Army has just reopened the case. A spokesman told WBZ: “The physical and financial well-being of our soldiers and their families is a top concern for Army and Army Reserve leaders at all levels.”

“I am cautiously optimistic,” Shane said.

“Persistence has paid off definitely,” said Jaime.

There is no timetable on when the case will be resolved.

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  1. Alan B Flood says:

    This is typical military – I serve required time in the National Guard but now that I am getting to the end of life have discovered I do not rate a flag on the casket. I have an honorable discharge from the US Army and I am not good enough for a simple flag. Have gone to State Rep and he went to someone in statehouse who laughed at the suggestion of guardsmen getting a burial flag. I went to my congressman’s town hall and brought it up to his military staff person and he wasn’t even aware of such a law. Said he added it as an amendment to the military budget. But no one will tell me if the amendment passed. Why a guardsman and reservist from 40-50 yeas treated like they never existed?

    1. Glen Dorn says:



      But seriously, THANK YOU for your service to our country and it’s citizens.

      1. Sal says:

        It has become difficult to put your life on the line when your country won’t cover your medical needs (see the VA fiasco) and your CIC uses you for political reasons.
        Wait a few weeks…..your new CIC will be cursing you out as she did to the Army dog handler in Turkey securing her quarters when she was SOS…swopes verified his story.
        I give military people credit for putting up with this garbage.

    2. NGrPatriots says:

      Have you contacted your Family Assistance Center or a VFW?

    3. FresnoJohn says:

      All that has to happen to rate a flag is your surviving family member bring a copy of your DD214 to the mortuary. That is all. There is no BS of being a nat’ guardsman or anything like that. So long as your DD214 says Honorable (or anything other than Dis/OTH) the mortuary will supply a flag. Now receiving honor guard or rifles is another matter.

      1. Sergeant Major says:

        Most states now have a National Guard Honor Guard detachment. Contact you state personnel dept for more info. I know Missouri has one and their prime mission is to supply an honor guard for deceased vets and that includes NG troops

    4. You can get a burial flag from the Department of Veterans affairs. And a military funeral from one of the Service organizations.

      1. Alan B Flood says:

        No a flag is not supplied by the US government or US veteran services per the military flag code – I can buy one if I so choose. I do not seek a military honor guard and the way it is going they don’t make a flag for cremation urns which will be all I can probably afford. The reason I went to my Congressman (Ex Marine officer) was to try and get this rectified – I served my country as a national guardsman – actually the Navy rejected me for active duty due to high blood pressure so I joined where I could so I could serve in some capacity – National Guardsman as witnessed this past year get called in for racial riots, political riots and natural disasters so we are not exactly dolts like some have expressed here. I was promoted three times while on Basic and AIT training and was told I was the first member of NH National Guard to return as a Spec4 and since I was the first in my hdqtrs company to have training on the new radios I was promoted again to hard 4 and then with NCO training to hard 5 to lead my radio section. I didn’t get those promos in basic because I was out of shape or incapable of doing the military training and will never forget heartbreak hill at Fort Knox. I am not looking for veterans benefits – I didn’t go to a war theatre on active duty. But just a little respect for taking some time out of my life to serve in NAtional Guard. How many of you being critical of military didn’t serve this country or ran off to Canada or Mexico to avoid or got a woman pregnant to use the got a family excuse. ?

      2. Navy Vet says:

        Love the misinformation. Below is from the VA

        A United States flag is provided, at no cost to drape the casket of a deceased Veteran who served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces. It is furnished to honor the memory of a Veteran’s military service to his or her country. VA will furnish a burial flag to memorialize Veterans who receive an other-than-dishonorable discharged:
        Veteran who served during wartime
        Veteran who died on active duty after May 27, 1941
        Veteran who served after January 31, 1955
        peacetime Veteran who was discharged or released before June 27, 1950
        certain persons who served in the organized military forces of the Commonwealth of thePhilippines while in service of the U.S. Armed Forces and who died on or after April 25, 1951
        Certain former members of the Selected Reserves

    5. Alan B Flood says:

      Navy Vet – I tried to explain this in my first posting – I had already done my homework and that is why I went first to my State legislature rep to see what he could find out – they said the request was funny and laughed or something to that effect so I went a my congressman and he had me talk to his staff person who dealt with VA issues – Staff person tried to tell me I was entitled – I told him to google it when he got back to the office – He googled it right then and there and admitted he was not aware of it. Mt Congressman notified me that he put an amendment on the current military funding but I cannot find the amendment so do not know if it passed muster or not – I don’t even know what the amendment says as that was not passed back to me like it is some kind of big secret.. I served, I was available for any kind of call up be it state , national or federal for six years, I was given an honorable discharge by US Dept of the Army and then forgotten. ANd that is the bottom line!

