By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) – New concerns arise about the mental health of students on college campuses all across the country.

Dr. Gene Beresin, a psychiatrist and Executive Director of The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital, says 50% to 60% of college students have a psychiatric disorder.

“What I’m including in that is the use of substances, anxiety, depression, problems with relationships, break-ups, academic problems, learning disabilities, attentional problems,” says Dr. Beresin. “If you add them all up 50% doesn’t seem that high.”

Some undergraduates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) agree.

“People go through tough times,” says Dane Erickson, a rising junior from Naples, Florida. “It’s really stressful sometimes here at school.”

“I know a couple of friends who had a difficult first semester last year,” explains Maddie Burgoyne, a rising sophomore from Michigan.

Dr. Beresin says the suicide rate in college in astronomical. “A college student kills himself every day,” he says.

Maddie is also concerned about the higher than average suicide rate a MIT. “I think that’s something unique to MIT,” she says, “you can’t blame the institute itself. The type of student that goes here often puts a lot of pressure on themselves.”

Dr. Beresin says the brain doesn’t fully mature until age 26 so college students are put in a difficult situation.

“Living alone, not being prepared to be on your own,” says Dr. Beresin. “Peer pressure. I mean, the ability to kind of freely use alcohol or drugs and make those decisions on your own without supervision.”

And for international students, the challenges are even greater.

“There are a lot of new factors that play when you come to college especially for international students who don’t know the area at all but yeah, it can be overwhelming at times,” explains Andrea Jaba, an MIT freshman from the Philippines.

But Andrea has at least one strategy she learned from upperclassmen to help her keep her sanity.

“You better join a lot of clubs aside from academics so you don’t drown yourself in all that stress,” says Andrea.

And some colleges are being proactive. For the first time, MIT is requiring incoming freshman to complete an online simulation program that will teach them the warning signs of depression, suicide and other psychiatric issues before starting classes.

Dr. Mallika Marshall

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  1. lizzzy321 says:

    What? Mental Health has become such a generic term that is no longer useful. College students always struggled with their new independence and having to now grow up, but no one claimed that they all had mental health issues. This kind of article and narrative is the reason that fewer people are taking Psychiatry seriously any more. Who do Psychiatrists help? The prescribe medication that becomes difficult to get off of. That can often have significant side effects without helping. Where are the answers they have for people’s problems that could help people cope with their lives? They can’t even agree amongst themselves about much.

    Some of what this Doctor is talking about, are learning problems and attention problems. What we need is better answers to why children are born with these issues. What we need is help with kids who are born with them, at an early age, before they’ve spent most of their lives struggling with them. And how can that be, that someone with attention problems, and learning disabilities are a significant portion of the population at colleges like MIT? That just doesn’t add up.

    1. JWC says:

      Not surprising due to the fact that Obama excused the student loans on thousands a few months ago for people that were considered to have some form of disability. Everyone wants college to be free, so seems this is the way to do it – join the disabled community – and get a liberal education at Gov’t expense ( or at hard working taxpayers’ expense). Also the conclusion that they are “children” until 26yoa is Ludacris. Tell that to all the veterans that fought in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and …the list continues to grow.

    2. OutfieldDan says:

      The problem is that it’s too easy to get good grades in high school. Kids are taught that they all excel and never learn about real competition. They all get participation awards everywhere until college. In college they have their first exposure to what it’s like to compete for the best grades with other students. The baby boomer generation has been obsessed with coddling their kids and now the kids are paying for it.

    3. dana m blasi says:

      the mental disorder is liberalism

      1. Carl says:

        You are spot on, but you would be NUTS too, if you are taught one thing then your EYES AND LOGIC tell you something different It’s the ACADEMIA that NUTS.

      2. Lee says:

        As if there are not conservatives in college.

    4. Mario Leli says:

      these kids were coddled as little babies parents kept them from all work never got their hand dirty or broke a sweat so they are emotional weaklings where a 2 year old 40 years ago was tougher. then you got all the minorities there some places look like a third world bazaar where the colleges were forced to put them on campus while they are at a 4th grade reading level. so all of that and throw in disgusting tons of PC and it is a disaster

    5. Joselori says:

      When I entered college I was fascinated by all things about the human mind and considered a major is psychiatry. After taking a few psyc courses and interacting with other students and faculty in that major I decided that they were all crazy and that they were the last people that should be helping others with mental problems. I choose an engineering major but that is another story. After watching them now for 50 years, my original diagnosis has been confirmed.

      These people should not be treating anyone; they themselves need serious help. What has been most aggravating is that they spend so much time coming up with new neuroses which,of course, they must now treat. The first one they came up with was ADD and now all of its derivations.

      In the end, all of their new mental ailments are just make work projects.

