By Paul Burton

HAVERHILL (CBS) — On Saturday morning in Haverhill, horns were blaring and engines were revving as residents rallied behind homeowner Rick Early, who has put up more Donald Trump signs than the city allows. Early, along with many of his friends, are standing their ground.

“It’s just a show of support. A lot of people want to support what we are doing and don’t like what the city is doing,” Early said.

The city has an ordinance prohibiting political signs that total more than 32 square feet of space. Early’s signs add up to more than 300 square feet.

“It’s way in excess of what’s allowed, and that’s all he’s been cited for is that he’s over the signage allowed by the city ordinance,” City Building Inspector Dick Osborne said.

Police say Mr. Early has a right to assemble in front of his home, though many neighbors were not happy about the rally. Many of the supporters that showed up said they were not there for Trump, but to support Early’s First Amendment Rights.

“I’m upset by the disturbance in the neighborhood. They’ve been honking like this since 8 a.m.,” one neighbor said.

“I am not decided yet, but he’s been getting pushed around for exceeding the square foot limit. I don’t see where this isn’t anything but his free speech,” neighbor Paul Fitzmeyer said.

Early put up the signs in January. Saturday, he experienced both support and disdain for his display. He said no matter the reaction, he will stand his ground for his candidate.

“He speaks to the average voter. He’s not your average politician. He’s a business man and I think that’s what we need in the White House,” Early said.

Early said he has not faced any fines yet, but if he does, he said he will take legal action.

Paul Burton

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  1. Brave man! Trump-haters at Trump rallys proved themselves to be such thugs, I’d be afraid of getting my car keyed or my house set on fire if I put out a Trump sign or bumper sticker.

  2. Tjp says:

    It is the epitome of political speech which is generally found to be exempt from restrictions on speech. How can it be constitutional to restrict one’s political speech in any form?

  3. independent_thinker says:

    Wait, so Trump supporters tend to get upset over illegality – disobedience to the law – yet they support a person blatantly violating a city ordinance. Did I get this right?

  4. Trader Ron says:

    If the bullies at city hall continue to harass this man he needs to contact the Institute for Justice, They have been successful in pushing back against political hacks. The Institute for Justice has an extensive and succesful record of protecting property rights and free speech.

  5. willis forster says:

    Had they ignored him despite the signage legal limitation, he would not have gotten such widespread publicity. It is a plain and simple restriction on his first amendment rights.

  6. Sal says:

    This is an amusing side show. It does indicate that Trump’s campaign has the energy. I don’t live in New England but have seen almost no Hillary signs or bumper stickers in my swing state.
    Trump signs are everywhere similar to the Obama signs 4 and 8 years ago. Anecdotal but

  7. It only took 100 years for the women’s vote to bring us to this point. I wonder what the next 100 years of over the top emotion driven schlock will get us.

  8. Esoteric Jahanist says:

    It would be one thing if they were giving Seizure Granny’s supporters a pass for doing the same thing, but the article is silent on that matter. If he’s violating the law, then he’s violating the law. Trump supporters have plenty of examples to choose from where they are being treated unfairly (such as being attacked outside of their rallies/events). This isn’t one of them.

  9. Dan says:

    Are you kidding me? There’s actually someone east of the Hudson River that thinks for himself? Is he so crazy that he’d rather work hard and take pride in receiving a paycheck rather than sitting on his butt and drinking beer bought with his Obama EBT card? Next he’ll be asking for school choice for his children instead of the public school government brainwashing they’re currently being provided.

  10. rickburgoon says:

    So the jamochs can ruin the NFL for publciity…but this guy cant show his support for his beliefs

  11. Sam G says:

    If the City sends him fines, lots of Americans would happily contribute to them, myself included, as Hillary Pinocchio Clinton is not fit to be America’s Commander in Chief.

    While I agree, the Donald has a big mouth, I trust him a whole lot more than Pinocchio Clinton, as a retired Veteran, when I see her ads depicting herself of a champions of Veterans, it makes me sick. I do not know a single veteran, either active duty nor retired that will be voting for her.

    When Benghazi happens, she simply went back to bed and then tried very hard to delete the e-mails showing her negligence, luckily for us, Russian hackers showed Americans the truth. Normally I hate hackers, but they did America a solid with uncovering Pinocchio Clinton’s treachery.

  12. Mobetta Jenkum says:

    Blue states acting like Blue states again… Lie, lie, lie, take a 5 minute break to be a hypocrite, and then lie, lie, lie, and then take a 5 minute break to censor everyone else’s speech, then lie lie lie…

  13. and yet these same asshats let the black matters racist terrorist loot ,block traffic and attack whites randomly in streets——- Trump 2016

  14. when has the goverment ,any goverment gone after the black lives matter terrorist when they publicly all for the deaths of the police,in ublic and on tape, which is actually a serious crime, in most jurisdictions

  15. Michael Jobe says:

    Oh great, another clown who thinks public laws don’t apply to him. He must be special.

    1. Frank Licata says:

      The city ordinance VIOLATES many federal laws under the FEC rules and also violates the constitution’s 1st amendment, which is why the city is being sued.

  16. Frank Licata says:

    I was there in Haverhill on Saturday. The CBS reporter LIED, the neighbors were VERY supportive and not at all “ticked off” as he falsely reported. When we watch CBS we see BS.

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