      1. Evan Davis says:

        Dealing with chair born Rangers has always been difficult. Would send you one with a case but it seems a little macabre to have it around. The way I see it is you served like everyone else. You also had a better chance than active duty in going to the gulf.

    6. Tim says:

      From your post, you sound like you have reached retirement age. If so, then yes, you do get a flag. Check out US Code 38 Section 2301.

  2. BH says:

    Maybe if he was a refugee he could get help , sad how the governments priority is never our troops . I hope this gets worked out for him and his family .

    1. Fred762 says:

      Tell him to wear pink panties and yell “Aloha Snackbarr” while asking for castration..that will get him free medical care in Oaba’s armee.

      1. twinstick says:

        Maybe if he would break out the pink prayer rug or snap a salute with his left hand saying ‘Heil Hillary’…

  3. Kate says:

    Shame on the Army. You disrespect a veteran who after active service continues the creed of duty, honor, country. Glad my relatives and friends, including a nephew with a Purple Heart have separated. Mr. Morgan, you have my thanks for your service and respect. If no local member of Congress takes up your case, Sen. Schumer of New York won’t let this egregious act go idly by. Best of luck in recovering your health, and getting justice.

    1. DimpledRumpSkin says:

      It’s Obama’s army. He’s the Commander In Chief of the military. The buck stops with him.

  4. Tony Mah says:

    But if he wants a sex change operation, they’ll pay for it.

  5. Most cops & firemen get full job related disability if they have heart attacks or strokes even at home & off duty. The golf courses in Florida are loaded with young NY & NJ cops on full disability retirement that nothing is wrong with.

    1. Allanza Sortini says:

      I lived in Naples, FL for eight years. I saw hundreds of medically retired cops and firemen from Chicago, NY, NJ and every major northern liberal city. People have no idea the big six figures they make and the medical/retirement financial benefits they receive for L.I.F.E. I golfed with these guys daily. It’s a scam. Yet liberals running the federal bureaucracy continue to decline our vets and active military any kinds of medical treatment or reimbursement. Unfortunately we have too many stupid minority and women military who still vote Democrat.

  6. John Smoot says:

    Captain Morgan simply needs to have his physician claim that all heart treatments are related to gender dysphoria. If the Army is willing to pay for Bradley Manning’s “treatment,” they should pay for Captain Morgan’s treatment.

  7. William says:

    Yet they pay for the sex change operation for Manning-a convicted traitor in prison now.

  8. smellygoat says:

    Our world has flipped on its head. Veterans, soldiers, and citizens get shafted. Illegals, “refugees” and freaks get whatever they want.
    Thanks obama. POS.

  9. Hack Wannabe says:

    Obama wanted the Military to fund their own Health Insurance! Remember that?

    Democrats are a DISGRACE!


    1. Marine Captain says:

      Cheney cut the military 20% as secretary of defense. Obama raised pay and benefits.

  10. If he’d had his heart attack during gender reassignment surgery, they’d be paying him.

  11. Joe Campbell says:

    But this administration will give welfare, health care and social security to immigrants and illegals without thinking twice…
    The perversion and corruption of this administration is demonstrated daily by the clown residing in our White House and it has filtered down to all agencies!

  12. Edward says:

    If he is a veteran by definition of U.S.C 38 I don’t see the problem of why the VA has not taken care of him not the Army. While the Army should they could just claim secondary to the VA.

    1. Ken says:

      The VA does not pay for emergency care except under very specific conditions. Link here to VA site:

      What gets me is at the top the VA states you can receive emergency care at a facility that they have an agreement with, like anyone knows when they will have a medical emergency!

      1. Mike Palmer says:

        Wrong. The reason the VA isn’t involved is because he’s not a Veteran. He’s still a active reservist, which means it’s the Army who is responsible for his treatment.

