BOSTON (CBS) — Sports Hub listeners — Greg Bedard among them — know that Michael Felger spent the majority of the past three weeks making a big deal out of the distribution of snaps between Patriots quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Tom Brady in the preseason.

You’d think — or at least Bedard might think — that Garoppolo’s big Week 1 performance would go to show that Felger was wrong for making such a big deal out of the “controversy.”

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You — and Bedard — would be wrong.

“I just didn’t think they gave Garoppolo all the time he should have had. I still feel that way,” Felger said on Tuesday’s show. “I think Garoppolo was very good in that game. I just think they gave Brady too much time on the field and too much energy off the field, and nothing’s going to change my mind on that. I don’t think that was handled entirely properly.”

Bedard couldn’t understand it. He sort of let it rip.

“Come on, Mike,” he said, revving up his engines. “Mike. Mike. How could you not admit that their decisions with Brady and Garoppolo were correct? Why can’t you just say, ‘You know what? I was wrong. It wasn’t as big a deal as I thought.’ He went out there and beat the Cardinals in their place on Sunday Night Football. Part of the reason was because Jimmy Garoppolo was extremely prepared and he knew exactly what to expect from the Cardinals, he knew exactly what to expect from the game plan, and he operated at full tilt.”

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As he does for everything, Felger had an answer.

“I don’t think I was wrong about the way that they handled the third preseason game,” Felger said.

“Of course you’re wrong!” Bedard dutifully noted. “He went out there and played well.”

“Just because they win, everything was done right? I mean, that makes no sense,” Felger argued.

“You spent two weeks railing on the Patriots and the way they were handling their quarterback, and you criticized them for it, and then they go out and they win in Arizona, and you’re saying it’s still right to [criticize them],” Bedard said. “They were right! They made the right decisions.”

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Watch the showdown in the video above.