AUBURN (CBS) – Police will charge an Auburn father after he allegedly followed a school bus while wearing a clown mask.

Auburn Police said the mask-wearing driver followed the bus and watched as middle school students got off Tuesday.

“This caused extreme fear to the children and also caused them to have to hide under a nearby backyard deck to avoid the man,” said Auburn Police.

Police found that the driver was a parent of one of the students who was on the bus.

Initially police were uncertain if the man would be charged. But they later announced that charges of disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace will be sought in Worcester District Court.

The man’s identity has not yet been released.

“We are hopeful that others will learn from this incident and not repeat these types of behaviors,” Auburn Police said.

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  1. kek says:

    Eventually one of the clowns will get shot and then they’ll be wearing a frown. We are now living in soylent green.

  2. lil says:

    he called into the a radio show this morning, it was prank for his little kid. he didnt follow the bus he was waiting for his kid to get off the bus.

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