By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) – If you go to the websites of big drugstore chains, you’re bound to see a prominent ad saying something like, “Get your flu shot now.” Some are even offering discounted shopping while you’re at it, which is a good way for stores to get customers in to spend money.

But is now really the best time to get your flu shot? Probably not.

Flu season is generally between November and April with peaks usually in January or February. If you get a shot too soon, those antibodies that the flu shot stimulates may begin to wane before you’re out of the woods.

So if you can wait a few weeks to get vaccinated, you’re probably better off. If you can’t, it’s certainly better to get immunized now than not at all.

Comments (2)
  1. Karl West says:

    You forgot to mention people over 65 may have dificulties unles they wait. Iam 90, got my shot last Thursday and have been week ever ince

  2. Sam Khan says:

    The article doesn’t answer the question. It says
    “wait a few weeks”. How many weeks are a few?
    It would have been better to say what month to
    start to get the flu shot, as in late October.

    Just because you are vaccinated doesn’t mean
    your body is instantly 100% protected, it takes
    a while before your body ramps up its flu fighting

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