BOSTON (CBS) — It was a special New England Patriots edition of Over/Under on Tuesday’s Game Of Jones on The Adam Jones Show.

Marshall Hook, in for Rich Keefe, hit Jones with the following questions on the Patriots’ season opener against the Arizona Cardinals, with a Tom Brady banner questions mixed:

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Over/Under Garoppolo touchdowns vs. Cardinals or Garoppolo turnovers vs. Cardinals

“So will he have more turnovers or touchdowns against the Cardinals? I’ll say he’ll have more turnovers than touchdowns in that game Sunday night,” said Jones. “I am basing a lot of it on his performance against Carolina. If I were to put more weight on his performance against Chicago or New Orleans a year ago in the preseason when he flashed well, maybe I’d have a different opinion. But I think that is a real tough spot to go out and lead the team to victory. They could win, but I think if they win Garoppolo is still a passenger. The defense leads the way or they run wild, something like that where Garoppolo is more passenger than leader.

“I can see him turning it over a little bit, and hopefully it’s not pick-sixes,” added Jones.

Turnovers forced by Patriots defense: Over/Under 2.5 turnovers

“I’m going to go under,” said Jones. “I think the defense has been excellent in the preseason. I don’t know that they faced the highest level of competition, but Cam Newton, what they did to him in that Carolina game, was impressive. They’re going to get a good test against Arizona. I don’t think the world of Carson Palmer, who is very turnover prone, but they’ll have their hands full with all those weapons — David Johnson, Fitz, John Brown, Michael Floyd.

“I think they’ll force some turnovers, for sure, but I don’t know if it’s three or four,” said Jones.

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Points allowed by Patriots against Cardinals: Over/Under 20.5 points

“This has kind of been my question all offseason: Is the defense good enough to win them games? Not keep them in the game and have Brady win it late. By and large, for the first month, they can do that. Against Arizona I think it’s going to be tough, so I’ll say they give up more than 20.5 points. That means the Cardinals are high-20s, maybe closing in on 30,” said Jones. “They’ve dropped plenty of Week 1 matchups in the past. Yeah, they’ll be ready and Bill will have them prepared as much as they possibly can, but that team on the other side of the field is pretty good.”

Sacks by Chandler Jones against Patriots: Over/Under 1.5 sacks

“I think Garoppolo is going to be taken down quite a few times in this game, but I’m not going to say Chandler Jones racks up two or three sacks, so I’ll take the under. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets there once, but I don’t think he gets there multiple times, even with Garoppolo’s lack of pocket presence or awareness.”

Days the Tom Brady banner stays up at Gillette: Over/Under 11.5 days

(Note: The Patriots home opener was 12 days away at the time of the segment)

“I am saying over, because last year Jonathan Kraft confirmed to this radio station that they had a plan for Brady if he wasn’t there for opening night on national TV against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it this year, unless they’re sick and tired of the backlash that has been front and center today,” said Jones. “I will say over; I think they’ll have the banner up all four games that Brady will miss.”

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