    6. RichardC says:

      If you look at the college students I deal with, much of what these people are talking about is the result of parents who did not raise their children to be independent, to make responsible decisions on their own, etc., but coddled them when they should not have been coddled and ignored them when they should not have been ignored. Couple that with schools that won’t or can’t discipline kids, are too busy worrying about multi-culturalism and gender-identity, while failing to actually teach for fear of making some snowflake feel bad, and you have a nascent generation of psyche-ward residents. It really is that simple. If you have kids that have not been raised to become adults, then yes, they are going to have serious problems when they are placed where they need to act like adults.

    7. NowYouKnow says:

      That’s why they call them “Snowflakes”.

    8. Bruce says:

      If these little (insert part of female anatomy here) find college, where everything is paid for by someone else and they don’t even have to work, too stressful, they don’t stand a chance in the real world. We’re wasting valuable time and resources trying to educate them.

    9. dan says:

      Makes sense to me that if 60% constitutes Normal and 40% with a problem!

  2. founders1791 says:

    Radical leftwing Social Justice warriors spread hate as they force sexual dysfunctional disorders onto the general population directly interfering in proper human development. Never in the last half century has such threats to our culture and domestic tranquility occurred till Obama & Hillary

    1. sleeperd says:

      ..and spending 4 or more years in one of these dysfunctional institutions listening to a bunch of self-absorbed taxsucking liberals who have never worked a day in their lives expound on their worldview only exacerbates their psychosis. Many of them are worse off when they come out than when they went in.

      1. Chris Foley says:

        Good grief, that was well said.

      2. Lee says:

        Doctors, medical equipment, computers, TV, food (Ag production) and on and on. You don’t use any of these? These were not developed int the back yard under a shade tree.

  3. Rich Fidler says:

    I notice the good doctor doesn’t include gender confusion as a psychiatric disorder, something that just a few years ago would have been obvious.

    1. Bodger Babbit says:

      Daniel Patrick Moynihan called it “defining deviancy down.” In other words, if there is some social ill, such as a psychiatric problem, that society cannot or will not solve, the problem is simply redefined as being within the bounds of what that society calls “normal,” and the problem ceases to be a problem. Except, of course, for those who continue to be victims of the suicides, rapes, murders, etc., caused by this now “normal” behavior.

  4. bdnsc says:

    This makes it perfectly obvious that they have decided that normal everyday stresses qualify as a “disorder”. Quite frankly it is BS!
    I guess nobody ever stops to consider that these loser’s jobs depend on being able to convince people that they have a problem and the shrink has the cure….for the right money anyway.

    One more profession that is morally and ethically bankrupt, telling us all how ill we are.
    What was it PT Barnum said? There’s a sucker born every minute.

    1. Jtom Cam says:

      When having dumped your girlfriend defines you as having a psychiatric disorder, then the only conclusion is that snake-oil salesmen have evolved into psychiatrists.

      The old quip: if you are early to your therapy, you suffer from anxiety. If you are late, you have a superiorty complex. If you are exactly on time, you have OCBD. No one is ‘normal’.

  5. I’m surprised it is only 60%. I would have thought far more than 60% of college students were liberals.

  6. smellygoat says:

    Snowflakes aren’t equipped to deal with life. Poor little Snowflakes.

  7. Kurt Smith says:

    but wait a minute – 90% of them are liberals but only 60% of screws loose in their head. The numbers don’t match up.

  8. Kim says:

    My Lord.

    How did I, and all of my class mates, make ti through college back in the late 70’s and early 80’s?

    I don’t remember anyone I knew committing suicide.

    A lot of us even managed to work full time jobs or have coop programs and still managed to make it through our academic requirements.

    We didn’t worry about social justice or protesting. We were paying to get an education not indoctrination.

    We didn’t have diversity officers, didn’t need them.

    A lot of my class mates and lab partners were of different ethic and racial background. Didn’t matter.

    We were all studying the same stuff and that was more important.

    We worked together and partied together and crammed together and worried about exams together.

    There just wasn’t time for all the worries about safe places, micro-aggressons…

    Those terms didn’t mean a thing when we were more worried about integral calculus and and cellular biology.

    Spend more time learning and less time trying to change the world.

    That can wait till you have a job.

  9. TaiPan says:

    What a joke…poor Snowflakes. Are any of these issues new or are the poor college children just not able to cope…LMAO

  10. allah_snackbar says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  11. david morgan says:

    Obamacare will make sure this problem is treated – at least through age 25.

  12. Marc T says:

    Something I wonder about this type of story, i.e., claiming that 60% or even higher percentages of people or certain groups of people have a disorder. If the majority of people exhibit certain beliefs or behaviors, how can it be a DIS order? If that many people are like that, it seems to me that maybe that is now normal.

  13. Benjamin Dover says:

    Poor widdle snow fwakes cannot seem to be able to cope in the howibble world we now wive in. Time to retweat to the Twilight Safe Zone.

