By Bill Shields

WESTWOOD (CBS) – It was a familiar sight Wednesday at the Westwood bridge known as “the can opener.”

The East Street railroad bridge claimed another too-tall truck on Wednesday, a regular occurrence as trucks frequently get stuck or have their roof ripped off.

In the past, a lobster truck has crashed into the bridge, and an out-of-town fire truck fell victim as well.

Each of the stuck truck incidents is captured on a camera set up by the Westwood Police Department.

The state has plans to fix the bridge to prevent similar issues in the future. The exact timeline is not clear, but it can’t come soon enough for Westwood officials.

“I’m going to be ecstatic about it getting redone. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It’s a safety hazard for the neighborhood,” said Town Administrator Mike Gillette.

Latest Too-Tall Truck Crash in Westwood


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