BENTONVILLE, Ark. (CBS) – In the future, shopping carts may push themselves.

Walmart is now working on a self-driving shopping cart that customers would be able to hail like an Uber – possible through a smartphone app.

The retailer filed a patent for a cart that has a motor and video cameras.

The best part? It would also be able to return itself from customers’ cars to the store.

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  1. Because we can’t handle ourselves

    1. nobody says:

      More like “because we WON’T handle ourselves”. Walmart is tired of all the shopping carts left strewn all over the parking lot because customers are just too damn lazy to put them back where they belong. I am too.

      1. Kirk Waylannd says:

        Ha – When I was 16 and worked at a grocery store, I had to go retrieve the carts from the parking lot. And often. Having too many in the lot would get me in hot water. Today’s box-boys should be mandated to step up and do their jobs.

      2. ulyssesmsu says:

        It’s not my job to put the shopping cart in the bin after I finish shopping, and don’t call me lazy because I don’t want to do the WM worker’s job for them. They pay their workers to do that job, so why should I do it for them? What other WM workers’ job do you think I should do while I’m at their store shopping? Mop the floor? Take out the trash? Sweep off the front entry? I’m not gonna do those jobs for them, and I’m not gonna fetch the shopping carts, either. And your suggestion that I’m lazy if I don’t is just pure baloney.

  2. Clyde Edenta says:

    Hillary will be the first one to use it.

  3. Meep says:

    And I bet the will all still have that one annoying wobbly wheel.

  4. Kitcha says:

    You will probably see these carts, stolen, stripped down, painted with gang graffiti, and in the ghettos delivering drugs.

  5. Ali Von Goldberg says:

    Dibs on the one with the wobbly wheel….

  6. Self driving shopping cart sounds great. It can then put my groceries in my self diverless car and deliver them to my garage.I still have a problem deciding what to buy. When food items get behind other intems in the fridge I don’t know exactly what to order. They need to install cameras in our refridgeerators that takes pictures from all directions in the fridge.

  7. dt60093 says:

    They need to carry more than 500 pounds and be more durable.

  8. Col. Angus says:

    Thank God. Because pushing a ten pound shopping cart through an air conditioned store is just TOO DAMN MUCH WORK!

  9. Jay St John says:

    Lazy food stamp patrons will love this relaxing WM feature.

  10. Paul Trott says:

    LOL. And the navigation will be by Tesla. Next TV series survivalist sensation: Shopping Cart Wars.

  11. MindWarrior says:

    Making the world safe for the lazy and obese.

    1. Kenny in Dallas says:

      A basket in front for the groceries. A basket in back to pour in the slugs of humanity.

  12. Wu Nee says:

    Will it go extra slow down the candy and soda aisles?

    1. Gamera says:

      It zooms straight past the educational books/materials aisles without stopping.

  13. Boogur T. Wang says:

    Have they perfected the ‘wobbly wheel’ and / or the self-meandering cart yet?

  14. dogsrock2 says:

    No wonder people stay fat and lazy

  15. Bob says:

    Bad idea. Just wait until certain “customers” figure out how rip the cameras off or maybe even hack into the carts.

  16. EdP says:

    A solution in search of a problem.

  17. Lanie Dreer says:

    I’d love this. It might force them to fix those stupid wheels so they drive straight and not drag along.

  18. Mike Thaman says:

    so….no more “People of Wal-Mart” videos???

  19. Scott says:

    Is this a new benefit for the welfare trash that uses my tax dollars to buy their groceries at WelfareMart?

  20. HughG says:

    My walmart cart keeps taking me to the beer isle.

  21. Gary's opinion says:

    It begs the question, Why?

  22. james67 says:

    Another example of ‘stupid is the new normal.’ Really idiotic notion.

  23. Of course prices will have to increase as WalMart in its infinite wisdom decides that customers would rather pay more and push less.

    What they’re missing: It’s not that their customers want powered carts, it’s that they don’t want to walk so far to buy milk and produce on the same trip.

  24. Freeland_Dave says:

    I say Good! But only if two of them don’t get together to share meaningless data while blocking the isles so that other customers can get by and shop. People, why is it that when you see friends in the store you have to stop in the middle of an isle and block all other people from passing when you are discussing things? And honestly, can’t you have your wallet out and opened when checking out at the cashier’s stand? If you are paying by credit card you should have that in your hand as you are standing there waiting for the cashier instead of fumbling around in your purse for five minutes after the cashier tells you the total amount you owe? For goodness sake, take into account of those around you and stop living as a king in your own tiny little world that revolves solely around you.

  25. And when the first cart that is returning to the store from the parking lot hits a pedestrian, possibly a child, that will be the end of that and WalMart will be stuck with ten billion self driving carts that are otherwise useless.

  26. Ima says:

    No one will EVER hack into a cart full of already paid for groceries and have it delivered to a van on the opposite side of an enormous parking lot from your car. Never happen.

  27. Kenny in Dallas says:

    Once the robots take over, useless people will be eliminated and only robots will shop at Walmart.

  28. Kenny in Dallas says:

    No need for groceries in the matrix. Intraveneous injections and mindstream input will define future realities.

  29. Dammitt says:

    Maybe they can even program it to not block the aisle or “drive” on the left.

  30. Wally says:

    I’m older, so I use a shopping cart somewhat like a walker to help keep my balance and give me something to rest on, so I like the carts just the way they are.

  31. Hillary for Prison says:

    I’m sure it will only be used in those NE blue states where the average vote is too stupid to handle a shopping cart.

  32. scottbomb says:

    Walmart is usually quite frugal so I’m very surprised they’re throwing their money away on this nonsense. This is dumber than the “self-driving cars” that nobody wants.

  33. ulyssesmsu says:

    It’s not the customer’s job to put the shopping basket back in the bin after they finish shopping. WM pays workers to fetch those baskets and retrieve them back into the store. Those of you who think the WM customers should do the WM workers’ jobs are a big part of the problem. I go to WM to shop, not to do their workers’ jobs for them. I’ll shop, and I’ll let the WM workers do their jobs, which includes fetching the shopping baskets from the parking lot. That sounds fair, doesn’t it?

  34. Iowa Chapman says:

    all i want is a cart that tallies up your bill as you put items in the cart, and when you ready to check out you swipe your ccard on the shopping cart card swipe, the carts wheels would lock up if you try to push it out of the store with items not paid for, each item when its paid would turn off the id tracker theft signal.. if you pay and then toss in another item and not pay for it when you get to the door it would signal item not paid and lock the shopping cart wheels for an employee to check the cart

    1. Moon Pie... says:

      That’s a great idea, you are so far into the future, you leave us all behind…I will get to work on that out in my shed..Thanks Man!

  35. Moon Pie... says:

    Yeah, I am far too lazy to push one of those things…Hurry it up already!

  36. Rick849921 says:

    Yes, I want to be the first person to sue Walmart for a malfunctioning kart that hit me. I guess Walmart will be buying more cameras for the stores too?