By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The NFL has a ratings problem. The causes are many, and the leading cause is certainly up for debate. But that isn’t stopping the NFL from denying that the problem has some controversial undercurrents – or that the problem exists in the first place.

Sunday Night Football between the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants drew a 10.2 overnight rating as it mostly went up against the second presidential debate, according to Sports Media Watch. It’s a steep drop from 13.1 in Week 5 of the 2015 season and the lowest overnight rating since Week 8 of the 2013 season.

The presidential debate, and the 2016 election season, are no doubt cutting into TV ratings for everyone, not just the NFL. But for an 11 percent overall drop through the first four weeks of 2016 that is likely to deepen after Week 5? Seems more like a convenient excuse.

Yet, here’s the NFL sending an internal memo to all 32 teams reassuring them that the ratings are nothing to worry about. “There is no question that unprecedented interest in the Presidential election is impacting primetime ratings,” reads the letter from NFL reps Brian Rolapp and Howard Katz. Curiously, the letter brings up the effect that the backlash over the growing national anthem protests among players is having on the ratings, which they dismissed.

“Finally, it is worth noting that we see no evidence that concern over player protests during the National Anthem is having any material impact on ratings. In fact, our own data shows that perception of the NFL and its players is actually up in 2016.”

Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers walks on the field prior to their NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at Levi's Stadium on October 6, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers walks on the field prior to their NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at Levi’s Stadium on October 6, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Surely the fans are going to trust “data” coming from within the NFL. They never lie about anything.

In all seriousness, the league itself may have no evidence, but I certainly do … from the hundreds of fans who literally told me they stopped watching the NFL because they were sick of the anthem protests and the injection of politics into NFL games in the first place. Is the anthem protest backlash the only cause of the ratings decline? No. It is most certainly a confluence of a lot of different issues. But to simply deny that there is a segment of the ever-crucial 18-49 demographic that saw the anthem protests as a “last straw” kind of moment that made them turn the channel on the NFL’s diminished on-field product is to demonstrate that you are out-of-touch with your own customers. A chunk of them, anyway.

The Sporting News reported last Thursday that the “Kaepernick Effect” is actually starting to hit the league in the wallets. The four major NFL broadcast networks – CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN – will pay about $5 billion per year for rights to broadcast games through 2021, yet sources told The Sporting News that those networks are actually starting to give some money back to advertisers with what are commonly known as “make-good” deals.

I feel like a broken record saying this, but a loss of ad revenue is one of the only ways to spring the NFL into action if you want to engender any kind of change. There’s no question that the games themselves are less watchable than in recent seasons with the lack of star power, but that’s no excuse for a Sunday Night Football game that featured two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks (Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning) and one of the league’s most dynamic wide receivers who is also a lightning rod for controversy (Odell Beckham Jr.).

The presence of the election will inevitably cut into the numbers for every primetime program, but most NFL viewers tune in to escape politics – are they changing the channel for … politics? And does this mean that the NFL is predicting a big ratings spike the Sunday after Election Day? If that doesn’t happen, then what will they say?

The NFL allowed players to exercise their freedom of speech rights by protesting the national anthem, fans are in turn exercising their same rights by changing the channel, and yet the league continues to deny that the boycotts over the anthem protests are having any effect on the ratings. Is it the only cause of the 11 percent (and growing) decline? No. But it’s one of the causes, a significant one, and one that could be permanent if the league continues to sweep the issue under the rug. This is not the first season that the NFL has had to deal with a watered-down product, alternatives to cable subscriptions, or even an election year.

The anthem protests are the only variable that did not exist before this season, yet the league is trying to tell you it’s a non-factor? Even if the backlash is not a big-enough factor for an 11-percent drop in the NFL ratings, it’s a factor. An escapist-entertainment league wouldn’t let its own fans escape on Sundays, and it’s costing them.

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  1. Didn’t see the real cause in the article. Too many commercials. I spent 17 years working a Sun through Thur schedule, ending in 2011. And I was astounded upon trying to watch Sunday games again at how many commercials the NFL now crams in. I recall how the NFL wouldn’t go to commercial until a drive either stopped, or resulted in a score. I wish NFL fans would band together & protest this by organizing a boycott.

    1. Jerry says:

      Bob: “Didn’t see the real cause in the article. Too many commercials.”


      There have been commercials every year, and ratings only went up. The commercials and time for it this year have been no different than last year or the year before that.

      There is definitive proof that the Anthem protests are the direct cause – in fact, the only cause:

      Preseason game ratings.

      The Preseason game ratings in August 2016 were either up or level going right into the last week of August. Then on September 8th, in the Marquee Superbowl rematch between the Broncos and the Panthers? The ratings tanked.

      So what happened between late August (when ratings were good to great) and the first week of the regular season in September – when ratings fell off a cliff?

      Hmmm…let’s see… people like Bob, most of the media, and the NFL can’t figure it out.

      But it has NOTHING to do with hundreds of NFL players, coaches, officials and journalists supporting Kaepernick’s disrespect for the American Anthem (in public and all over social media), which just so happens to fit perfectly in that timeline between “NFL Ratings go up” and “NFL Ratings go down”.

      Oh BTW, MLB officials have threatened players with indefinite suspension if they so much as look cross-eyed during the anthem.

      1. Peg_C the Deplorable says:

        This family is 100% boycotting the NFL and it has nothing to do with commercials. Good for the MLB for laying down the law, which is a league’s RIGHT. These are employees and this is not the government infringing speech. It’s a business protecting its brand and income. Not sure what the NHL’s policy is, thought I have my suspicions, but Blue Jackets’ coach John Tortorella has already warned his players that this behavior will get them benched for a full game. AS IT SHOULD. Opening night is tomorrow. Hubby and I will be watching.

      2. Jerry says:

        Hey Roger, you fined players for wearing shoes with Remember 9/11 themes on them but let this crybaby millionaire bench warmer hijack the league. Please remind us why your salary is $44 million a year? Hey, look there’s a 4th string punter standing on his head during the National Anthem with a “Save the Possums” sign. Roger you must have a news conference to sympathize and address his hurt feelings.

      3. Walter Wirlo says:

        College games are much more exciting to watch and faster moving. NFL games have become very boring, I fall asleep watching one and therefore hardly watch them at all.

        As for the anthem, the NFL is very hypocritical and cares nothing more than making money, a lot of it. They get paid by the government to push all those military spectacles on the field, they get paid many thousands of dollars for allowing some soldiers (who get paid nothing) to put on a military display. If the NFL were so patriotic, they would do it free of charge.

        As for the players kneeling during the National Anthem, the NFL does not own the National Anthem, it belongs to the people and most of the people, have forgotten what that Anthem stands for. That Anthem allows you the right not to stand or not to make any hollow emtpy gestures like having your hand across your heart, while you happily buy Communist Chinese made products. That Anthem also allows you to protest against a treasonous government. Those players who are protesting the policy of the US government have every right to do so as the US government belongs to the people, they work for us, we pay them, they do not pay us, we own them and expressing displeasure once in a while or protesting, believe it or not, according to Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, is your patriotic duty. We may not like what the other citizen has to say or express, but it is guaranteed by constitution for him to say it. It is rather farcical that the porn industry in this country proclaims to have free speech protection under the constitution, while NFL player who express their honest views by kneeling are demonized and called unpatriotic.

        The NFL is nothing more than a money making enterprise collecting billions and despite their mass profits and excessive pay (millions) to the commissioners, they still seek to be subsidized by municipalities. The stadiums the NFL plays in are owned by the people, the more reason why this corporate employee BS during the National Anthem is exactly that, corporate BS. I wonder if the player’s uniforms are made in the US or are they and everything else the NFL purchases and uses made in Communist China?

      4. DirtyMike says:

        Thanks Jerry, you nailed it.

      5. Sigmund says:

        See ya at the ball park.

    2. Richard Taylor says:

      Back during the 1994-1995 baseball strike, I quit watching those overpaid athletes and never went back.

      Guess what?

      I won’t watch a bunch of overpaid (football) athletes disrespect this country either!

      Keep spinning it Goodell – it won’t matter – actually, maybe they’ll finally get rid of you – you’re worthless anyway!

      1. Tom Menino says:

        Goodell has destroyed the NFL brand and will be gone this year. Chasing after deflated balls and ignoring rapists, murderers, and wife beaters and allowing 3rd string douchnozzles to act like college sophomores protesting against Americans who are the ones who have always watched the games. We’ve stopped watching NFL games in my house. I dropped the NFL channel and Red Zone. No more shirts and hats. Been enjoying my Sundays much more this Fall without the false drama and the BLM antics. Good riddance.

    3. I have noticed in the last year that the amount and timing of advertising has finally reached the breaking point where I will change channels, and if a boring game, I won’t return. I DVR my other regularly watched programs so the impact of excessive advertising is minimized.

    4. BobW462 says:

      I agree 100%.

      NFL games have become unwatchable due to the constant breaks. Sure, there have always been a lot of commercials attached to televised sports. But, c’mon, the NFL and their networks have allowed this to get completely out of control. It has become absolutely ridiculous; and, unfortunately, this trend is now spreading across all televised sports.

      I am one who just won’t watch anymore.

    5. Ros says:

      a most excellent point. and it’s not just the volume but the repetitiveness. I would bet folks would notice the volume less if there was variety.

    6. D. Stearns says:

      Bob darlin. I’m from Memphis….believe me Elvis would have shot the hell out of the tv screen when he saw these guys disrespect America.

  2. roger says:

    I won’t watch another NFL game because of these asinine protests. The league had a their chance to fix this, but they have let it go on. Too late for me now. I’ve got more important things to do than support a bunch of unappreciative, ignorant men making millions to play a game.

    1. JAB says:

      Perhaps the fact that the NFL not only suppressed but lied about the real health risks attributed to the game has something to do with the fall in ratings.

      1. Yeah. They should have never forced all those players to participate. Oh wait. ..never mind.

  3. Mark says:

    Look at the ratings when SF plays if you want to see causality – their games tend to be down nearly 20% almost every time! Also, I don’t have the ratings numbers on NCAA games but you certainly don’t hear articles about their numbers declining due to the presidential race.

    NFL, just click your heels 3 times and maybe money will start falling from the sky again. I am done with you, your arrogant disrespect shows you don’t give a damn about the average football consumer!

  4. Packard says:

    Hard to cheer for millionaire NFL players who hate America. Sorry, but it just is.

    1. henry yang says:

      If NFL can not figure out why the real reason vs the apparent reasons for the drop of the rating then those who analyzed the data for NFL are highly paid idiots comparable to the highly paid hypocritical player who take a knee during the playng of the national anthem. Let them go to Canada and play football there. But the real issue here is that NFL is in denial of the real reason for rating slump is that people like me have not watch one game of NFL after the Kilpatrick foolishness but I enjoy every college games on Saturday. Hope you guys come back to your senses before it flows out to your sponsors.