      2. Navy Vet says:

        Ughh. HE IS A VETERAN. However, since the article implies that this illness (heart disease) was aggravated (heart attack) during an inactive duty training (reserve drill) period, then the Army owes him medical as well as incapacitation pay.

  13. Kevin Brent says:

    The Army does not have a legal leg to stand on. Even if he had the heart attack at home, they HAVE to cover it, period.

    1. Jeff Underwood says:

      He is an Army Reservist, so when he did the test was he doing it on his own civilian time or was he actually at drill or on active duty? If he came in on his own personal time to do the test, he is not on active duty so not considered in the Army. I worked at two different reserve sites and we never did any like administering PT test unless it was a drill weekend or they were on orders for active duty.

      1. Kevin Brent says:

        So, he can be 450lbs and holding down a couch on his time, as long as he shape-shifts back into fighting trim on duty weekend? That dog just ain’t gonna

      2. Tim says:

        He can’t do the APFT on his own time by law. He has to do it while in a drill status. If he elected to do it on his own time, then it is not LOD.

    2. Navy Vet says:

      Hey I’ll support your position as soon as Congress changes 10 USC…just saying.

      1. Kevin Brent says:

        Roger that, just don’t forget they answe to us. Despite whatever they may think otherwise.

  14. The army cited a 214 cholesterol as a reason NOT to pay the medical bills. Ahhhh 214 is not high. And 185 is good too. Not to mention the fact that HALF of all heart attack patients DO NOT have high cholesterol throwing the high cholesterol argument out the window anyway. BUT he was doing a REQUIRED test. Why does the “new” fed gov fight things like this? The man was on his duty weekend taking a required test and had a heart attack. PAY HIS BILLS !!!

  15. mohammid killthemall says:


    If that soldier was a Muslim or Illegal Aliens they would not hesitate to pay the bill


    If a healthy young white man has a heart attack its was do to the vaccinations and drugs the Army orders their troops to take. Many have threatening side affects and would not be allowed in the private sector.

  16. Navy Vet says:

    Hmmm, sounds dis-jointed to me and the article leaves several gaps. Did he report his chest pains when he was doing the physical test? If so, then this illness was “…aggravated in the line of duty” and per the DoD instruction (and Title 10) and he is eligible for medical care and incapacitation pay (this pay is way toooo difficult to explain my post). However, and this part is NOT clear, if he had the chest pains, did not report them and then saw his private physician later (next day etc) then his case would be somewhat more difficult.
    With the above said, there is an appeals process which he has the right to use. He can obtain statements from his fellow soldiers that he told about the chest pains as they were happening and after review, the original determination will more than likely be overturned.
    The problems that occur with a case like this is the soldier doesn’t tell anyone about something like this until later on, which muddies the water.
    My two cents!

  17. Richard Coleman says:

    Why is the military not accepting there obligations? Just because the Captain is National Guard his training days are the same as Active Duty. As a retired Army Officer, I am embarrassed, that we are not taking care of our soldiers, both officers and enlisted. I am asking why? Who is the bureaucrat who is making the decision on that it is not a Line of Duty (LOD) injury? If the bureaucrat had a heart attack on a training day, even without a PT test, a lot of other(bureaucrats) would be stumbling over them selves to insure it was LOD. Been there with another issue where a bureaucrat makes a decision and that is it. Fought it within the system until the bureaucrats refused to do anything, then went public and the press. Now considered a skunk at a lawn party and no longer a team player, but I had to do it for my troops.

    1. Navy Vet says:

      This is not a “military” issue this is a Congress issue. The services cannot created regulations and policies that are in conflict with the laws that Congress passes.

      30 years ago we used an example of a military helicopter crashing with an active duty member, a reservist on inactive duty training (weekend drill) and a reservist on his two weeks annual training being killed. Each, and by extension their families, would be treated differently from legal and benefits standpoints. Unfair, yep! Need to be changed, yep!

      Unfortunately THESE SAME issues STILL exist today!

  18. BeanerECMO says:

    Demand a JAG investigation. He was on active duty at the time. They should find, “Injured in the line of duty not due to his own misconduct.” The operative word is ‘should’.

    1. Navy Vet says:

      Was not on active duty. Was during Inactive Duty Training (IDT).

      1. BeanerECMO says:

        If he was on Inactive Duty for Training, he was active duty at the time. Any time a reservists is training; .e.g., weekend warrior training; they are on active duty.

