BOSTON (CBS) – An Army spokesman says Kirk Figueroa, who was killed Wednesday night in East Boston during a shootout with police, did not serve in the military as he claimed on his company’s website.

Boston Police say Figueroa opened fire Wednesday night inside his Gladstone Street home, injuring two responding officers before he was shot and killed.

Officer Matt Morris and Officer Richard Cintolo were both seriously injured during the incident. They remain hospitalized in stable but critical condition.

Figueroa was listed as the president on Code Blue Protection, and on the website for Elite Policing, he claimed to have served eight years in the Army Reserve.

The Elite Policing website, which was still functioning as of Thursday, now loads a message that says the site is under maintenance.

Kirk Figueroa's bio page on the Elite Policing website. (WBZ-TV)

Kirk Figueroa’s bio page on the Elite Policing website. (WBZ-TV)

Army spokesman Tatjana Christian said Figueroa did not serve any time in the military.

“Mr. Figueroa never attended basic training or advanced individual training. He did enlist in the U.S. Army Reserve in February 2003, but received a hardship discharge five months later,” Christian said in a statement to WBZ-TV.

According to court records obtained by the WBZ I-Team, Figueroa had a criminal record in Georgia. He was accused of domestic abuse and indicted on charges that he set his own car on fire.

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