  5. bc3b says:

    One of the few honest columns I have read, not parroting NFL propaganda. Roger Goodell, the $40 Million Imbecile who killed the Golden Goose through greed and stupidity.

    1. Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      Before we’ll watch NFL games again:

      1. Goodell must be fired
      2. The NFL has to take the strongest stand against this behavior
      3. There must be severe punishments for this behavior (multi-game suspensions)

  6. Boromir says:

    I was fan for 40+ years. Never missed a week. These protests were the final slap in the face. I haven’t watched one second since the season began and, honestly, by week 3, I forgot it was Sunday and I was “supposed” to be watching a game. If the NFL doesn’t wake up soon and fix things there are a lot of us who, having broken the habit and found other interests, will be gone forever.

    1. Greg Green says:

      And that’s another problem. Once people get used to doing other things on Sunday how willing will they be to come back to a 60 minute game taking almost 4 hours to watch?

      It could be like the baseball strike. Once gone some will not come back. And when kids grow up in a house that doesn’t watch football I imagine they’re far less likely to ever watch the NFL.

    2. Me too! Until this season, I hadn’t missed a single 49er game since 1979.

      This season, I haven’t watched a single 49er game. Not one.

      If I turn on any game and a player is disrespecting the anthem, I change the channel.

      1. If nothing else, they should make those guys wait in the locker room until the anthem is over.

  7. Donald J Trump says:

    Needs more grabbing cheerleaders in the Pus sy!

    1. Hillary Clinton says:

      Did you read that in a 50 shades of gray novel?

    2. ketch20too says:

      Bill Clinton isn’t allowed near cheerleaders

      1. Deadeye Dave says:

        Neither is Hillary

  8. Ratings problem is simple. Allot of us are deciding to take a knee on the NFL.

  9. suibne says:

    APPARENTLY a thousand will go by and idiots like those that run the nfl and cbs will continue to confuse cause and effect. They want to do that. It guarantees the problem will never be solved.

  10. interfacegal says:

    NFL will NEVER play on a TV in my house and it totally is due to the protests, especially after Dallas players were told they could not recognize the police officers killed in cold blood in their city! I am DONE with the NFL!!

  11. I was not expecting an honest discussion of the facts. Well done.

  12. Ron Brock says:

    Watched for over 50 years, got fed up with the political B.S. of the players and team owners not dealing with their employees. Try taking a knee on a real job and you’ll be unemployed the same day. WHAT A BUNCH OF WHINING LOSERS! GOOD BY NFL!

  13. janet says:

    I have been a life–long fan of NFL football – I could always find a team to cheer for. But the anthem antics have made me go cold turkey. I do admire Jerry Jones and the Cowboys but they have to play a team with players that disrespect our flag so I don’t watch them either.

  14. John Oakman says:

    I refuse to watch semi literate THUGS disrespect America.

  15. Kim says:

    The real reason is that the “leftists” have burrowed their way into the leadership of the NFL
    and are trying to change it….to “fundamentally” change it…like someone else.

  16. rer3 says:

    NASCAR & the NHRA honor the Flag, I will honor them by watching the races.

  17. OldGrunt says:

    Could it possibly have anything to do with the following:
    * Too many NFL players are poor role models (criminal acts/drugs) for the youth of this Country?
    * Disrespecting the Flag is not worth wasting time and ad money on ‘poor little rich players’?
    * Too many tax dollars are going into Owners monuments to themselves?
    * Too many instances of POOR SPORTSMANSHIP by alleged professionals on the field of play?
    * Too many injuries that could cause life long problems?

  18. Zoso says:

    Thankfully my team still respects the nation and the sacrifices given by our brothers and sons. If they protested, I would not watch them anymore. I will watch them, even if they are playing a team that is disrespectful. I will not watch a game that involves any team(s) disrespecting the nation.

    1. Sandra says:

      October 11, 2016 at 9:46 am
      Thankfully my team still respects the nation and the sacrifices given by our brothers and sons. If they protested, I would not watch them anymore. I will watch them, even if they are playing a team that is disrespectful. I will not watch a game that involves any team(s) disrespecting the nation.

      The last two sentences contradict each other. It can’t be both ways !

    2. Terry Broadwell says:

      My team, the Seahawks, has also not had direct protests during the anthem. However, their last game had commercials that tied Black Live Matters to the film Birth of a Nation, and then a promo for BLM that stated that “this segment was brought to you by BLM”. Thus, by watching the event I was subsidizing BLM. I refuse to support BLM so I turned the game off and until the NFL appologizes to the viewers for their players insulting behavior I don’t think I will be turning it back on.

  19. I won’t watch a game until the NFL, like MLB, steps up and condemns these myopic little tantrum protests for what they are. I hear them saying ‘we don’t disrespect police or the military, but…”. Baloney. Just stop right there. You don’t get to protest the hundreds of years that people sacrificed and served this nation because you disagree with one element of our multifaceted society. That would be like sitting down because you object to estate taxes or something equally self-serving.

  20. I agree. I have stopped watching the NFL. I have been a fan for 50 years and have attended 2 Super Bowls. The anthem protests have turned me completely off. For the NFL to dismiss this is ludicrous. In my company,an executive failing to act on something like this that is affecting business would be grounds for termination.

  21. DJ says:

    Looking like little pink fairies doesn’t help, either.

  22. ski bum says:

    The reason is not “up for debate”. Every single poll of the absentee viewers tells the same story…we are sickened by the disgusting behavior of Kapernick and his thugs companions. Not watching anymore.

  23. Jimmy Gold says:

    That many people are offended because one player chooses not to stand for the national anthem? It’s that big of a problem if someone says something is wrong with the country in his opinion? It’s not like he’s out there burning a flag or wiping his ass with one.

    I used to watch every week for many years and the national anthem has nothing to do with it. I stopped watching because of the commercials and because of all of the replay reviews. They made a slow game even slower, so I bailed out. I went to the beach last Sunday instead of being bombarded with 200 Bud Light commercials and 3 minutes of football action. Whatever.

  24. Maybe we are all starting to find out that all “big sports” is a scam.

  25. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Wait, I know how to stop the bleeding and win back the fans! Go even more PC and get rid of the national anthem while burning the flag instead. Then, dress all the players in pink and lavender tutus and have them kneel toward Mecca in the end zone after every TD. Good riddance, treasonous losers!

    1. Jack Pod says:

      I love your comment.

    2. Contra Ventus says:

      Spot on!

  26. R Daniels says:

    The league is too black, too militant, with too many commercials.

  27. Mike Waddell says:

    There is no flow to the game .Between commercials and referees debating calls, the game has become a snoozefest that is impossible to watch. It is boring and unwatchable. It is no longer a game, it is chopped up segments of nothing. I could care less about the politics of the players. Football is just no longer exciting to watch.

  28. BertaD says:

    A long time ago the movie studios required their stars to maintain their image. Today all football is fantasy football — an echo of rout,rout, routing for the home team — a variation on Patriotism. Now that movie stars are thugs and football players imagine themselves social activists the fantasy is gone. So what’s the point? Who cares if this thug wins over that thug?

  29. John Smith says:

    The problem is many true Americans have stopped watching due to the protests and NFL’s managements lack of a response to stop it.They have a right to protest but in the stands and not as a player on the field.I have not watched a single game this year and bbq’d my 3 tickets I purchased for games this year.The lefties still fail to recognize the real reason because it does not fit their agenda.

  30. Wiley Thruster says:

    The NFL is run by a bunch of Liberals. When have they ever told the truth? “Robust Economy”, “Keep your heath plan and your doctor”, “I did not have sex with that woman”….all is well, return to your 65” TV and order some more NFL gear! Look! Those guys are doing a funny dance in the End Zone!

  31. Mulletflaps says:

    I hope the NFL goes bankrupt. Their all a bunch of uneducated and over paid crybabys.

  32. Jack Pod says:

    The NFL’s support of allowing perverts into little girls locker rooms and restrooms is included in my reasons for stopping. I spent 4 yrs in college ROTC followed by 6 yrs in the Air Force as an officer and no thugs in the NFL are going to besmirch America without repercussions. I also have my own personal boycott of sponsors who support these bums.

  33. William says:

    The NFL died LONG ago. Same for most sports as those players are playing a game and shouldn’t be paid as much as they do. A ditch digger should make 100% more than and NFL player should. A game is a game and work is work. Get paid for work and not play.

  34. malice420dotcom says:

    NFL isn’t red white and blue it’s pink green and blew unless they get paid for being red white and blue. The NFL protests cause homesick, lonely and very frightened soldiers distractions that cause death, James (Hippie) Duncan to name one.
    NFL protest cause fractured combat veterans to move closer to suicide Gene Cote comes to mind.

  35. Could Cre Less says:

    I could care less about a silly game with millions of commercials. The only people interested are the gamblers. Would love to see the game disappear forever. Dummies.

  36. Wilson Long says:

    Well, FWIW, I don’t watch the games any longer either, and the reason is the player disrepects, er, “protests”. If these millionaire children won’t take a few moments of their time to show a measure of respect for this country and its citizens, many of whom have served and sacrificed so that they have the freedom to “protest”, then I have no desire to watch them and thereby enrich them further. Just my opinion, but of course no one ever asks me how I feel, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

  37. Sathman says:

    Is the NFL seriously that arrogant and/or stupid?

  38. John Wiegel says:

    The NFL Fines people who wear shoes that honor historic players (Manning / Unitas) and they praise Kappernick for his ill informed protest. After Keppernick got praised by the NFL I just stopped watching. Bravery? Really defend the country that is bravery pouting about a made up differentiation between white and black related cop shootings is just BS. Read the DOJ and FBI 20 year report on the matter. less than 1% difference in the total lethal exchanges between cops and criminals. Race isn’t the issue. The real questions is when will we start speaking about the problem of that causes the Black crime rate. 725 of all Black Kids are raised without a dad in the house. Start there.

  39. David Gurney says:

    I’m a predicting a further drop in the ratings after Election Day if Trump wins,as Obama will give the order to ISIS and BLM to go all out with their plans.

  40. cleo48 says:

    If i really want to see a BLM demonstration I’ll go to YouTube. Put that sewage in football, and I’m out of there.

  41. voodoodaddy1 says:

    Since Kaepernick’s little stunt I have not watched ONE game. Normally I watch at least two every Sunday as well as Monday and Thursday night. Coddled whining players who preen at every catch, run, first down, tackle, sack and even interception break ups?!!! It’s your damn job! Now you disrespect our flag and our country. Screw you.

    I played high school ball and loved it. I hate these guys in the NFL though.

    I wish one of these 340 pound 6’7″ offensive lineman would walk up and punch Kaepernick in the mouth before the next game. I’d watch that!

  42. Chris Long says:

    Looks like the NFL has the AOL syndrome, eh wot ? Denial all the way to ignominy and ruin.