  19. Jim Kindred says:

    I spent a total of 27 years with the Army, 10 Regular 17 National Guard. One thing I learned that you can bet on, if the Army can find a way to screw you out of your benefits they will move heaven and earth to do it.

  20. cleo48 says:

    This isn’t right. Not at all.

  21. eamonkelly says:

    But, if he needed transgender reassignment surgery, he’d get it…you just can’t make this stuff up.

  22. Darcy Marketfog says:

    Doesn’t the Army give periodic physicals, especially since, by definition, army duties require regular high physical exertion? Imagine carrying around a helmet, rifle, ammunition, water, a back pack, and personal items all day? Don’t they give physicals prior to deployments or active duty training? I believe that somebody should have detected Captain Morgan’s heart problem. The Army was negligent.

  23. cRyan says:

    He should have been discharged for not meeting the weight standards. Combat veteran or not, this guy is obese and shouldn’t have been in the Army. That said, he was still actively drilling (that’s the Army’s fault) so the Army needs to pay up for their idiocy in allowing an obese soldier stay in the service.

  24. That Guy says:

    First off, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. Getting the bill paid should be a simple task if you can convince them that you are here illegally and can’t speak English.

  25. Jerry Seinfield says:

    Dear Captain Morgan, Just tell the army you’re a transgender currently undergoing a sex change operation. They’ll pay you top dollar pronto! Guaranteed!

  26. Naterade says:

    I guess all the reservists who used to walk around sick for a week or with broken bones until their duty weekend came up so they could get the free healthcare finally ruined it for the rest of them. Hey, gotta pay the piper at some point.

  27. Tom says:

    If he wanted a sex-change operation that would be OK, though….

    1. HeywoodJablowme says:

      We said the same thing at the same time.

  28. HeywoodJablowme says:

    But if he wants a sex change, thats covered in Obama’s army.

  29. V.O. says:

    This is typical, Marine Corps is FAR WORSE in that they only treat enlisted this way and push ALL funds and resources towards Officers and their Families comfort. At least the Army is an equal opportunity back stabber.

  30. TigerJohn says:

    I’m a supporter of the military, especially as I am a veteran, but they do some foolish things. Good luck Captain, I wish you well.

  31. Forearmed says:

    There is ultimately only one person who directs the denial of benefits. Sue them personally. When anyone working for Veterans Administration believes they can make a decision that denies benefits to a veteran with impunity because they also believe they have the force of the administration behind them, while hiding behind lack of accountability, they need to be fired.

    And if you must you go right up the ladder until you are able to sue the top dog. In trying to conserve money the military is purposefully screwing our veterans instead of cutting back on multi-billion dollar aircraft that cannot compete. The men at the top have their priorities mixed up. They think of soldiers as expendable cannon fodder. Make them believe otherwise !!!

  32. sam smead says:

    We have billions of dollars to pay for the ILLEGALS coming into our country but we don’t have money for a Captain who has a heart attack while doing a physical for the Army. We need to kick out the crazy people running the system and it starts with the VA and Hillary and Odumbo. We are doomed as a society if Hillary get elected.

  33. Mark Matis says:

    If only he was Hispanic or Black or Homosexual or Muslim, he wouldn’t be having these problems.

    I wonder if he could claim to be 1/64 Indian?

  34. Allen Lyhand says:

    I can’t see why anyone would be foolish enough to join the military and become cannon fodder to serve knowing the history of loss and mismanagement.

    1. Aleric says:

      We serve the country, not the azzholes currently in charge.

  35. Aleric says:

    This is what happens when you are a white, straight man in the Liberal run Military.

  36. nogard says:

    I suggest he travel to Mexico and be caught sneaking back across the border. Not only will he get immediate free healthcare, but will be given a generous food allowance, housing, a drivers license, a scholarship for college and a promise from obama and hillary to be protected. He may even get some part time work inciting riots at Trump conventions.

  37. Jane Parx says:

    If you like how we treat veterans you’re really gonna love it when the government takes the health care system over completely.

  38. This will not end well for America….. You have a bunch of politically correct officers leading women and trannys into combat in the near future….. better bring lots of body bags….

