BOSTON (CBS) — Considering the Dave Dombrowski press conference while Felger & Mazz were on the air on Tuesday afternoon, they didn’t have time to really reflect on the words of the Red Sox’ president of baseball operations. But having had a day to let the comments stew, they both had some questions about Dombrowski’s support of manager John Farrell.

Both Felger and Mazz found it peculiar that Dombrowski didn’t even tell Farrell that he’d be back to manage the club next year until after Farrell sat in front of the media on Tuesday.

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“What happened if John Farrell decided to take the hallway vs. [walking through] the weight room and they missed each other?” Felger asked.

Logistics aside, Tony Massarotti believed it to be rather telling that Dombrowski was quick to tell Farrell that he would be back in 2017 but claimed that a decision on the option year on Farrell for 2018 would require a discussion with ownership.

“The Red Sox have a $215 million payroll. Dave Dombrowski doesn’t have the right to pick up a $5 million option on the manager if he wants to?” Mazz asked. “And, when Dombrowski took the job, he did so with the acknowledgement from Henry that he would have control of the baseball operation. So does he have control of it or not? And does he really want him back or doesn’t he?”

Mazz said that the option year — whether it’s picked up before 2017 or whether it’s left to linger — says everything about how the Red Sox really feel about Farrell.

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“I look at it and say, ‘Oh, I get it now.’ So if they don’t pick up the option, we know that the owner doesn’t like the manager,” Mazz said. “I just found that stunning, [for Dombrowski to say] yeah he’s coming back but we haven’t talked about the option yet. Bull crap.”

Felger interjected: “Either that, or they’re a little disorganized. You haven’t had these internal organizational meetings about what’s the status of the manager, what’s the status of the staff, do we pick up the option or not? Again, these press conferences are at 1:30, 2 o’clock. No one talked to each other.”

Mazz doesn’t think that’s the case.

“I’ll tell you what I think it is. I think Henry doesn’t want [Farrell] back, and that he gave Dombrowski a right to run the baseball operation and Domborwski said no, we’re going to keep him now,” Mazz said. “But I don’t know how you bring the guy back — how is that you bring him back on a day like yesterday, and you don’t pick up the option? What are you going to do, send him into the final year of his deal?”

Later, Mazz said, “I want to watch that option, I’m telling you, because if they go into next year and don’t pick up the option? Boy. Dombrowksi runs into him in the weight room, says ‘You’re coming back,’ but then they don’t pick up the option? That means the owner doesn’t want him.”

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Listen to all of Tuesday’s leadoff grievances below: