SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (CBS) — The mysterious case of the missing Connecticut woman whose son was rescued off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard this week, is now the subject of a federal investigation spanning several New England States.

Police in South Kingstown, Rhode Island have been investigating whether Nathan Carman should face charges for allegedly taking his mother, Linda Carman, to a risky fishing spot in a boat that was not safe. They say they’re now joining forces with federal, state, and local law enforcement from Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Nathan Carman arrives at the Coast Guard base in Boston, Sept. 27, 2016. (WBZ-TV)

Nathan Carman arrives at the Coast Guard base in Boston, Sept. 27, 2016. (WBZ-TV)

This week, a freighter rescued him from a life raft he said he’d been in for more than a week after his boat capsized. Carman, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, said his mother disappeared during the ordeal.

“I didn’t know if she had been dragged down with the ship,” he told Good Morning America, “because neither of us had been wearing life vests.”

A search warrant police used to search Carman’s Vernon, Vermont home, says he told witnesses he was headed to a fishing spot called “the canyons”, a place his mother had refused to go to in the past. The warrant also quotes witnesses who said his boat had mechanical problems that he had tried to repair himself. The warrant says he removed “trim tabs” and filled the holes with a marine adhesive.

A boat maintenance worker near the Rhode Island marina where he kept his boat tells WBZ removing trim tabs can be dangerous.

“If it was a bow-heavy boat and it didn’t have trim tabs, I could see how it would go down,” said Austin Glazier. He also described the canyons as unprotected, far from shore, and very deep.

Nathan Carman has also been at the center of an investigation into his grandfather’s homicide, which is still unsolved. John Chakalos was found shot to death in his Windsor, Connecticut home nearly three years ago. Nathan Carman was the last known person to see him alive.

Carman told Good Morning America, “I had absolutely nothing to do with my grandfather’s death.”

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  1. Holmes says:

    Grandfathers death: Carman was the last known person to see him. He owned a rifle consistent with the 3 shots to Grampa’s head. Right after the murder, Carman disposed of his hard drive and GPS. Arrest warrant requested, but never signed off.

    “The fishing trip” : All kinds of ‘makes zero sense here’. Mom agreed to a 20 mile trip (fateful decision on her part) and the killer takes her out 100 miles – a trip which she previously said: “no go”. He say’s the boat starts taking on water, and this is not a large boat, yet he turns his back and ‘Walla” she disappears into thin air, or conveniently 100’s of feet of ocean for killer son. I saw pictures of the boat, it had radar, etc., but no mayday call? He loses mom, but collected all the provisions to survive as long it took to be found.

    He knows the amount his mom’s inheritance after killing her father, and if I were one of the three remaining aunts, I would be on high alert. This guy has a very sordid and violent past. Placing a knife to throat of another kid, going A-WOL when his horse died, family blow-ups while he was confined to a psychiatric facility and so on.

    Just look into this guys eyes. He lives in VT, has a house with no electricity and sleeps in a truck. Law enforcement needs to catch this guy. I get it, no easy task catching a privileged crazed killer that had nothing but time on his hands to plan these witness less murders. But who among us thinks he didn’t murder his mother at sea? That’s what I thought. Let’s pray that with good police work, this murderer will be locked up with the rest of the criminally insane until he dies. God Speed to those investigating this calculated murdering monster.

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