  39. John says:

    The issue is that he is a reservist. He has to get cleared medically to perform the test, part of which is a questionnaire to attest that he doesn’t have a pre-existing condition. The military uses this as a CYA for cases like this. If he doesn’t perform tests periodically, he can get kicked out. If he fails the test, he can get kicked out. In this case, the Army reviewed his case and probably said that cholesterol is a chronic condition that was caused over time due to his lifestyle outside of the Army. Many reservists avoid medical treatment for physical problems acquired during deployments, because they don’t want to be in a situation where they have a condition considered pre-existing and ground for removal from the Service. Guardsmen/Reservists will get kicked out for issues that active duty don’t. So services save money by using the part time military, save more money with the medical review board. Active duty members won’t stand up for the, because they are reservists. Sucky situation.

  40. JoAnn Dolberg says:

    Well, it seems TRUMP is RIGHT AGAIN.

  41. As a Navy veteran of 28 years it is detestable that the Army has taken this approach, because even as a reserve/national guard he was on duty at the time of the PT test and heart attack. This is a symptom of the rapidly changing culture in the military, where political correctness runs rampant and craven, cowardly generals are promoted over honorable warriors because of gender, race, political views, etc.

    1. John says:

      It’s not an Army issue, and the policy is not new, it’s just that a newspaper is willing to cover it. It is probably worse for NG members (vice Reserve members), because his medical would be covered by the state, not Fed for a physical test (assuming he wasn’t deployed). With most states in financial distress, their medical review boards are going to be stricter, looking for reasons not to pay. I imagine cholesterol and arthritis are their best get out of payment cards. They could kick him out for falsifying medical forms for not claiming a medical condition before a test. So then he would be stuck with medical bills, maybe he loses his only job, then usually the wife and kids follow. Some would say that he is lucky if he is allowed to stay in.

  42. whooosh says:

    One of Obama’s thugs in the military probably found out, that this captain supports Trump.
    That is the way these thugs operate. Seek revenge on someone, who is not pro-establishment and not PC.

  43. John says:

    Complete BS. The story says he is an Army veteran with service in Afghanistan. Then just go to the West Roxbury VA and you will be treated immediately and even at the highest co-pay he will only pay $1190 for a stay in the hospital and $50 for every visit. I cannot understand how this solution is not obvious. Or is it a political play be some BS candidate or cause.

  44. But we have $38 billion to give Israel, we have money to give illegals SS, phones,free rent,free healthcare and free food but we can’t take care of veterans and americans. it’s beyond disgusting. keep voting democrats and republicans you stupid sheep and nothing will ever change.

  45. John Smith says:

    Was he on duty when he was stuffing his face with cheeseburgers? Sorry fat boy, suck it up, soldiering is for men that are fit.

    1. Lulua Mahalo says:

      Your inane comment makes you look ignorant and immature.

      1. Alan B Flood says:

        I agree – the commenter here doesn’t deserve his 1st amendment rights to free speech – he is attacking those who protect those rights

  46. Matt says:

    The armed forces uses people. It doesn’t care about them. That is why I would never join it. At least civilian employers give you health insurance that actually pays. This kind of use-and-discard attitude is typical of the armed forces.

  47. William Davis says:

    This is not a line of duty error. Reservists, which includes all National Guard, on weekend training are not on active duty so their civilian insurance is in effect. I agree with requesting a review of the LOD determination, but the regulations are fairly clear. Apparently a lot of you guys are unaware of the regulations and i’d suggest that you keep your vitriol to a minimum when addressing issues of substance without adequate knowledge. It makes you appear really ignorant.


    1. John says:

      Even though you are correct, it is ironic (or maybe it shouldn’t be surprising) that military medical has less compassion toward cases like this than civilians who have no reason to know what happens behind the scenes. Maybe it’s people like you that make decisions that end the careers of young people who focus on operational issues more than how military medicine operates. Young people assume that medical is there to support and help, and then realize that they put too much faith in the system. LOD packages should come with a warning label on how they could be F’d if someone finds a reason to call a condition pre-existing. Nobody F’s you like a buddy.

  48. Lulua Mahalo says:

    The military I used to know has gone the way of the America I used to know.

    Obama has replaced warriors with politicians wearing uniforms.

    ~ Retired 31 year combat arms, combat vet.

  49. Sorry but as a reservist one should not expect full time benefits for part time service.
    Capt. Morgan had a heart attack due to a blocked artery. The artery did not become blocked on the day of the physical fitness test. Hence the injury was not in the line of duty. The decision to deny benefits is correct under current law. The Captain should have known the limitations of his military coverage and secured proper private medical insurance. He has nobody to blame for his problems except himself.

