CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — Four Black Lives Matter protesters chained themselves to the front doors of Cambridge City Hall Wednesday morning to protest the lack of affordable housing in the city.

As chants of “What do we want? Public housing! When do we want it? Now!” rang out, firefighters removed the four protesters from the doors.

The protesters were part of a larger rally in protest of what they say are skyrocketing housing prices in Cambridge.

“People are disappearing from the city of Cambridge,” said Stephanie, one of the protest organizers. “Our neighborhood is completely deprived of people of color, of low-income people. We had to take an extreme step, and this is how we are going to get them to listen.”

Right now, level of affordable housing in the city is around 12 percent.

“We want them to pledge 25 percent affordable housing,” Stephanie said. “We need more affordable housing in Cambridge. Gentrification has kicked out poor, low-income, immigrant, black people. We are demanding that we get to stay.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

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  1. hammerhead says:

    looks like they had the day off from work?

  2. Hal Jacobs PGA says:

    Black lies don’t matter. Go protest neighborhoods where it’s truly needed or better yet, as pointed out above, get a JOB. You want affordable housing but aren’t willing to work for it…typical.

  3. fred125 says:

    I guess it’s news when a pair of numskulls from a domestic terrorist group responsible for wounding and murdering police officers across the country do something stupid these days.

  4. In Canada we have the endearing supremacist sisterhood of Yusra Khogali and Sandy Hudson. These fine academics are the prominent founders of BLM Toronto. It’s really very unfortunate when a prestigious university like the U of T is allowing these brainless bint thrushes a platform to squawk their hatred towards any creeping thing that suffers from a melanin disorder. They could always chain themselves to a historical building that is about to be torn down by a crony capitalist land developer. That might inspire their insipid cause to accomplish something of any merit without inciting violence or racist hate speech that gets dumbed down to a “rhetorical flourish.”

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