Felger & Massarotti

BOSTON (CBS) —  The Patriots will start the season with Jimmy Garoppolo under center. This has SI.com’s Greg Bedard concerned.

With the 2016 NFL season set to kick off this week, Bedard joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger & Mazz for the first time this season. He shared his thoughts on New England’s play leading into the season, and was not impressed with what he saw from Garoppolo throughout training camp and in the preseason.

“I thought I would see more progress in year three. What we saw in the preseason is pretty much what we’ve seen in spurts to this point,” Bedard said to start Tuesday’s show. “Where he’s coming up short, and by this time he should be comfortable with, is the little things you need to operate this offense. Like looking people off a little more; looking to the left and moving the linebacker –the backside slant to James White against the Bears when he was almost picked off, he just didn’t look to the left long enough. He needs to hold those guys. It’s the little things he isn’t doing where I think he needs to be further ahead.

Garoppolo completed 66.7 percent of his preseason passes (36-of-54) with one touchdown and no interceptions (though a few of his passes should have been picked off). Bedard was also not impressed with Garoppolo’s pocket presence during those three preseason games.

“I don’t like the choppy feet. I understand why he does that; it’s just to keep his feet lose and able to move in the pocket. But I would rather have a quarterback like [Tom] Brady, and we’ve seen Jacoby Brissett do it as well, where you get back there, three steps, stand tall and deliver,” said Bedard. “I understand he wasn’t out with the full complement of guys and the offensive line was shaky, but he should look more comfortable than he has to this point.”

Bedard also touches on how the Patriots handled their three quarterbacks in the preseason, saying Brady needed to play against the Panthers. Check out the full segment in the video above, and tune in to Bedard on Felger & Mazz every Tuesday during the NFL season.