    1. Lulua Mahalo says:


      Pentagon to Pay for Some Sex-Change Operations for Transgender Troops…including traitor Chelsea Manning’s sex change
      21 Sep 16

      Military approves hormone therapy for traitor Chelsea Manning’s sex change
      12 Feb 15

      1. I am opposed to Chelsea Manning’s surgery and hormone therapy too. The surgery is not medically necessary and should not be done by the Army.

        The Manning case has nothing to do with Capt Morgan’s situation however. Reservists are not authorized full military benefits because they are part time soldiers. If they want full benefits they should stay in for the required 20 year term of service. Nobody should know this more than the Captain. I’m sure he has had to write a line of duty determination so he probably knows the law. For example, if Capt Morgan had broken his leg on an obstacle course while doing his weekend training then he would have been eligible for medical care. Since his heart disease was pre-existing and he is a reservist he is not eligible for the benefit. It is as simple as that.
        I can only surmise that the Captain is either ignorant of these regulations or he is trying to gain sympathy from fellow service members. You are playing into his hands by making an emotional argument for the benefits rather than one based on reason and the regulations.

        Please don’t fall for it. Have a nice day.

    2. Pal your shoveling manure and everyone knows it.

      1. If you’re going to comment in public try to add something intelligent to the conversation rather that embarrassing yourself.

  50. Dave Gardner says:

    Typical conduct, especially with obumbler in charge….look how well his promise(s) to fix the VA have worked.

  51. PP says:

    Mandatory PT is a requirement to maintain readiness so therefore you can draw the conclusion it IS in the line of duty. Army, do the right thing and pay this guy’s bills

  52. But the Department of Defense, per the Secretary of Defense order, will pay for someone to have a sex change operation; even if the wack job is doing time in Leavenworth.

  53. ABNRGR says:

    As a retired Army Ranger (and field grade officer) I know this is BS!! The NG used to be a laugh. They made their bones in this generation war that has been started and should have been ended 4 years ago. We have such an evil loser who has gutted great leaders that would ART 15 a dumb a%% who tried to deny a trooper or officer medical benefits who had a heart attack while on duty. Thanks barry you POS and all those who complain here but voted for him

  54. If this Captain was an open homosexual married to a same sex individual bet their would be no problem paying his medical bills.

  55. George says:

    The US military under Obama has other priorities…paying for sex “reassignments” surgery for illegal aliens.
    I am serious.

  56. Jim Smith says:

    Hey Army, whatever happened to Mission first; Soldier always?
    You have already have the distinction of being the “Fatess” service and now you are trying for the one who does’t take care of their people?

  57. mawendt says:

    1) Was the guy on orders?
    2) Was it a pre-existing condition?

    My guess is no to #1 and yes to #2 – and that the guy didn’t have health care to cover it.

    If it’s pre-existing and not service provoked, and he is not on orders – THE SERVICE WON”T COVER IT. His insurance has to, and insurance includes his option to buy Tricare. Seems like he didn’t.

    Soldiers that have missed or failed a PT test may come in to take one on an off day, not on orders, in order to meet last minute promotion or schools requirements. If they do, they have to be on orders, because if they get injured or sick, they will not be covered. Additionally, pre-existing conditions aren’t covered – if I have a hernia, come in and then go on sick call, I will not be covered through the Army if I’m a reservist or National Guardsman. Probably the same for kidney or heart failure.

    Just guessing by reading between the lines. Perhaps there should be a little more research on ‘battling red tape’.

    And the Army is not evil. But it does require you to be responsible.

  58. sue says:

    meanwhile….how many Syrian, Guatemalan, Honduran, Haitian ‘refugees’ are receiving food stamps, public housing, education loans, cell phones AND treatment for third world diseases they had before they came to the uS?

  59. JOHN T. FOX says:


  60. RS says:

    So then why is the military paying for sex change operations???

  61. RS says:

    This insanity will only continue or worsen under Crooked Hillary, who has contempt for the military, while she ignores our veterans and gives everything to the refugees. Trump is the only chance we have to fix this STUPIDITY.

  62. Sadly if he were trying to get a sex change operation the Army would gladly pay for that no questions asked and call him a hero . But have a heart attack while on duty and performing a required Army function , forget it , pay it yourself. Sadly this current military is a joke .