  43. Steve says:

    Former Pats Season Ticket Holder from 1994-2012. Had to give them up due to relocation. Since then, I attend 4 games a year using the ticket exchange……… No longer. Dont like my gladiators taking the role of the court jester with their political grandstanding. Have found other ways to spend my entertainment dollars.

  44. ESPN, the NFL channel and the NFL Administration have turned into the media arm of the NAACP, Black Panthers, and BLM — all three of which literally hate WHITE America. This started with half time last year GLORIFYING the putrid New Black Panthers.

  45. Jay Smith says:

    I have been a Miami Dolphins fan ever since they played at the Orange Bowl Stadium. Then saw four Miami players kneel during the National Anthem on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 no less. Done…just like that….done!

  46. DAve says:

    I’ve been sick of the steroids, tattoos and 2-ft long dreadlocks for a long time. Having millionaires disrespect the national anthem and flag was the last straw.

  47. Fixer-Six says:

    I cancelled by NFL Sunday Ticket (had it for four years) and only casually watch parts of games here and there. I did this because of the hypocrisy of the NFL’s reaction to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests. Dallas wasn’t able to honor the lives of the police officers KILLED by a BLM inspired terrorist, yet multiple players can protest in SUPPORT of BLM and nothing is done. It doesn’t take much to view the NFL as supporting a terrorist organization…

  48. Adam says:

    To me it’s kind of the culmination of slowly sucking the masculinity out of the NFL. Too many rules against hard hits, and it’s very hard to get excited about a big play because you have to hold your breath and see if there’s a penalty. Pink uniforms, the focus on shipping the NFL overseas at the expense of US fans. NFL adopting political causes.

    The Kapernick effect disrespecting America is another part of the problem.

    NFL used to be must see viewing. The 10-3 defensive slugfests of old were more compelling then a 43-40 shootout of today.

  49. Robart Defuego says:

    FTA: “Finally, it is worth noting that we see no evidence that concern over player protests during the National Anthem is having any material impact on ratings…..”

    Do they read the comments after everyone of these “NFL ratings down” articles? They ignore their costumers at their peril. Sheesh!

    1. Robart Defuego says:

      Man I can’t spel wel today.

  50. Luke Joseph says:

    The pink “outfits” and the flag protests have had me call it quits.

  51. Stash says:

    “The presidential debate, and the 2016 election season, are no doubt cutting into TV ratings for everyone…”

    BS. Unless there IS a debate on television, during an NFL game, what the hell difference does an election season matter? NONE. It’s not as if the candidates (especially Clinton) are on the television every time the players hit the field.

    Try again.

  52. Markangelo says:

    When the Police start wearing PINK SHOES
    we will stop watching the NFL !o!

  53. CLH says:

    Have not watched any NFL anything. I am done with Pro football. Actually, do not miss it at all.

  54. Mike says:

    Violent game, violent players, violent fans (as of last week), producing lifelong mental/physical injuries in kids, racial animosity, political grandstanding and endless commercials… What’s not to like?

  55. ecobel says:

    when the TV contract is cut and salaries go down, the outrage toward the kneelers will be horrendous. Soon no one will be watching!

  56. Bill Williams says:

    I certainly don’t want to risk oppressing the moronic mouthbreathing multimillionaires playing kids’ games, so I’ll be doing other things from now on.

  57. Andrew Cuomo says:

    The NFL can deny it all they want, but many are tuning out because of the thug culture and prima donna social justice warriors that get their butts kissed by the networks and the NFL leadership. People just want to enjoy sports without the leftist political b.s.

  58. John Doe says:

    More disingenuous by a member of the media. There is no “freedom of speech” unless the government is trying to curb speech. A private entity can, and in my opinion in this instance, must curb this behavior of disrespect toward our national anthem, which is the equivalent of disrespect toward our veterans. Members of our military did not fight for the right for athletes to protest in the setting of private venues. This is a red herring by members of the media establishment.

  59. Tom Dunne says:

    I stopped watching because of the Anthem protest. The NFL is supposed to be an escape from politics. I haven’t watched a single debate, Neither candidate to my liking, don’t want to listen to them. I love the NFL but sick of politcs, yes you have a platform and yes you have a “right” to use it but I don’t want to listen to you. I don’t watch awards shows anymore sick of the politics. I want to relax and just watch sports. Yes the athletes can do this but I find it disrespectful. I am not demeaning there cause just there protest. Truth if this is how your protesting and the majority of the talk is about how your doing it then your protest is failing. I am not a racist and I resent the fact that if you think this form of protest is disrespectul then you are a racist. This is what this country as come to. I will not watch until this stops. Just play and protest on your own time to your hearts content.

  60. A. L. O'Neil says:

    Honest to god, ungrateful NFL players are enough to make ya sick. Until the NFL tells these pampered pukes to be respectful to the flag and to the anthem, I shall not watch another game or more importantly, purchase anything from any of the advertisers who advertise on the games.

  61. Wallythedog says:

    I had been an NFL fan since I was a toddler watching with my dad. I’ve attended over a hundred live games when I lived in Dallas and Indianapolis. I had watched every Sunday during the regular season. In recent years I was able to overlook the endless commercials, convoluted and just god awful officiating, the spoiled brat millionaire thug players and greedy and dimwitted commissioner, but this year when they tried to shove PC politics down my throat, Sunday afternoons became family time, chore time or movie time. I’ve found the NFL is not missed at all.

  62. Guido Viviani says:

    The non-patriotic NFL cares more for BLM, & political correctness. After 23 years of NFL dedication, I’m DONE. Haven’t seen a game, a commercial, a yellow flag, a close up of a 350lb behemoth sweating nor the ridiculous tight shots of a coach hiding behind a play sheet.
    I’m now riding and enjoying my Sundays.

  63. kodac says:

    ESPN is horrible to watch as well. My son and I have a long history of watching and following the NFL. If it were not for that I would stop watching. At lease Jerry Jones insists that his players show respect. Jones also wanted to respect the police officers but the NFL said no.

  64. Troy Dynes says:

    The drama queens have morphed the NFL from a sport to just another lame entertainment product. If I want drama, I’ll tune in Jerry Springer.

  65. chieftain says:

    Kaputnik says it all.

  66. km says:

    Stick your head in the sand, deny the problem and maybe it will go away. WRONG. Fans want to watch sports, not hear about current events. We don’t want narratives telling us how insensitive we are. Wake up.

  67. Marty Kaye says:

    Things have consequences.

    If the NFL wants to coddle their spoiled and overpaid players, then it is their right.
    If some viewers are sick and tired of this and decide not to watch, then it is their right too.

    I bet you won’t see any drivers disrespecting the National Anthem at NASCAR races. NASCAR is run like a business, and not like like a political action group.This only means their owners are much smarter than the people who run the NFL.

  68. D3F1ANT says:

    Anyone who can’t see that this drop in popularity is a result of anti-American antics of NFL players (including Kaepernick’s anthem stupidity and many players’ open support of BLM) is simply in denial. Many folks, including myself, are boycotting the NFL because the NFL is boycotting American values. Players do indeed have a right to express themselves–off the field and out-of-uniform. NOT as representatives of the organization. The NFL should insist upon respectful behavior during games.

  69. Wharfplank says:

    The NFL, meaning Goodell, lost the Deflategate case then immediately took it to the next level…and won. The case had nothing to do with air in footballs. In Sept, 2015 Brady was doing a locker room presser and one of the boys spotted a red TRUMP hat in Brady’s locker. When asked he just smiled, said nothing. Goodell likes BLM, Goodell likes clenched fists and bended knees, Goodell likes anti-cop Half-Time shows. And if WE tune out, we’re racists. F ’em.

  70. Contra Ventus says:

    First I heard of the kneeling and the NFL support, my family and I stopped watching and haven’t watched a game since. None of us plan plan to again. Of course, my family is not the reason for the decline of the NFL, it’s the ‘debates’.

  71. Cindy Landeen says:

    The NFL to me this year stands for “NO FRIGGIN LOYALTY”! I am boycotting them exactly for the reason of not respecting our flag and our nation. They are a complete disgrace and I hope they go broke.

  72. Big Bob says:

    My family is done with the NFL. No time for Progressives or Communists.

  73. Roxanne says:

    I quit watching because of the protests.

  74. I will not watch another second of an NFL game unless and until these over-paid prima donnas stop with the “protest”. If you don’t respect the country that has made you a multi-millionaire then LEAVE. I for one do not have to watch and will not condone disrespect for my country and the countless souls that have made the ultimate sacrifice for it.

  75. Bill Sims says:

    Stop the spin or denial which ever it is. If you can’t make these spoiled brats stand for the National Anthem you sure as he ll can’t make me watch.

  76. Rich Long says:

    The only reason is Kappernick (sp?) and co. I used to watch all the time, but haven’t watched a single game since he denigrated our flag.

  77. X46F3 says:

    NFL ratings are slipping due to the political rantings of these athletes. The public watches the NFL to escape for a few hours, not to learn the political views of these players. We don’t care of their point of view or want to watch their childish protests on the sidelines. They are being paid a ungodly amount of money. Most viewers can’t relate to that amount of income. They should be humble and grateful of their lot in life and not be acting out.
    Kapernick when interviewed doesn’t even have his facts straight and comes across as an ignorant ass.

  78. Samual Johnson says:

    I am one who has reduced his NFL watching by 80%. I am now only watching the two teams I follow and no others and I recorded those for 45 min before I start to watch so I can skip most of the huge amount of ads.
    For me the reasons are all the ads, way to many, all the penalties, and the final straw, the anthem protests. What I am finding and what I am surprised at is that i do not miss it and that my interest is declining further.

    1. Many-Land says:

      Same here. Pleasantly surprised how extremely easy it was just to turn it all off. Actually has led to me realizing and feeling a bit guilty about the countless hours wasted through the years watching games like this and being manipulated by the advertisements.

  79. Gregg says:

    I have taken a knee on the NFL as well, entirely because of Kapernick and his idiot protests. As a active police officer and retired military veteran, it makes me sick to see pampered, overpaid anti-american morons disrespecting our flag and county. If the NFL refuses to take action, I will never watch another game. Maybe I will begin to watch more MLB since they apparently understand what the issue really is.

  80. JB1974 says:

    What really bugs me is the NFL is supporting these anthem protests and when 5 cops were gunned downed in a racially motivated attack in Texas, the NFL refused to let the Dallas Cowboys were a helmet sticker honoring the fallen officers.

    I agree with the article though…can’t stand the politics in sports. Why is there a politics section on ESPN? Politics is something we need less of, not more of.

  81. Many-Land says:

    The NFL has completely lost sight of who their core customer is. And I mean the entire NFL. Roger Goodell, the association, the owners, the players, the advertisers, everybody. We customers do not invest our valuable time on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays to get another damn dose of progressive social justice idiocy crammed down our throats. The current media climate and their left-leaning producers already bombard us day and night with this garbage. We used to look to the NFL to escape this onslaught for a few hours and simply enjoy the tough game of football these incredible athletes play so well. But now some nitwit players and the complicit officials, owners, and advertisers have just jumped right on the social issues bandwagon and ruined it for us. Until the NFL gets back to its roots of the game and out of the contentious and subjective social justice business they can count me out.

