BOSTON (CBS) — A notebook with handwritten ramblings found in the New York bombing suspect’s possession when he was taken into custody included references to Al Qaeda and terror group leaders, sources tell CBS News. 

Initial reports mentioned the writings also included references to the Boston Marathon bombers. CBS News confirmed on Tuesday that there was no mention of Boston in the suspect’s journal.

Surveillance video shows a man investigators have identified as Ahmad Khan Rahami dragging a bag in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City Saturday evening. A short time later a bomb exploded in the area injuring 29 people. Another unexploded pressure cooker was found nearby.

Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami captured on surveillance camera (WCBS)

Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami captured on surveillance camera (WCBS)

CNN reports that investigators are looking into any connection to a motive. The devices were similar to the Boston Marathon bombings, including the use of a cell phone to trigger the bomb, but the explosives inside were different.

Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans called the incident over the weekend “eerily similar” to the Boston bombings.

“I’m sure it brings back a lot of bad memories for the families involved. But we can’t be intimidated by these terrorists, and we gotta continue to live our lives,” Evans told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

Pressure cooker device found blocks away from explosion in New York City (CBS)

Pressure cooker device found blocks away from explosion in New York City (CBS)

Two Linden, New Jersey police officers were injured in a shootout with Rahami Monday morning. Both officers are expected to survive.

President Barack Obama praised law enforcement for their quick work tracking down Rahami and arresting him.

“It’s just one more reminder of the extraordinary skill and sacrifice and courage of our law enforcement officers,” Obama said during a UN General Assembly meeting in New York on Tuesday.

Investigators say they have no reason to believe Rahami was part of a larger terror cell, although sources tell CNN the evidence suggests he was not acting alone.

A senior law enforcement official tell CBS News Rahami traveled to his native Afghanistan at least three times in the last two years, and he also visited Pakistan.

  1. Ahmad Rahami and his brother Sonew ran this Rudy’s small grocery store Franksville, Wi for about 2 years. I think owned by his parents, or leased out by Rudy the owner who doesn’t live in the area anymore. Ahmad was a really sweet person, and always smiling back in 2012?.2013? This store is now vacant and falling apart, and for sale.The last days remaining open they gave me a lot of great deals on food, and other items. I can’t believe he would do harm to innocent people. He was my friend. I used to call him (Are you Mad?) and his brother (SO NEW) PET NAMES.I feel really sad about this. He did tell me he was moving back to NJ. where his parents own a store.

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