BOSTON (CBS) – Charlie Baker can’t claim the title of the country’s most-liked governor anymore, according to a new poll.

The Massachusetts Republican comes in third in the latest Morning Consult survey, just behind No. 1 Gov. Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota and Larry Hogan of Maryland.

To be clear, Baker’s popularity in the Bay State is still sky high, with an approval rating of 70 percent and 18 percent disapproving. That’s down just slightly from Morning Consult’s previous poll of governors in May, which had Baker in first at 72 percent and 16 percent, respectively.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is once again the least popular governor in the country, with a disapproval rating of 71 percent.

Two New England governors, Maine’s Paul LePage and Rhode Island’s Gina Raimondo, are also on the list of the 10 least-liked state executives.

Comments (6)
  1. mstarvin says:

    Gee I wonder why? He is showing that he is just a RHINO so yeah he is not high on my list of favorites. His only saving quality is that he at least tries to not bleed the taxpayers dry.

  2. Rhode Island Sucks says:

    Gina Raimondo = WORST-GOVERNOR-EVER

  3. Hack Wannabe says:

    Charlie Faker lost my support when he went down south on the MA taxpayers dime to try and stop Trump! He has increased the budget WAY TOO MUCH, added all his cronies, and tried to take over the Republican party with layabouts.
    Really? a commission to study changing daylight savings time? What a waste.

    Put Flyover Tolls on Route 3 south, then we can talk.

  4. im right says:

    he abandoned his base, nuff said AG’s lapdog, anti Trump, useless RINO, next

  5. danjsul says:

    Why does WBZ (and the other networks) only cover how popular he is instead of exposing the things that would lower his approval ratings? I haven’t seen anything on how many executive orders were passed as emergency legislation thus avoiding the required public meeting notice. For example, was it really an emergency that the way Personal Care Attendants get paid by MassHealth be changed? Is anyone covering the current proposal to cut transportation to medical appointments for disabled Medicare and Medicaid recipients? How about that aside from addiction to pain killers, ever other health service has been dramatically cut? I guess since the Governor doesn’t issue a press release on the cuts there’s no need to cover it.