BOSTON (CBS) — At the Greater Boston Labor Council Labor Day Breakfast at Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, politicians–including Mayor Marty Walsh and Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren–spoke out in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump.

Speaker after speaker slammed Trump, with Sen. Warren leading the way.

“What kind of a man cheats students, cheats contractors, cheats workers?” asked Sen. Warren. “I’ll tell you what kind of a man–a man who will never be president of the United States.”

Mayor Walsh urged the union members present not to vote for the GOP candidate.

“This guy is not our friend,” Walsh said. “He might say things once in a while that people agree with. That doesn’t make a president. He doesn’t respect the office, he doesn’t respect you, he doesn’t respect America.”

Mayor Marty Walsh spoke at the annual Labor Day Breakfast in Boston. (WBZ-TV)

Mayor Marty Walsh spoke at the annual Labor Day Breakfast in Boston. (WBZ-TV)

Markey tried to make the case that Trump has never been a friend of the American worker.

“His record with working people is as bogus as a degree from Trump University,” said Sen. Markey. “Donald Trump insists that working people’s wages are already, and I quote, ‘too high.'”

Rich Rodgers of the Greater Boston Labor Council said it’s no problem getting votes for Clinton in Massachusetts, but said his group is looking north.

“We’re going to be sending workers up by the hundreds to New Hampshire to make sure that Hillary Clinton wins there for electoral votes, and Donald Trump, who is not qualified for President of the United States, gets resoundingly defeated,” Rodgers said.

At the front table, signs urging against MBTA privatization, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and lifting the charter school cap were displayed.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

  1. mstarvin says:

    Well there is a shocker a collection of limousine liberals and union hacks that support a Democrat. Throw in a union thug who became mayor and its a party of corruption and lies.

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