  63. Unless he was diagnosed with an heart condition while on active duty he does not qualify for such benefits, this is the law it isn’t right but that is the way it is. However a strange provision is as a reservist he is covered by Workmen’s Comp’. Does he know that as a combat veteran is automatically eligible for treatment at a Department of Veteran’s affairs hospital. The soldier needs to get the proper advice. This is coming from a retired VA employee, and Navy Vet’.

  64. There is another thing. Historically the Army has always treated it’s reserve forces, Army Reserve and especially the Army National Guard like a dog’s lawn God offering. This is coming from a Navy Vet who also spent 22 years in the Wyoming Army National Guard.

  65. What a bunch worthless A$$ clowns the Army Leaderships turned into! Every person including the that SPOKES hole needs to fired!

  66. Andrei Bilderburger says:

    Time for everyone in the chain of command on this decision to dig a 6 X 6 X 6 foot hole and fill it in again!

  67. bill1942 says:

    But they will pay for a sex change for any fairey that comes prancing across the parade ground? What kind of godless savage idiots are running the place???

  68. Floyd Martin says:

    After 32 years in the Army, Navy and Air Force I dare to say his medical Bills will be covered!
    Anything in the line of duty is all ways covered!

  69. Sheri says:

    Contact Hillary – she will get the benefits for you if you promise to vote for her.

  70. Dave says:

    The army and all other DOD agencies will pay for sex changes? WOW,, this guy should claim to be a female

  71. Guy Fawkes says:

    Folks, relax.
    This is just a cost savings measure to ensure the Army has enough money to pay for the voluntary sex transgender for soldiers who are confused as to which latrine they should us.
    Just my opinion.

    Guy Fawkes

  72. Whiskey Doc says:

    A condition does not need to be explicitly caused by military service, merely aggravated by it. Was this heart attack caused in part or aggravated by the PT test? If so, it will be covered medically. I’ve seen guys get in bar fights, accidents on the way to training, and even one guy who lit himself purposefully on fire have their injuries covered by the military and rule to be line of duty injuries. This will be fixed, but it might take some time.

  73. Pete Duffy says:

    Been there! They VA won’t recognize that my heart attack happened while training on the firing range and neither will the Air Force so the entitlement % I’m entitled to if injured while performing training isn’t being paid. Nice howdy do after 28 years of service and a superior record and performance reports.

  74. jabusse says:

    Obama care is only a small fraction of what his costs are going to be. Why would he not be covered by his employers plan and if he is self or unemployed he can just go out and buy it. Right? And shouldn’t he have it anyway, Isn’t that the law? So why are the medical bills piling up. The maximum deductable is only $5000 per year in the worst obamacare plan. Of course Trump would fix this by allowing vets to seek care anywhere But we don’t need to talk about that. It would be too real.

  75. Kitcha says:

    “did not happen in the line of duty” Yet the military is now paying for sex reassignment surgeries… their sexual orientation did not happen in the line of duty either….

  76. zippy says:

    He should have tell them that he is a transgender in high heels… and they would have pay all his medical bills.

  77. bob doughy says:

    Yet they will pay for a sex change

  78. RETUSAF95 says:

    “An Army reservist is in a new battle. He’s struggling to pay his medical bills after he had a heart attack during a fitness test.”

    But they will pay for sex change operations!

  79. EODIraq03 says:

    No room in the “New Army” to cover legitimate health expenses of soldiers………..have to do us some sex change operations……….thank you Northeast Libtards…………the destruction of our country is firmly on your shoulders………..

  80. Smitty says:

    He’s White, screw ’em, now if he was nuts and wanted breast implants he’d be cool.

  81. C.D.Carney says:

    He’s lucky he wasn’t going to the VA otherwise he’d be dead and registered to vote for Hillary.

  82. Ami says:

    Why people join the military today is beyond me. Everyone just do yourselves a favor and think about this seriously. Are they really defending the “Constitution”. This would mean the Constitution is under threat. Is the Constitution and USA as a country really under threat of being over taken? I know they use the propaganda that constant world intervention is necessary to “keep America free”, but does anyone really buy that BS? The good ol days (your grandparents service) of the military have been long gone (no real threat for decades) and the military as an institution has gone from good to bad to worse. Just read the comments, most are dead on. From what I can tell, over the past 20 years the world has only gotten more and more war torn. Led by?? You guessed it, the Good ol USA.