  82. Patrick Wood says:

    I haven’t watched an NFL game since they began condoning the protests against our country.

  83. Joe says:

    The first Patriots game I went to was the fire game at Harvard Stadium. I was at the first game in Foxboro and still love my Patriots. Espn and the NFL have become so offensive politically and have emasculated the game. Good clean legal hits draw a flag, political commentary is so offensive to myself and many of my peers. What can you say about the Commissioners hatred for the Patriots and Brady in particular. Then top it off with protests starting from a guy making 20 million a year as a back up telling me that I am privileged.

    My answer to all this was to drop cable. I will not give money to ESPN to be insulted. I will not pay for Sunday Ticket or even to hear the radio broadcasts if my money is going to go to Goodell.

    The hatred and bigotry of ESPN and NFL is unsustainable as we see in the ratings.The goose may taste good but you can only kill the one who lays golden eggs once.

  84. John McElroy says:

    I am watching less this year. I weary of the NFL and ESPN inserting politics or “awareness” into the games. Flash NFL: I was aware that breast cancer existed before you began your pink pandering. Hispanics are appreciated without your assistance. Football was once an escape from the problems of the world, now, the NFL and sports networks generally foist those problems upon me unbidden. And, should I decide to engage these problems, I don’t need or want the intrusion by groups with an agenda.
    I never watch pre-game shows; many segments have become silly at best and cater to a far younger audience than me.

  85. busseja says:

    Like, what do you do with a second string quarterback… bench him? He is already there.

  86. MAGA says:

    No big deal, America is just taking a knee when it comes to the NFL.

  87. Nat George says:

    I have not watched a single play or a single game this year . . . AND I HAVE MISSED NOTHING! I am getting out and enjoying the fall. ADVERTISERS YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY and I AM NOT BUYING!

  88. busseja says:

    The NFL has a ratings problem. The causes are many, and the leading cause is certainly up for debate.

    Are you serious or just stupid?

    Maybe it is time to clean the locker of the second string QB. He can kneel in the parking lot.

  89. Rob S says:

    I absolutely stopped watching NFL football because of the injection of Political issues to what I considered entertainment. Professional Athletes (and Actors/Actresses) are paid to entertain….that is what they should do, if they want to be active politically, then they can use their “fame” outside their jobs to advocate for whatever cause they wish…They just need to keep it outside of my entertainment. Interestingly, it was difficult for me to NOT watch early in the season, but now the longer I go without watching the easier it becomes…good luck bringing this guy back to the screen.

  90. Or maybe it’s because more and more people are getting rid of cable and the NFL refuses to get with the times and offer it’s consumers a way to stream NFL games online.

  91. TD Smooth says:

    Why would you watch a bunch of ignorant overpaid steroid LOSERS protest the very thing that made them OVERPAID?

    I am happy to report, I haven’t watched a single game ! :)

  92. Chairman Threighply says:

    Perhaps there is an awakening among grown men that watching gladiator games while Rome burns is a big waste of their precious time.

  93. Sharon says:

    NFL will not be on any of my TVs till the NFL cares more about the players standing to their feet in respect than they do about what they wear on those feet!

  94. gunnyginalaska says:

    STOP watching these overpaid felons and idiots and get out and DO something fun instead. Get a hobby. Whatever. I stopped watching these bums when they began whining about not being paid enough. F EM ALL!

  95. Randolph says:

    I can see a couple of reasons. With so many people cutting the cable, some games are not on broadcast TV, and people simply don’t feel like subscribing to cable and then having to pay even more to get that extra game on the NFL Network. Then, there are too many nights that have games. The game is no longer a special time of the week like it used to be.

  96. Steveo says:

    I’ve quit watching most games because it has become boring. Watching 4 referees standing in a circle for 5 minutes 10 times a game isn’t scintillating. When a team calls a timeout to see if they need to throw the red flag, it may be good strategy but to me it’s 10 minutes of paint-drying, grass growing boredom. If you randomly flip to a game, over 50% of the time you will not be watching football, you are watching a commercial or a referee huddle

  97. Sandra says:

    The sad part of this fiasco is the high school kids are doing, “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. The kids do not even understand the history of this nation or what they are even protesting!!! Atheletes and cheerleaders are copying. These over paid grown men should be a positive example to these youngsters that seem to emulate them, not negative. I say let these players go, fire them. Certainly there is something in their contract about ethics and moral obligations. Yes, they do have a right to protest, ON THEIR OWN TIME, NOT THE NFL’ S AND THE CUSTOMERS TIME !!! And also, fire Roger Goodell. He has no balls. Fine the owners a step they have no balls, either.

  98. casey meyers says:

    Hope they all have to get day jobs. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of thugs.

  99. Cliff says:

    I have been an avid NFL watcher for 30+ years, and my viewership is down 90% because of the protest.

  100. Packer Fan says:

    I look at this similar to Sea World. They exploit dolphins and whales to make a profit. People boycotted and Sea World’s attendance plummeted.

    The NFL on the other hand exploits “poor black kids”. They are over represented in the NFL similar to incarceration of blacks in jail.

    Our PC indoctrination now causes us to unconsciously react by boycotting NFL games.

    It’s the new normal.

  101. Yawn... says:

    Haven’t watched

  102. hugolast says:

    Colin Kaepernick.

    I haven’t watched a game since his hypocritical stunt.
    Nothing else need be said.

  103. Jeffrey Gee says:

    LOL I think it’s great. Maybe the NFL shouldn’t encourage insulting the national anthem or our armed services or country. Many of their viewers are vets, active duty, or the friends and loved ones of those who took an oath to protect and serve the country, Bill of Rights, and Constitution. Maybe the NFL should apologize for their spoiled little brat players, hell even fine them… maybe then the NFL won’t be an anathema to average Americans!

  104. mpb says:

    the silly taunting penalty and the No Fun League (NFL) also make me want to turn away. I’m sorry of that hurst anyone feelings, we would never want anyone or any player to feel ashamed.

  105. Brian Montgomery says:

    I am a 35 year fan that hasn’t missed many games in all those years.As a veteran of the armed forces I have not watched one game this year and will not with people disrespecting the National Anthem.Sad world we live in but I used to turn to sports to get away from politics but now can’t. Good by NFL.

  106. randy franck says:

    Had it with overpaid whiney crybabies who had to have a real job couldn’t handle it Plus disrespecting our FLAG and the real heros who gave these pices of s#$#t players the chance to PLAY a gane for big money . That punk on san fra did it for me.. Goodby NFL

  107. Marty says:

    I’m am NOT watching specifically because of the National Anthem disrespect. My great wish is that the ratings will continue to fall each week.

  108. Rod says:

    As a military veteran of 28 years of service I served my country and honored the flag and anthem as symbols of respect for those who have gone before. I have escorted brave people who fought for our flag and our freedom and were now draped with a flag on their last flight home. To see the NFL allow disrespect to be shown nationwide is deplorable. It is political correctness run amuck. Some mistakenly call players actions on the field freedom of speech. Yes, it may be freedom of speech in their private lives, but when these players are in the stadium, they are “on the clock” and are subject to their employers “work place rules”. For example, if a player wanted to put “I love you mom” on his helmet, it might be freedom of speech, but NFL workplace rules prevent it. If you work in a bank and feel that you have the freedom to wear bib overalls, think again. Workplace rules!! So, until the NFL decides that its employees must stand quietly when our national anthem is played, I will exercise my freedom to use my remote control to boycott their games. I love football, but I love my country more!!

  109. Hugh Tjardon says:

    I am finished paying any attention to a tax-funded (gigantic costly sports temples) make-work project for over-sized, over-paid, under-educated and violent blacks hell-bent on maiming one another.

  110. bozo mann says:

    When the NFL 1 admits they were wrong in Deflategate, 2. give the Pats their 1st round pick back, 3. apologize for the anthem protests 4. insist players stand at attention during the anthem 5. reduce commercial breaks 6. determine what a catch really is 7. Fire Bob Costas….then i will return to watching the NFL.

  111. Dire Thinker says:

    They lost me last year when they started running PSAs begging me to stop beating my wife, after one of THEIR players knocked out HIS wife in an elevator!!
    1. I’ve never hit a woman in my life.
    2. If I want a guilt trip I’ll just listen to ANY Obama speech ever.

  112. Peter says:


  113. Jay Egan says:

    sold my season tickets a few years ago. the Costs and the ridiculous salaries have gotten out of hand. You have a bunch of criminals playing football now, and if their not criminals, they are poor sport whining babies……my family is OUT…. looks like many more are following.

  114. I don’t understand why anyone would watch the NFL.. . . .just a bunch of ignorant men running around so they can get money and then thumb their noses at the system that gives them this money… . . . For me, the NFL is no different than the WWE

  115. Tim says:

    won’t start watching games again until BLM starts shooting refs and white players

  116. Larry Evans says:

    the NFL will soon join the NBL as a sport no one is interested in any longer.

  117. HarveyMushman says:

    Players don’t appreciate this country and our national anthem….I’m not watching. Simple…..

  118. acix1 says:

    Well another excuse went out the door as Tom Brady played again this weekend (not a Pats fan but what a QB!) after his suspension.

    One of the excuses was Manning retiring and Brady suspended so no star power!!

    I will give the NFL this…they are one of the most stubborn organizations I’ve ever seen…hopefully not to their own undoing.

  119. When these THUGS started bringing in their politics to the NFL ..m y interest has lessened a LOT from the over abundance of idiot tattooed thugs, I watch MUCH more F1 or Soccer or no sports and enjoy LIFE!

  120. Lee Natrona says:

    Wonder how the National Felons League (NFL) will explain the drop in revenue from logo apparel after the upcoming, disappointing Christmas buying season?

  121. James Foye says:

    The social justice warrior masquerading as sports players has completely turned me off. Used to be I watched many games on Sunday and Monday regardless of whether I was even interested in the teams. Even if I was not completely interested, there was a tv on in the house so I could stop and watch a play or two while doing chores, etc. Now I will only watch my favorite team and will only turn on the tv for that game when kickoff begins (no more pre-game) and when the game ends or if its a blowout. I also turn it off during half time.

    Its a small thing, but I can protest as well. And don’t balme it all on K. His antics are as much to blame as the NFL prohibiting the Cowboys from honoring the assassinated Dallas policemen.

  122. Neuro Mancer says:

    As long as Kaepernick is a on the payroll of the NFL, I’m not watching.

  123. Adine says:

    NFL games are hard to watch as they are over produced and have inserted way to many commercial breaks. Let’s see. Commercial break, kick-off, commercial break, now we can play football. And the defense has been gimpped to allow for high scoring games. I stopped caring about the NFL a few years ago, but watched out of habit and because I play fantasy football at the office. This year’s protests made it easy to turn off. And you know what, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

  124. San Diego says:

    Nice pic of Kaepernick. Looks as if he channeling Angela Davis.

