BOSTON (CBS) – Curt Schilling has an uphill battle ahead of him if he hopes to unseat Sen. Elizabeth Warren, according to a new poll.

The former Red Sox pitcher has talked a lot about his political aspirations lately, telling TMZ on Wednesday that he’s getting more serious about challenging Warren in 2018.

“I think I’m going to run here in Mass. in two years,” he said. “I think I’m going to run against Elizabeth Warren.”

It’s a matchup that Warren would surely welcome. A WBZ-TV, WBZ NewsRadio, UMass Amherst poll of 700 likely voters found that she leads Schilling by 19 points, 47 percent to his 28 percent.

“Sen. Warren would face an easy re-election in 2018 if former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling follows through on his musings about challenging her,” WBZ political analyst Jon Keller said.

Sixteen percent of voters said they aren’t sure how they’d vote in that hypothetical race, and 9 percent said they would not vote.

(WBZ-TV graphic)

(WBZ-TV graphic)

Warren hasn’t yet officially announced that she’s running for re-election. While she looks to be in good shape versus Schilling, the poll also found that she would only barely be ahead of Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito or former Gov. Bill Weld if they decided to enter the race.

Keller @ Large: Warren Needs To Work On Her Local Image

The Senate isn’t the only political prize Schilling has his eye on. He told TMZ that he might make a run for governor if Gov. Charlie Baker were to seek the White House in 2020.

Schilling has also been teasing a future presidential run, raising the possibility on Facebook back in August. He told TMZ this week that he would “love to give the White House a try.”

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  1. Paull Cudak says:

    A lot of dumb down DEMOCRAT ONLY residents. They haven’t learned 1 thing of all the corruption within the MA Democrat Party. How many Democrat Legislative Leaders are behind BARS? With more indictments or trials pending?

    1. Al Bundy says:

      Did your mom drink and smoke when she was pregnant with you?

  2. Elizabeth_Warren_is_a_Liar says:

    Kurt needs to go back to Rhode Island and let Polito take on this lying faux-indian.

  3. Raylan12 says:

    This poll is useless right now. Lieawatha will probably be in jail by the time the next election rolls around.

  4. I am voting for Schilling. He is TWICE as smart and pretty as MONSTROUS Warren.

  5. American says:

    It is like Republicans are being bred in a lab to be a stupid as possible these days.

  6. Beth B. says:

    Thus proving Schilling’s instinct for losing is still going strong. Warren is very popular and Schilling’s only recent claim to fame is a spectacularly failed video game company.

  7. Bill says:

    Beth. Warren is not very popular. She is not hated either, but saying she is very popular is inaccurate. Recent polling shows her as -2 meaning she is disliked by slightly more people than she is liked by. She is absolutely loved by some people which causes many people to think she is very popular. However, compared to Schilling she wins this race easily probably by even more than this poll suggests. Schilling is a joke. He will never be nominated by the GOP. The GOP knows that if they put up a strong challenger Warren can lose, not guaranteed, but the GOP would have a decent shot at taking her seat. The GOP also had a good shot at beating Hillary, but they chose the worst person possible so who knows what the idiots in the GOP will do.

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