    Why do we continue to pay for the Democrat and Republican administrations to fund these overseas interventions that only create more instability? Do you have police in your town or do you send all your money to the next city to fight the crime so they criminals don’t come to your town? I think we should start taxing all the cities in a state to fund the police force of the most violent cities. Dump more and more money into Chicago, Washington DC, LA. Sound good? I mean the criminals in those cities might try and take over your town. Right?

    1. Ami, take a trip to Saudi Arabia, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Libya, maybe spend some vacation time in West Africa, East Africa, Southern Philippines, try to buy food in Venezuela and then come back and talk about America being the problem. You are blessed to live in a security bubble, bought a paid for by people who have sacrificed their lives for you. Without our military, who, BTW, answer to the civilian leadership without politics or question, you would not be able to write what you have freely. The vast majority of the world does not live with basic freedoms you enjoy. Read a little more history, you may be surprised at what America has done to make a better the world.

  83. Piquerish says:

    And yet, DoD accords SEX CHANGE therapy and surgery to a traitorous criminal incarcerated in Fort Leavenworth and exspends tax dollars for mommy nurture rooms on US naval vessels, etc. etc. ad nausea. I smell the unmistakable stench of liberalism all over this one.

  84. Contact your Senator and if he can’t resolve it, get you a Christian attorney, or one with a ponytail. The Army will loose the case. Make sure you sue them for back pay, and pain and suffering. Also don’t use the VA medical facilities there useless, I wouldn’t let them work on my dog. Shalom

  85. PeachK says:

    So our government has money to pay for benefits for millions of illegals but we can’t pay for soldier’s medical care? This is life under Democrats! Please vote Trump.

  86. So we’ll pay for sex change operations, but we won’t cover this guy’s medical bills? This kind of thing is exactly why I don’t like or trust the government.

  87. My best to this veteran and his family. This guy is clearly suffering from a service related injury. I’ve seen similar though I was at least awarded small disability rating. However, you have to fight for it. Now why when lazy welfare types who never served a day in their lives can get money easily is it our veterans in the course of duty have to fight to be cared for properly?

  88. Steve says:


  89. muneshadowe says:

    It’s all in the plan……

  90. 214 isn’t bad if HDL is high. The drop probably contributed to your heart attack.

  91. JAMES T says:

    So many who have so much to say, while having limited knowledge of the subject.

    While in the Reserves & on ADT the following two incidents happed in my unit.

    #! An individual who will remain nameless, after arriving at our ADT site, and wanting to partake of the local culture. went to town. A couple days later @ the infirmary was treated for the “clap”. His medical records indicated “service connected” because the time of infection was while he was on ADT.

    #2 Another individual who on the following day or so, also went to the infirmary with his complaint. He was treated for Hepatitis. He was treated and sent home. The infection occurred prior to his accepting orders and being on ADT.

    “One artery was completely blocked, . . . ”

    Any other decision would open up a “Pandora’s Box” of lawsuits.

    The Captain’s anger should be directed against his private insurance company, unless it is Obamacare and is out of business.

  92. Oh Yes!!! so typical of promises made by the Military…for instance…years ago when you enlisted…well my boy…if you enlist and stay for twenty years you can retire with a pension and free medical-dental, and all kinds of other perks…so why are we paying for medical under TRI-Care?…that Captain deserves his benefits…welfare can pay the medical bills of all these leaches who are healthy and refuse to work, and can pay for free medical and dental for people who enter the country illegally…but pay for someone who worked for the benefit and deserves it…
    I bet if the Captain promised to vote Democrat…his medical bills would be paid…

  93. Ferd Burfell says:

    Our Army has always said “Nothing is too good for our troops!” It sounds like ‘Nothing’ is exactly what he got. The Army is always good at its word. Farging Bastages. I gave them 22 years of my life, and 19 months in combat. They gave me two Bronze Stars, a bunch of pretty ribbons and shiny stars, a few Agent Orange-related cancers so far, and Gulf War Illness.

  94. Tom Justin says:

    This story seems unimaginable. Like an SNL sketch.

    There are a whole bunch of politicians trying to get elected right now. If they didn’t reach out to one of these people, they’are making a big mistake.