  125. LOL says:

    gotta love the butthurt of the cons

  126. The NFL should take the full brunt of the poor ratings, and worse. The solution is easy. First Kap, and the rest of the players have every right and freedom to protest. But on their time. The owners have every right to tell their players…., you want to protest? Do it on your own time not while you are being paid.

  127. Pete says:

    Kaeperduck is passing out his “Cops are Pigs” socks and sinking the whole league. I hope it comes crashing down. If you vote for Hillary the whole country will crash along with the NFL. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys front office know how to deal with the American hating protesters.

  128. Ozzonelayyer says:

    Hey NFL, I was an avid NFL game watcher for years until this year. Stop living in denial because the real reason is because of what Kapernick started and how the NFL went along with it.

    I haven’t watched a single NFL game since that happened and won’t for the rest of the season. Chew on that.

  129. Note to NFL Owners – you might want to tell your overpaid, undereducated narcissistic buffoons to play the game and stop engaging in idiotic protests. Or do you actually like losing money?

  130. Karen says:

    Our family gave up NFL after hearing the talking heads say “Kaepernick started a conversation”. We are done. We canceled Directv NFL package after a decade. I do miss football, but really cannot morally watch it. The abuse of women, the drugs, the drug addict owners, etc. I don’t need thugs lecturing me on morality.

    So many people I know stopped watching.(we are military) It seems NFL is going the way of baseball – big in some market, basically gone in most. The players have their rights on the field (weird, their 2nd Amendment rights are taken away on the field). I think it is great millions of Americans are using boycott to protest. Tear it down!! Make the NFL become irrelevant. This will be a great victory for the regular people.

    NFL is for losers.

  131. I’m another that stopped watching because of the protests. I watch the NFL to escape politics, not to have it force-fed to me. The NFL had its chance to stop it and instead, endorsed the behavior. The NFL has escaped rating slumps for decades where other shows didn’t. Then the protests start and ratings take a hit and the NFL looks for any other reason than the truth.

    There are many ways the NFL could have tackled this problem, but they decided to do none. One would have been to forbid announcers from showing or talking about the protests. It’s interesting that they will cut away when a fan runs onto the field, but hyper focus on a player that is disrespecting the flag and country. That’s where people draw the line.

    If the NFL continues to live in its “the protests aren’t the problem bubble” then the ratings slump they saw this year will become the new standard for their ratings in the future.

  132. jmg says:

    I haven’t been watching the NFL like I used to. I did watch the Giants the other night because I didn’t want to see the political idiots who are plaguing this country and because I know none of my giants are going to sit and disrespect a country who pays them millions of dollars to play football. I definitely won’t watch a 49’ers game because that’s where it started. As more and more players bring politics into the NFL, the less I’ll watch. A few other reasons I don’t watch as much: deflate gate, and fining members for wearing 9/11 cleats. And just and FYI, there are other cancers besides breast. What gets me is if you really want to do something about black lives matter, stand for the country and sit for the football game. Won’t do that though will ya? Cause then you’ll lose money. The NFL commissioner is THE WORST person. I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

  133. The logic (or lack thereof) of the NFL is amazing! Ratings are down, but it has nothing to do with those people boycotting us!

    If the NFL wants to be a political organization, fine, that’s there prerogative, and mine is, to tell them to go to he!!.

  134. Kim Jernigan says:

    Looks like the NFL forgot the fans are allowed to take a political stand also.

  135. Dannie says:

    I can say with 100% certainty that I quit watching due to the disrespect and ignorance shown by these overpaid wastes of space and it won’t be on in my house for my family to see either. We’ve found there are better things to do with our time other than to let people who have little brain capacity show their stupidity and try to influence our lives.

  136. Dj says:

    Get rid of kapernick and I’ll start watching again.

  137. Jon says:

    I can’t stomach the play stoppages any more. Commercial stoppages, huddle stoppages, time out stoppages, instant replay stoppages, penalty stoppages, celebration stoppages, fighting stoppages. Did I miss any?

    Anyway, when it comes to the Nutty Funny Loonies, my TV is OFF.

  138. Dj says:

    This is exactly the kind of crisis that is going to make the E-Sports world take off.

    You aren’t watching yet (your kids probably are)…

  139. Bob Oneil says:

    The straw that broke the camels back was that dbag Roger Goodell and his Kangaroo court, doling out punishments with no connection to reality. Punch your wifes face in? No big deal, let nature deflate a football a half a pound, millions! Between that and these new black panthers taking a knee to support cop killers, I’ve had it.

  140. mickrussom says:

    I am a family guy law abiding tax paying follow all the rules who works hard. The last thing I need to see when watching sports are rich entitled pukes giving me the middle finger. I dont like the current state of the USA but this garbage is not constructive. EFF Kaepernick. He is a loser and his views dont matter because he isnt even good at his trade.

  141. KringeesMom says:

    While the NFL players may have a right to express their opinions while at work. I too have the right to change the channel. And the right to not patronize their advertisers or purchase any NFL licensed swag. If the NFL is going to allow their players to express their political views on the field then all political views from all of the players should be welcomed with open arms by the NFL. Otherwise, they should just play football.

  142. Dj says:

    The NFL could have and should have fined krapernick for his ‘protest’.

    He is at WORK and he leaves a lot of his right to free expression at the door. If he was a fan sitting in the stands (where he belongs) he can protest all he wants. When he is AT WORK the NFL has a right to expect a level of courtesy that includes standing quietly during the anthem.

    I can only assume the NFL agrees with and supports the national anthem protest. I therefore will boycott until they take action.

  143. Dwayne says:

    I’m just one person representing one household, but I am not watching NFL games this year up to and including the Super Bowl. The reason is 100% due to the national anthem protests and the continued injection of politics by players and broadcasters.

  144. Benjamin Eaton says:

    My only regret is I cannot boycott the National Fatwah League since I’ve never watched it. Well, that’s not exactly true, I did watch parts of Super Bowl III when I was stationed aboard the USS Ranger, CVA-61. I’ve never cheered for Winn-Dixie stores and I’ve never cared to follow the NFL’s business either.
    But I have known a few lonely “football wives” and “football girlfriends” in the past before I got married. Thanks guys. :)

    1. jwmatney says:

      I served on the USS Ranger CVA-61 1975-1978, OI Division.
      Also haven’t watched an NFL game since 2012 before getting tired of all the commercials and spending my Sundays doing more interesting things.

  145. umpire says:

    Yes too many ( and too loud ) commercials – but when you disrespect our flag you pushed the wrong button. No guts w/ most owners or the NFL stance would reverse, So, just like mentioned-
    hit ’em in the pocketbook and that will get their attention.

  146. billrow says:

    I’m not going to watch a bunch of spoiled millionaires disrespect our anthem, flag and country. I am also not going to buy from those who advertise with the NFL.

  147. McBob says:

    I stopped watching altogether.

  148. Hey You says:

    The NFL used to be fun to watch. Not so much, now.

  149. gotham1883 says:

    It can be summed up in one sentence. The NFL thinks that it is bigger than America.

  150. VinceDC says:

    Four hour show with 60 minutes of football and the rest commercials. No wonder people are finding something else to do.

  151. Mclmrtn says:

    Too bad Wikileaks won’t hack the NFL’s emails.

  152. Chris says:

    Been a regular viewer of NFL games for many years. Also a military service member (27 years). I am boycotting along with quite a few of my peers. Games have always been the main topic of conversation on Monday and Tuesday Mornings – this is no longer the case. Any player that persistently demonstrates disrespect to other players would be fined and if they didn’t stop, they would be suspended. Why are players that disrespect so many of their fellow citizens allowed to do so with impunity? They can claim that they don’t mean disrespect, but that argument is ridiculous – it is disrespectful and if that is not your intent, find another way to communicate. Implement basic, league-wide, standards of respect and place politics off limits on the field and the broadcast booth and I will start watching again. Till then, F-off spoiled a-holes.

  153. Felix Funemone says:

    The NFL tries to wrap itself in the American Flag, military fly overs and apple pie. I used to watch all three Sunday games – didn’t watch even one last week. And until the NFL responds with suspensions and fines – I don’t plan to. But, I’m not in the age demographic they are interested in. So, maybe they won’t care.

  154. mike6080 says:

    Take away their tax exemption

  155. jameswlee2014 says:

    Fire Goodell. HIre Ditka. Problem solved.

  156. StandingO says:

    NFL “Red Zone” on Sundays is still the most intense six hours of TV available. Maybe they should just cancel all nation-wide broadcasts and restrict the TV to local team markets, while keeping the “Red Zone” going, drawing in from all the local feeds. Still with no commercials on “Red Zone”.

  157. Down play the ratings fall all you want. Facts are facts and I ain’t watching or supporting them anymore. I haven’t watched an NFL game all season. Don’t miss it either.

  158. Jan Den says:

    Let me see. Why am I not enthused about the NFL anymore? Players arrested for domestic violence, rape, dog fighting, animal cruelty, drugs, and now disrespecting our great country that gave them the opportunity to be paid $1 million plus per game. Here is proof that money does not buy class. Great role models (for anyone who does not recognize it, that is sarcasm) and not the type of people I want in my home – in person or on TV.

  159. The thug factor in all professional sports has run me off. The only professional sports I can take now is golf. I’ll soon be gone from golf if the players don’t stop hocking loogies on the golf course, and acting as if they can’t afford a haircut and a shave. Also, the ‘hood flat-brimmed baseball caps have got to go.

  160. Nate Gump says:

    Wow, when Drudge puts something up on the main page, you get a comment section that looks orchestrated. Either way, the answer is simple. The NFL sold it soul to fantasy football gambling, and the credibility of the product has been destroyed.

  161. gotham1883 says:

    The NFL thinks it is bigger than America.

  162. rdhood says:

    I cut the cord (Dish) this year, and there is literally no way for me to view the NFL without a satellite/cable subscription. I can get most shows that I watch… after the fact… at 25% of my DISH bill. but I can’t get live sports. You (networks/espn) can figure that one out or you will LOSE viewers permanently.

  163. Husker in DC says:

    Watch the NBA go the way of the NFL this year too. Joachim Noah’s knuckleheaded move at West Point where he couldn’t eat with the cadets is a precursor of more antics to come there.

  164. Stacey Dier says:

    I won’t be watching football again until they fire kaepernick and his ilk, or fine them. Football is an American sport and they hate and disrespect America. NFL needs to get a clue!!!! Let the ratings drop more!

  165. Darron Mayo says:

    This veteran is not watching because of the protest against my service. Read the post, commish, fire a brain neuron and change your ways!!

  166. dave says:

    Too many players have no respect for this country, when they are gone from the game I will resume watching!

