BOSTON (CBS) — Police at colleges and universities across Massachusetts responded to reports of creepy clowns on campus overnight, adding to the nationwide hysteria of suspicious sightings.

Police at Emmanuel College received an “inundation of calls” of sightings on campus shortly after midnight Tuesday.

“There is no emergency and the rumor that there are clowns in the area attacking people are not credible,” Jack Kelly, Director of Campus Safety, said in an email to students and staff.

Students at Merrimack College were briefly told to shelter in place Monday night and a residence hall was evacuated after someone reported an armed clown on campus. A staff member saw a threat posted on a Twitter account called Clown Watch say there was a clown holding a rifle on the third floor of the Monican Centre dorm.

Administers at Merrimack have since reached out to Twitter asking them to shut down the account.

A similar incident was reported at UMass Amherst Monday night. Authorities found no suspicious persons in any of the cases.

Police in Lowell have also received calls of clown sightings.

“We send resources which takes them out of other areas that they need to be,” said Lowell Police Capt. Tim Crowley. “What if someone is overdosing, and we have the Narcan available. You’re taking people away from other more serious issues.”

In Dedham, a school superintendent sent a letter to parents to watch for signs of the clown hoax saying, in part, “please monitor your child’s activity through their personal media access.”

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  1. This is an elite program to create fear and uncertainty in our lives, the only reason this would be happening in so many places at once indicates that someone is behind these creeps. The elite are using any and all means to instill fear, uncertainty, desperation, and uncertainty as what to do about these creeps. We need to force the issue with the elite, stop paying any interest payments and stop spending money. The elite are creating all of these affronts upon the US citizens to force us to accept their evil society that they are planning on pushing onto the world soon. We must stand and fight these evil people. /we must start bringing charges against the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bush, and all other elite groups and the 13 families ruling American and causing this to be perpetrated on the US citizens.

  2. D. says:

    Creepy clowns in the woods, everywhere. The full story, sing along:

  3. Michael potter says:

    i have a problem were most of the creepy clowns are following me on facebook dont know what to do i think im going to be a victim of this horrible crime

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