WILMINGTON (CBS) – A Lowell man has been charged with drunk driving for a sixth time after Wilmington police say he rammed two of their cruisers Friday morning.

A Wilmington officer tried to pull over 41-year-old Brian Caputo after he was allegedly driving erratically and speeding on Hopkins Street and Shawsheen Avenue.

Caputo didn’t stop, so police followed him into Woburn, where he turned onto Joseph Terrace, a dead end street.

Police say Caputo hit a parked car, put his SUV in reverse and then rammed two police cruisers that were blocking his path.

After eventually taking Caputo into custody, officers learned that he had allegedly broken into The Corner Store in Wilmington.

Caputo is accused of using his 2007 GMC Envoy to smash in the store’s rear glass door.

In addition to being charged with drunk driving, Caputo also faces multiple charges stemming from the break-in and police chase.

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  1. Kate says:

    Clearly he doesn’t belong out in society. Skip the “dangerousness” hearing your honor, the evidence is apparent. Note to the court appointed attorney & this fool’s family: We the People will not buy your canned jive of “he’s a good man, he just has a problem,” “needs a program,” etc. He needs to be locked up.

  2. Bill Dikant says:

    Kate, I’m in total agreement on that !. But the State of Mass. believes that D.W.I. is not a violent Crime. Court appointed liar er, Lawyer???, Money to drink tho……………..

  3. Russ says:

    He’s had way more than enough chances. Any judge who lets him out of jail should be held personally responsible for any deaths or injuries he causes.

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