  167. harold rinard says:

    The NFL (the negro football league)

  168. jeffawhite says:

    So the protests are a non-factor in the ratings drop? I guess I wasn’t counted in the ratings then. I refuse to watch NFL games again as long as they allow players to disrespect the flag. Players have a right to protest and take any stand they want to… on their OWN TIME. They are employees of the team and are at work. You don’t have a right to protest while at work unless your employer allows you to, and if they allow the protest, they are basically endorsing your views.

    The NFL allows the players to protest against cops, but the Cowboys aren’t allowed to show support for the cops by simply placing a sticker on their helmets.

    I think it’s clear where the NFL stands. That’s why I’m not going to watch until they decide to get politics out of football.

    They’ll have to face reality sooner or later as ratings continue to drop.

  169. Eric R. says:

    Do you know what makes this whole NFL thing really sick?

    The other day, watching the start of an NHL game, all the players had no problem standing for the National Anthem of the United States – even though few of them are actually American.

    And some of them, mind you, are Russian — and many of those Russians support Vladimir Putin.

    So athletes who support our greatest geo-political foe happily stand for our anthem, but Americans who grew up and benefitted from this system won’t.

    Frankly, I hope season ticket sales go down next year by 50% and these teams go bankrupt. Nothing would make me happier right now than to have 30+ empty NFL stadiums.

    And these athletes can go make $12/hour driving a forklift in a warehouse.

  170. Wilder says:

    “Finally, it is worth noting that we see no evidence that concern over player protests during the National Anthem is having any material impact on ratings. In fact, our own data shows that perception of the NFL and its players is actually up in 2016.”

    Denial ain’t just a river in Eqypt…

  171. Bill Z says:

    LOL, A few months ago Target couldn’t figure out why their sales were down when it was clear it was the result of their anything goes bathroom policy. They kept denying that their policy had anything to do with it because the PC left is in denial that not everyone agrees with their agenda.

    Now the NFL is wondering why their ratings are going down and it’s the same reason. Not everyone is in line with the PC left agenda and it’s about time that if a business flaunts that agenda that people that don’t agree with them start exacting revenge by boycotting them. These PC people can’t believe that not everyone thinks the same way that they do and they are the least tolerant group out there. They have no tolerance for anyone that doesn’t agree with them and their view of diversity is equally restricted to those who they agree with.

  172. Just Wayne says:

    I’m not watching not one game, I’ve gone as far as cancelling my sports package on DirectTV specifically for the reason of the players protest and the lack of response from the NFL. The NFL can deny a problem exist all they want, I’m no longer protesting given I consider my decision now permanent!

  173. Ner Full says:

    The Negroes in the NFL give “Sit down, Shut up, Fight Fight Fight” a new meaning.

  174. The NFL has grown to 67% black, and the Rooney Rule has brought Affirmative Action to the coaching ranks. Talented white athletes do not get offered scholarship by college scouts that are black.

  175. RD Scott says:

    Between the commercials, the protests and the twerking why wouldn’t you want to watch the NFL?

  176. Bret Jamison says:

    College ball or no ball. Why would I want to watch idiots who got rich off of the American Way bash the American Way? Sorry, not gonna do it.

  177. John Baxter says:

    Why ratings are plummeting on the NFL – When the NFL finally won the fight against Tom Brady, they simultaneously lost the support of many of its supporters in the public. Proud and arrogant NFL Commissioner Goodell, who waged this fight against Tom Brady – an innocent man who will go down in history as the greatest quarterback in NFL history – won the battle and lost the war. Ratings in college football have risen while ratings in the NFL have fallen because people in the US who are fed up with the NFL’s chastisement of an innocent man have turned to watching college football where they perceive the players and the organization are distanced from the politics that has ruined their interest in watching the NFL. In America, there is a system of due process, something that was denied to Tom Brady by the NFL who somehow managed to convince the courts that he was guilty when everybody familiar with the case know that there is simply no evidence whatsoever that he had anything to do with the fabricated “deflategate” issue. People not only detest the decision against Tom Brady, they detest the arrogance of Goddell who like a permissive parent has not punished players who have done wrong and then went to the extreme to punish players who were in the right. Adding insult to injury, Goodell did not stop at his assault on Brady; then he went after Rob Ninkovich for a minor offense involving ingestion of a supplement that he did not realize was illegal. In this case we have an honorable man making an honest mistake and because Goodell is hell-bent on punishing Brady and his New England Patriots team, Ninkovich also had to sit out the first four games, an extremely harsh punishment for an honest mistake. Now, the NFL is wondering why ratings are down? Do the math!

  178. When the NFL defended the players disrespecting the nation that made them wealthy enough to not ever worry about money but suspended any who voiced patriotism or an objection about the spoiled brats doing the kneeling, I figured it was time to object by not giving them a dime of my money or a second of my time.

  179. Joe says:

    The NFL has been pushing the democrat agenda for many years. I stopped watching them many years ago.

  180. Lt. Greyman, NVA says:

    Please come back goy! How will we make our shekels if you don’t watch our Corporations show. This is a disaster, annda shoah!

    This has nothing to do with blacks burning down cities or shooting policemen or hating Whites! Really!

    Oy Vey!

  181. Richard E. Carter Jr says:

    Certainly the anti-American protests haven’t helped; nor has the pretense of moral outrage toward North Carolina for keeping boys out of girls’ bathrooms.

  182. In its concerted effort to be politically correct, the NFL took the position that Colin Kaepernick’s public protest was his First Amendment right to exercise his freedom of speech. Unfortunately, it was not done in the public square. It was done in a football stadium where the attendees paid to attend. The negaitve reaction was predictable.

    These highly paid athletes are killing the golden goose and the NFL needs to quickly do an about face instead of hoping that it will magically disappear.

  183. ketch20too says:

    Too many penalties, no clue what is and isn’t a penalty, stupid fines for players for simply playing the game, too many commercials, unending showboating and general obnoxiousness by the players have made the games nearly unwatchable. Game tickets out of reach for most fans, and now, all the anthem idiocy. I watch Seahawks games and nothing else. I have reached the point where I don’t care if I watch those games or not. NFL should have listened to Mark CUban

  184. The NFL is now just another politically correct arm of the DNC. Just like Bob Costas and his phony outrageous gun comments. Not being satisfied to control, education, and all the major news outlets, they must now control football. I don’t want to hear your political views I just want to watch some football. That is not going to happen now. We are turning into Nazi Germany. Control the media then control the people. I will not watch another NFL game nor support their advertisers! And NFL, there are many like me.

  185. PTParks says:

    Goodall is nothing but a paid shill for the advertisers who spend $million$ on 30 second spots hawking their wares via the NFL. He could care less about the spectators and fans that buy those same items. Eventually it will dawn on the advertisers that they are not getting the return on their advertising dollar that they once were. Only when it starts hitting them in the pocketbook will we see any change in the NFL’s attitude. If Goodall had any balls, the NFL’s ruling would be, “You Don’t Stand For the Pledge of Allegiance, You Don’t Play in the Game.”

  186. An NFL game is just…. boring.
    Kickoff into the endzone. Touchback.
    Run 2 plays. Did the guy step out of bounds? Review for 3 min.
    Commercial. See ya in 3 minutes.
    Run 1 play, then punt.
    Commercial. See you in 3 minutes.
    Run 3 plays. DT is tired and goes down. “Break in the action”
    Commercial. Back in 2 1/2 minutes.
    First down! … oh…. nevermind, called back from holding.
    Let’s discuss. zzzzzzzz
    Pass over the middle. Good hit!
    Oh wait… flag on the play… too rough! Bring it back.
    Let’s talk about the pink shoes and goal posts for a while.
    Score! Oh wait… flag on the scoring player for smiling and celebrating too much.
    Come back from commercial…. view the stadium crowd through more commercials about who is paying for the commercials.
    Let’s go to the Dorito’s sideline reporter for an update on Joe Nosetackle’s traffic ticket.
    Watch the kickoff while sideline reporter blabs on and on…. kick goes into the end zone.

  187. Robert Spain says:

    I still watch the Cowboys because there is actually a chance they are going to have a good season (depending on Jerry’s boy Tony). But I will no longer buy an Cowboy gear for any grandchild (6 of them) or any of the my kids. I will not purchase any item that has an NFL logo on it. I can at least keep my money away from them.

  188. BobUSAFret says:

    If these clown keeping making the “N” in NFL not stand for National, the ratings will come down more.

  189. John Smith says:

    Ratings falling faster than a tranny’s pants in a target ladies restroom.,

  190. BSM says:

    America made the NFL, and if the NFL wants tio $h!+ in the faces of the many millions who have fought and died to assure that they can exists, then the NFL can kiss my anal cavity.

  191. Andy Howe says:

    “our own data shows that perception of the NFL and its players is actually up in 2016”
    Sounds like the NFL believes that any publicity is good publicity.
    I think you can attribute the drop in ratings overall to the Goodell effect, just plain old stupidity at the top.

  192. Dennis says:

    Hey! it’s just a piece of ice in the water we just hit. No worries, sail on. And on went the Titanic, all the way down to the bottom of the ocean, and so will the NFL. For my part, I’m proud I am not watching any of it.

  193. smitaroo says:

    If the POS atheletes are allowed to disrespect the country, flag and fans while the POS commissoner is keeping Dallas and other teams from displaying their support for the police and America – then I’m done with them all. They can rot in hell.

  194. This is really stupid on the part of the NFL. At this point in time, no real American could watch NFL football with a clear conscience. And liberals hate the game anyway as being too American. Exactly who does the NFL think it’s playing for?

  195. Benebeth says:

    If I want to see America insulted I’ll watch a Clinton rally. No thanks NFL, what did you expect?

  196. Tom Siebert says:

    Stopped watching several seasons back with the one-two punch of the suicide of Junior Seau from what was obviously depression brought on by brain damage, and the ref lock-out, when it became clear the owners really didn’t give a d@mn about the quality of their product as long as they could squeeze another nickel outta somebody. Those games were a disgrace.

    Also began to increasingly think that some games were fixed. Too much weirdness, especially in the past couple Super Bowls.

    Funniest thing is: I don’t miss it at all. Such a waste of time. And I type this as a guy who didn’t miss a New York Giants game for probably 20 years.

  197. jay says:

    I can’t wake up every gdam day to race talk. All day every dam day on every channel. I just can’t take it. NFL off, ESPN, off, NBC sports off etc. And its just that much better for me now. NFL never gave a sht about me anyway.

  198. Vic Malo says:

    I watch College Football and enjoy it 100 times more than the NFL…. my family will NOT watch the NFL… ever.

  199. MCW says:

    Ok NFL, you keep telling yourself it has nothing to do with the protests and see how far that gets you. Good luck with that.

  200. Thor says:

    I’m a huge football nut. I’m only watching college football. NFL is done in my house. Disrespect our flag and I’ll turn the channel. I’m taking a knee NFL.

  201. HenryC says:

    There is no place for politics at a sporting event. I watch sports to get away from that type of worry. We pay the players huge amounts of money, when they put on the uniform their concerns should only be their job. When the uniform is off, they can say and do whatever they want.

