BOSTON (CBS) — Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sparked yet another controversy when he took the field against the New York Giants in the team’s fourth preseason game wearing a helmet that did not bear the NFL “shield” decal that appears on all other player helmets. But a new report suggests that the missing decal was not some kind of protest or statement, just an odd coincidence.

CSNNE Patriots insider Tom E. Curran joined Mike Florio’s Pro Football Talk Live on Monday to talk about Brady’s strange preseason and the start of the quarterback’s four-game suspension as the Patriots get ready for the start of the regular season. When asked about the NFL logo controversy, Curran reportedly said that as far as he knew, “Brady would say he didn’t know the logo was missing.”

After a tip from a fan on Twitter, Michael Hurley dug deeper into the mysterious shield-less helmet and pointed out that every other Patriots player pictured from last Friday’s game against the Giants, even quarterback Jacoby Brissett, had the NFL logo on their helmets. Regardless of whether or not Brady knew about the missing decal, or how or why it was not on the helmet in the first place, he could face a fine from the league office for a uniform violation.

The missing logo adds yet another wrinkle to what’s been a bizarre preseason and training camp for Brady, who previously missed a start because of a “silly accident” with scissors.