OAK BLUFFS (CBS) – A man is accused of going on a very strange crime spree on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend.

Oak Bluffs police say Felix Reagan committed a series of crimes that left a dog painted purple on Saturday afternoon.

It all started when officers responded to Firehouse Lane for a report of a stolen motor vehicle that crashed, with the suspect fleeing on foot.

About 5 to 10 minutes later, police were called to a Pinewood Lane house that had been broken into. A resident there said they arrived home to find a ground level window forced in – and that’s not all.

“Items were reported stolen and the victim’s dog had been painted with purple paint,” police said.

A neighbor told officers that a disheveled-looking man knocked on their door, and provided a description to police.

After a Webaqua Road resident called police to report a man looking in their window, police were able to track down Reagan and take him into custody.

They found purple paint on his pants, in addition to prescription pills, and a stolen driver’s license and credit cards.

As he was being taken to the Oak Bluffs police station, officers say Reagan tried to kick out the cruiser’s windows and kicked a police officer twice.

He is facing a number of charges, including cruelty to animals, assault and battery on a police officer, breaking and entering and destruction of property.

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  1. God says:

    White folks be crazy, got to check my recipe.

    1. Ima says:

      Great stuff! You’ve been bookmarked.

  2. Sal says:

    Martha’s vineyard does attract trash.

  3. J Shicoutan says:

    He painted the dog. Why does CBS find the color ‘purple’ significant? This is what idiot journalism looks like.

  4. RLABruce says:

    Hillary supporter, no doubt….

  5. Paul Maddox says:

    its a lowlife that does that to a dog. if he had a beef with the owner, face him. dont sneak around doing things to defenseless animals. he is a coward

  6. dogsrock2 says:

    I’m glad he just painted the dog instead of hurting it.

    1. Peggy says:

      The poor dog could have died from blocking his pores with the paint…..

  7. Eric B says:

    Who? What? Where? When?……..Story is a complete FAIL! without a photo of said dog…..

    1. jim dea says:

      Yair I know, right?

  8. Chunky_D says:

    PURPLE!?!?? He painted that poor dog PURPLE?!?!
    OBVIOUSLY a post-traumatic BARNEY THE PURPLE DINOSAUR stress victim !!!

    SUE PBS ! ! ! !
    Oh to be HIS lawyer! Could we EVER dance with the ‘insanity ‘ plea…
    …and I don’t think there is much precedent on painting a dog…!

  9. chefjimmie1 says:

    I’d like to see the punk try to paint MY dog! He’d be missing the finger he used to press the button of the paint can – along with the rest of his arm!

  10. martin irwin says:

    I don’t know which is stranger, a guy painting a dog purple or the comments on this board

  11. Barry Hirsh says:

    Save everyone the time, expense and trouble of housing this urchin and just euthanize him for expediency. Call it a “mercy killing”.

  12. kytechnical says:

    Paws up, don’t paint!

  13. Hal654321 says:

    Too bad for him he wasn’t Syrian – they would have let him stay and live in the house, entitle him to full Ocommie govt. benefits, and chauffer him to the polls to vote in November.

  14. Ima says:

    Register him to vote. Dimocrat, of course. Where he won’t stand out.

  15. It figures such a thing would happen in a post-American place like Boston. Any liberal trying to paint an American’s dog purple will either find his hand bitten off by the dog, or will receive a belly full of buckshot from the dog’s owner–and I do mean OWNER, and not guardian!

  16. Passerbyme says:

    drugs…? naaaaaaaa, couldn’t be…

  17. mtnman28709 says:

    You can have my stuff but you start f’ing with my dog and you’ll get your a** whipped …

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