  202. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

  203. JO says:

    I’m happy to say that I long ago decided to never watch these overpaid athletes play any sports at all and am actually happy to see people are finally waking up to the disgrace that major league sports have become in this country. I knew without a doubt that my decision to not waste time on watching sporting events on TV was well founded when I was walking through the mall one day and there were people, not scammers, collecting money to help pay for retired NFL player’s health care. I was flabbergasted, and quite angry that they had the nerve to ask for these donations. I don’t know if they were in anyway successful, but I cannot imagine that anyone could have any sympathy for athletes that were highly paid, yet didn’t have the common sense to put any of this money away for the future. Not only do I not have any sympathy, I find it quite hilarious and entertaining after I got over being angry about it. You reap what you sow and if you sow a spend thrift life, then you will reap years of poverty in your later years.

  204. PleaseDontBSme says:

    Between a bunch cry baby millionaires disrespecting the National anthem and the pompous announcers that can’t seem to shut up for a second without giving us some stupid insight that nobody cares about. It’s no wonder the ratings are tanking.

  205. Kerr Puter says:

    Yeah, pretty much don’t care about it anymore after if turned into a “Voice My Social Justice Warrior” game.


  206. Bob Pisani says:

    I prefer to watch the Canadian Football League. Far far fewer commercials and much more football action to watch. I timed the Super Bowl last year. Took 31 minutes to play the final 9 minutes. Won’t waste my time on the NFL. A BAD movie is better.

  207. mike says:

    simple as this …. country over knee placements!!!

  208. Right. You know – the funny thing about boycotting the NFL is that once you escape the clutches of the habit, you realize you never really needed it in the first place. And I will remember the ungrateful punks that disgrace the blood that was spilled for this once great nation, long after November. The NFL is no longer welcome in my house. It is over.

  209. Jim Foles says:

    Do you think that the NFL constantly changing rules to force a high power offensive game with defensive holding calls, illegal contact and interference calls to promote a high passing, high scoring game for the league is not ruining the game.. where are the FB’s. Then the NFL adding more helmut to helmut hits as illegal… which is good….but is now morphing to any hard it… is now really ruining the entire feel of the game. maybe that is why viewership is dropping.

  210. herdofpugs says:

    I would just like to say “Thank YOU” to all the good American men who know better than to support this anti-American nonsense. I know how much you all love football and what a loss it is. Thank you! I support you.

  211. Warren says:

    In July, the league told the Dallas Cowboys that a helmet sticker dedicating their season to the fallen police officers from the July 7th attack was not allowed… Two months later, and the league says that taking a knee during the national anthem to protest ‘police brutality’ is perfectly acceptable… Jeez, I wonder if hypocrisy this glaring could have any effect on their ratings???

  212. JWarren says:

    The game has turned into a joke. Once the ‘protest’ players appeared the NFL did the same thing Fonzie did to Happy Days – Jumped the Shark.

  213. rdlynch says:

    Ball?! Good grief, who cares? A bunch of post-adolescent boys play ball, whoopee-de-do. What next, professional hop-scotch? Tiddly-winks?

  214. james rumbaugh says:

    Quick question ….are the ratings for San Francisco games dropping faster than other games? I,f not the problem is not Kaepernick; QED., And yeah folks are figuring out that there are, on average, 11 minutes of playing time in a NFL game, start o finish.

  215. CTMike says:

    As long as you players disrespect America .. it’s BOYCOTT time!

  216. Dan says:

    This is just a horrible product being put out now. At age 58, I went to my first regular season NFL game last season and was shocked at all the down time the players have now. I don’t know how they can stay ready with all of the TV timeout cool down time on the field. They make an event out of watching commercials together for 2 hours with a giant group of strangers.

    The game has been shortened dramatically from the product just ten years ago to where you feel like now you’re watching a 5 on 5 NBA basketball game rather than a 50 on 50 NFL game – apparently no one is in shape or tough enough to go 3 hours.

    Combine that with having some of the largest athletes in the world no longer hitting, coming out repeatedly for things like just being out of shape and tired, missing weeks for something as mundane as a finger sprain, having referees make outrageous calls and deciding who wins and loses, and having players who don’t even play protesting everything under the sun including having to sit for tens of millions of dollars a year, and you have a sport on its way out.

    I love the college game now, but the NFL is a total let down. Even the ladies of the LFL play a tougher brand of football than the NFL. The only keeping this product alive at all is the fantasy team that has people rooting and betting across team lines

  217. False Hope says:

    Screw the NFL and their spoiled millionaires, boycott the games!!!!

  218. John Sinsabaugh says:

    Maybe I am oversimplifying, I believe the major cause being politics rearing its ugly game much too often during the game. There are so many instances i can cite, the most resent being the Kaep anthem protest. He may want to get off his knee to maybe help his team win a game. We all remember Bob Costas’s personal editorial, players wearing 20 different ribbon colors, for whatever their curent cause might be. But yet the league would not allow the murdered Dallas
    police to be honored. I even remember Pres. Obama putting his unwanted presents during half time. Surely people can think of other factors casing the decline, but removing politics, all politics out f the game would bring back people. I have been a fan since the 50’s, and can only speak for myself. It should be 3hrs plus of escape entertainment…no ribbons, knees, or editorials…just a good game, hopefully…but that’s just my take…as said at the top, maybe I am oversimplifying…but I don’t think so!

  219. darth says:

    The Games are rigged- just look at how the officials go out of the way to change the outcome. The protests were for me the last straw. I have taken up woodworking,

  220. I watched the NFL quite a bit last year. This year, haven’t watched it one time yet. It’s okay NFL, it probably has nothing to do with black lives matter. I probably have been just getting my multicltural propaganda elsewhere

  221. Bill Reed says:

    Screw the NFL & their million dollar Prima Donnas. My Family will continue to boycott until they get rid of the traitors!

  222. As if the pussification rules weren’t bad enough where you can’t even hit a reciever or the quarterback. This was just the last straw. No one is tuning in to hear Grandma Bob Kostas give us a lecture on political correctness.

  223. Rob Murtoff says:

    You couldn’t have picked two LESS APPROPRIATE players, or teams for that matter, to run with this article. The Giants and Packers are two of the few teams with no players protesting the national anthem.

  224. NFL,no thanks says:

    You might add the fact that NFL owner raw greed was on full display this year. They took a big dump on a metro area with over 2 million people. Much more than that in extended area fan base. That could play into this as well. That area hasn’t even paid off the last community financed dome for an NFL team.

  225. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Roger Goodell will always have his Kaepernick and Beyonce.

  226. Jay says:

    They take a knee….I take a break from football and all those annoying sponsors.

  227. Tyrone says:

    Those black players kneeling during the national anthem or pledge of allegiance best start praying that things pick up so they aren’t laid off like so many millions under the prosperity brought about by crooked Obama. After all, the vast majority of those players are simply too stupid to do anything else.

  228. OldGrunt says:

    The NFL would be well served (IN ADDITION TO SOCIETY) to encourage their players to stay a minimum of four years in college. They would certainly bring more maturity to the field, and many would not make as many STUPID PLAYS as we are now beginning to see.

    Was guilty of attempting to watch Monday night Football on October 10. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME. Just watch the highlights of that game — first half specifically! COULD THEY NOT USE MORE MATURITY???????

    NFL, if this is what you are going to be selling, just keep your goods! NOT BUYING ANY MORE!

  229. Mike Forn says:

    As soon as Colin Kaepernick started showing disrespect for the USA, I stopped watching the NFL and vowed to not watch a single NFL game this season. Now that the NFL has not stopped players from showing disrespect, and has allowed itself to become a political platform, I may never watch an NFL game again. I’m sure there are a million people like me. Also, it’s amazing what I’m getting done in my new found “free time”.

  230. Richard_Iowa says:

    Ah heck. You mean NFL season started? Gheeezzzzzz, I didn’t know. Oh well, have been getting along just fine by not watching the NFL. Gives me more time to work on my classic car.

  231. Sporttster says:

    I was disgusted with the Michael S am nonsense and showing that kiss and the NFL pushing that garbage. I know many others felt the same way. This is not the place nor the stage to push that cra p! This is a mans game and men watch. If you’re interested in cooking or sewing or dancing or whatever, go elsewhere. Don’t expect men to accept that cra p.

  232. Joe E in the IE says:

    And you thought Fantasyland was in Disneyland, eh?

  233. Have not watched an National FELON’s League game in 3 years and no plans in the future.

    If I want to watch tattooed criminal savages play football I’ll just watch a rerun of “The Longest Yard”

  234. Havent turned on a single NFL game at home or work since they went anti-US a couple months ago. Don’t miss it.

  235. Guest says:


    Spread the hashtag

  236. 285exp says:

    The players have a perfect right, however misguided, to protest whatever they want as far as I’m concerned. The networks are the ones that are focusing attention on them, and you get more of what you reward. Quit focusing attention on them, and they’ll quit doing it. No need to prohibit the protests.

  237. Mike Jones says:

    Biggest problem NFL has is those like me that have quit watching will never know if they did anything to reign in the disrespect towards the anthem and the USA by those clowns like the 49ers idiot. We won’t be watching to see.

  238. JoeFriday says:

    I stopped watching because of the ANTI AMERICAN tone of protesting during the national anthem. Colin Kapernick might have KILLED THE NFL.

  239. ounceoflogic says:

    I’m always glad to hear that NFL ratings are plummeting due to their cowardly non-stance on Kapernick’s America-hating displays while in uniform. Hypocrites running this league deserve to lose all of their viewership. But then, I’m a Bengals fan, so it’s almost better not to watch.

  240. NFL is nothing more than an entertainment medium, no different than a rock concert or Broadway play. When the product isn’t entertaining for whatever reason, people quit watching. The pro ranks are loaded with arrogant prim donnas, outright criminals, and America-hating bigots. Sure there are some decent people in there but the league is promoting the Gangsta persona. I just can spend my time better in my shop building things on Sunday.

  241. Legio Invictus says:

    I’m 52, a veteran and have been an NFL fan all my life. After Kaepernick pulled his stunt and other pampered, overpaid players (including players on my team, the Broncos) started doing the same that was it for me. I’m sick of it. I canceled my NFL Red Zone subscription and haven’t watched one game this season. Oh, and by the way I’m a mixed race American. The key word is American and proud of it. The NFL can deny it all it wants, but they have a big problem on their hands, and if they don’t want to deal with it, fine. I’ll take me considerable disposable income elsewhere.

  242. Carolyn LeBrun says:

    If they think the kneeling and fist raising is not having a significant effect on the ratings decline, they are purposefully turning a blind eye to their customers’ opinions. It does not take a genius to figure out all one has to do to find out the cause is access internet article and discussion board comments, on the subject, to understand how people feel countrywide.
    Fans tune in for entertainment, not social lessons. For many that entertainment “was” a brief respite from life’s stresses and pressures. If they wanted to pursue social controversies they would tune into CNN, FOX, or MSNBC, but now all they have to do is turn on the latest NFL game.
    Either put an end to the unwanted, unpleasant situation, or continue to lose viewers and money.

  243. Russ says:

    Hey, this is for you NFL goofball management guys: I was a fan and now I’m not. The unpatriotic morons you call players is the reason. Get it? Lie all you want, but I know the reason your ratings are down and so does everyone else, including you. Man up and get rid of the communists in your midst or at least tell them to shut up. Maybe then, maybe, people will come back to watch.

  244. The NFL is liberalism. Liberalism is based on lies and a purposeful decision to not confront detrimental issues that a entity faces. ESPN, Obama and the NFL are all in cahoots. Obama met with these entities and made sure they knew that they would sell his dream. They have sold their souls. Reap the whirlwind NFL and ESPN. I’m done. We are all done.

  245. Steve K says:

    I’ll never forget listening to ESPN radio the morning after the Colts beat the Bears in the first Super Bowl to feature two Black head coaches. One of the ESPN jocks joked that “people from the South were rooting for the Colts because they wanted the Black coach with the lighter skin to win” HAR HAR HAR.

    Prior to that, I remember reading an article in ESPN magazine about LeBron James. They asked him who he’d like to dunk on more than anyone else. He said “I’d like to dunk on George W. Bush, and have the backboard glass shatter all over him”……..Bush was President at the time.

    Here’s the deal……..ESPN is run by a bunch of White, suburban jock wannabees, who may have played some high school or community college ball, who think the key to being part of the sports world is to kiss up to Black athletes.

    When Muhammad Ali died, all the sports jocks were asking every single Black athlete “tell me in your own words, what did Ali mean to you?” The only reason Ali is glorified so much is because the hippies loved him for opposing the Vietnam war, burning his draft card, and aligning himself with the radical Black Power movement. If Ali was a patriot like George Forman, he’d be treated as just another loudmouth boxer.

  246. Brien says:

    As someone who previously served in the military I don’t agree with disrespecting the flag but that doesn’t keep me from watching games. What does keep me from watching games is the limited games available to watch. Now that the NFL has decided to air fewer games on the big broadcast networks in favor of trying to get people to subscribe to Sunday Ticket their isn’t much of a selection of games to watch. For instance, Sunday morning I had only the choice of watching the Jets & Steelers and just wasn’t interested in that so I didn’t watch any. I don’t have DirecTV which for me means getting Sunday Ticket as a streaming service which I found to be very lacking. Packet drops, slow speeds (I have 100mb service so it is their servers), degraded picture quality due to this, no video for extended periods just all added up to it not being worth the cost. So instead I catch typically one or two games a week now whereas before I would have watched all day Sunday.

  247. The NFL knows exactly what is going on. However, because it is now a LIEberal entity, it refuses to fix the issue. Secondly, if players care so much about justice and peace. Then why not protest the decline of the black family unit, black on black crime (93%), etc..What is pathetic is not one broadcaster has had the balls to call Kaepernick out on ALL the issues. There is much more to it than “racial injustice.” He is lying. The actions (or lack thereof) of the black community have led to their “issue.” There are constant excuses being made for the actions of blacks.

  248. Carolyn LeBrun says:

    I hope the 49ers decide to start Kaepernick, this Sunday, against the Bills, so we can see how much the ratings drop again. They just might be able to count the viewers on their collective fingers and toes.

  249. Newflash, the players and owner do not care about winning as much as you think they do!!! It’s all an act!

  250. Abel Garcia says:

    Godell was so sure the rating drop was because of Tom Brady’s suspension. Since he woesn’t want to blame Kaepernick, may I suggest it is Bush’s fault!

  251. John Xonk says:

    NFL is now complete filth! I will never watch it again!

  252. richard wiggler says:

    Lots of reasons. Why watch a 3-hour info-mercial for 15 total minutes of actual game play? I can watch a 10 minute segment on any news channel or sports show and see the highlights on Monday. I can enjoy fantasy football without watching a single game. I actually get to be a good father and husband and do real stuff together on Sundays rather than watch over-paid celebrities. I am actively trying to convince my family to cut cable altogether to stop funding all the over-paid celebrities across all programming options from shoving their politics down my throat. Same with over-priced theaters. When they’re all making a realistic salary, or when they decapitate all the Kardashians on camera, then I’ll watch some televised media again.


  253. If Goodell doesn’t fix this problem AND SOON, the NFL owners will “retire” him.

    Over/under: 12 months.

  254. Dennis Bragg says:

    I am boiling mad with the NFL over the disrespect shown our nation, flag, police officers and military service members. The “pig” socks worn by Colin Kaepernick during his team’s NFL practice is a good example of why I have completely dropped the NFL until the unpatriotic idiots running the NFL figure out that fans can vote with our feet. I refuse to read any article on the NFL and hope it affects their advertising revenue. I always, for some reason, thought that the NFL represented what is best and patriotic about being an american. It appears I was very wrong and I am correcting the situation now….

  255. Tom Pazell says:

    As a long time fan who in the past few years has become increasingly bored with he professional version of the game, the recent protests were the final straw. I’m done with the NFL!

  256. Thomas Brown says:

    For me it’s all about children acting out on the sideline. I played D1 college ball in the 60’s and have watched the NFL for decades, This year I have not watched a single game, not even my hometown Dallas Cowboys.

    Goodell is a below par commissioner making big deals of nothing and no deal about something as important as our National Anthem.

    I’m loving NCAA games each week. So long NFL for now

  257. Harold Janson says:

    I refuse to watch Thugball, if it wasn’t for this “game”, they would all be in jail on assault and rape charges. They have even been out in the open about keeping “fall guys” around them to take their charges. This is no longer our sport, it is no longer an American sports league, it needs to just end. There is no point in watching or supporting it in anyways.

  258. For me it is a ‘last straw moment’ and until the league bans 1st amendment abuse I will never watch again.

  259. Not a fan of the NFL, don’t watch the games. We have been at war for the past 10 plus years and most people know someone who is serving or who has served in the military. If I was a fan and players didn’t stand up for the National Anthem I would probably find something else to watch on TV. Pretty dumb for the billionaire owners to ignore the concerns of their viewers over the the political views of their employees..

  260. I don’t think the national anthem protests have anything to do with it. Their problem is excessive game stoppages, endless commercials, and the fact that a 40 yard pass interference penalty is usually the most exciting play in a game.

  261. Not a Fan Anymore says:

    Kaepernick is just one more reason not to watch the NFL. Quit, never going back!
    The NFL is morally bankrupt, I hope they go financially Bankrupt.

  262. These leftist retards will do anything to not admit the obvious – idiot players protesting a lie have repulsed everyday, intelligent and patriotic Americans. FU NFL, I hope you bleed $$$.

  263. Mike says:

    I quit watching also and had been watching since there was an NFL and AFL. Dont need NFL on sundays as there are so many college games replayed from Sat that are better anyway. These pukes kneeling to the anthem make me sick.

  264. Diane says:

    Condi Rice for NFL Commissioner! She’ll know what to do.

  265. TBlakely says:

    “Hey Kappernick, the 70s called and want their afro back!”

    “A measure of a man’s ‘blackness’ is the size of their afro.”

  266. dimofepuji says:

    Emily . true that Don `s comment is something, last week I got a gorgeous Dodge after earning $6276 this – four weeks past and-over, ten thousand this past munth . this is actually the coolest job Ive ever done . I started this 7-months ago and practically straight away got minimum $86, p/h . Get the facts………..>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  267. chuckiechan says:

    I feel estranged from football. They are a bunch of millionaire pampered princes, and now they are going to rub my nose in the dirt because “I’m not socially aware”. I just don’t need it from them.

    Watching football is not the do-all, end-all in my life. It’s quickly losing it’s “whatever” that makes it fun. It’s not fun now. It’s politics.

    And regarding Kapernick, he was a ghetto rat who was adopted by a white family who raised him as their own, and facilitated him becoming a NFL quarter back. If there is an award for the “Most Ungrateful Adopted Child, EVER!” it would be him!

  268. Steve M says:

    When a player disrespects the Anthem and the Flag, they might as well be looking at the camera, flipping me off and saying F-U, and F everything you believe in. They protest in this manner with the sole intent of offending me, they have succeeded, so I have stopped watching. All the other reasons the NFL has listed for the ratings decline are valid, but I promise, the reason I haven’t watched a minute of Football this season is the NFL siding with BLM over the Cops. In case you have forgotten, allow me to remind you, the NFL wouldn’t allow the Cowboys to put s star on their helmet to honor the 5 murdered Dallas police officers, because that would have been to controversial. The NFL has had thug players, bad calls, injuries, and star players retire, forever, the only new wrinkle is starting each game by tell me to F-U and that I should like it.

  269. chaulk up another ‘anthem protest last straw’ member here, forbidding Dallas and 9/11 supporters from exhibiting freedoms of expression made it league wide instead of just teams with players actively ‘protesting’.

  270. C. Casey says:

    I am so thrilled reading these comments. The NFL is delusional if it fails to see that the viewership is dropping due to the national anthem protests. Hey NFL executives and owners: I will immediately turn off any game in which a single NFL player disrespects the flag or anthem. What a bunch of overpaid, uninformed, prejudiced (that’s right, it goes both ways, and the rest of us are getting sick of constantly apologizing for existing) jerks. The worst of it is that we can’t just turn off the television, because these protests have poisoned the air all the way down to high school and junior high school games, as if an eleven-year-old has the knowledge and awareness to know the significance of what this copycat behavior really means. Shame on the NFL and its players.

  271. Mo says:

    “The anthem protests are the only variable that did not exist before this season, yet the league is trying to tell you it’s a non-factor?” But earlier in the article you mentioned the presidential debates? I think your politics are showing. Not that I care. I’m from STL

  272. Bmar says:

    So now there is a political agenda in sports, I guess like the earlier Olympics. I have written to the 49’s, and hope they lose every game. They have a good start at 1-4

  273. Ashley West says:

    Reasons for NFL ratings drop; Colin Kaepernick and his racist buddies, the commissioner praising Kaepernick while not allowing teams to honor police officers, players cannot wear cleats honoring 9/11 victims, stupid penalties for “cultural insensitivity,” Beyoncé’s anti USA/police message at super bowl; supporting black lives matter terrorists, anti-second amendment speeches, etc., etc.

  274. Don says:

    With American troops dying in the middle east being covered with the American flag and these over paid fools protesting the National and the flag being presented, there is no way an NFL game will ever be on my TV again.

  275. Rocky Waters says:

    Not being a sports fan, I don’t understand why any White man would watch pro football. Most of the players are black, and most of the black players hate Whites. The team certainly doesn’t represent the fans. First, the players are from all over the USA, and even the world. How does a guy from Sudan playing on the team represent the White fans? I think the Black Lives Matter thugs, combined with the Black players protesting the National Anthem, is beginning to make White fans racially aware.

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