  14. Sam Vaughn says:

    Message; “we’re all victims…. it’s somebody else’s fault, and only govt. can fix it….”

  15. wholy1 says:

    According to the “continually revised DSM”, ALL have some sort of “mental disorder” now and therefore should be on some sort of Big-Pharma SSRI. Get out of those “urbs” and “lower-learning institutionalized programming, debt-enslavement systems”. The “Quickening” is nearing “critical mass event”, the “Blessings from the Beginning” are being revealed to the increasingly “aware” and the “Remnant” is GATHERING RURALLY, Folks. Time to turn off the teLIEvision and return the cable box.

  16. Sam Dennis says:

    50-60% of students. Surely that’s a large proportion, but what is more troubling is that based on what is going on in Academia, it appears that some 90-95% of College and University Administrators are similarly mentally challenged.

  17. lcs says:

    Guess they’re trying to drum up some business.

  18. LIberalsSuck says:

    60% might be low! No surprise here, just look at the garbage the liberal academia is cramming in their minds and the sad state of the world these kids are inheriting. Welcome to the Democrat Plantation.

  19. John A Brooks says:

    Emotionally injured by their parents’ divorces, and in despair due to the philosophy of existential meaninglessness taught to them by their teachers.

    1. Harry Taft says:

      John, They are being taught that existence is meaningless AND there are no moral absolutes by all that is going on around them. How would you expect the young (and even some mature) to evolve? What’s happening is a crime.

  20. Mack says:

    I was unaware of any counseling being made available in Viet-Nam. And I was very unhappy with the stresses in life.

    Time to wear the big-boy pants.

  21. Aleric says:

    Leave it to the left to so water down what used to be a serious issue to include boredom and laziness.

  22. UPDATE;
    Further studies indicate this is a contagious condition, it appears 94% of professors suffer also, film at 11…

  23. doszap says:

    You folks wonder WHY?, I don’t, have you seen and heard about all the PC Gestapo being pushed and sold to them by Radical leftists/Profs bent on destroying our society.
    Time to start pushing back, speak your minds, your rights to Free Speech don’t end at a college were YOU are footing the tab.

  24. itsy_bitsy says:

    Yeah! It’s called “The Spoiled Brat” Syndrome! “I just can’t deal with the world, so please increase my student loan another $5,000 per year or I’ll have to do myself in”.

  25. Robert G says:

    Judging by the number of professors opposing the law abiding carrying a gun on campus the mental health of the college professors is in doubt too.

  26. Greg Wangler says:

    “…a college student kills himself every day.”
    Colleges should be registered, have universal background checks done on them, maybe even banned.

  27. larrybud says:

    Ridiculous that problems with relationships, break-ups, academic problems are now “psychiatric disorders”. Everybody has these issues growing up.

  28. BeanerECMO says:

    Surprised it’s not more given the heaped guilt about any success or ambition.

  29. maybe the stress is caused by the students realizing that they took on a huge amount of debt for something they could have gotten while living at home, working and studying online and at the local college.

  30. Yukiko says:

    With all the crying, moaning, imagined slights and calls for safe spaces the 60% figure might be about 39 percentage points short.

  31. Jeff Spicoli says:

    Buck up Buttercups.

  32. The dysfunctionality of liberals today is without bounds. The excuses for deviant behavior has no limit. The desire for professionals to drug the innocent with medication for profit is leading this generation to Hell.

  33. Bill O'Brien says:

    What drivel. since when has immaturity been classified as a mental disorder

  34. TJG says:

    and it will be 100% by the time college is done with them.

    1. robinj369 says:

      Is it any wonder this issue exists with the confusion being spread by progressives? We now live in the era of doublespeak, doublethink, and big brother oversight and removal of choice in various forms. Universities are no longer centers for debate and knowledge, but bias and indoctrination.

  35. toledofan says:

    Well, this doesn’t surprise me, I mean the dysfunction these people encounter from their liberal teachers has to be just incredible. But, the reality is that these kids are clueless, can’t stand on their own, and many can’t walk, talk and chew gum at the same time. The parents of these kids should be very proud of their accomplishments. Oh wait, most of the parents are just a reflection of their kids, ouch!

  36. clee14 says:

    Maybe it’s all the brainwashing from the left that goes against everything they were taught by their parents.

  37. Stan Pinkus says:

    look at the wacko liberal professors ate talking about and then you can understand

  38. Joselori says:

    When I entered college I was fascinated by all things about the human mind and considered a major is psychiatry. After taking a few psyc courses and interacting with other students and faculty in that major I decided that they were all crazy and that they were the last people that should be helping others with mental problems. I choose an engineering major but that is another story. After watching them now for 50 years, my original suspicions have been confirmed.

    These people should not be treating anyone; they themselves need serious help. What has been most aggravating is that they spend so much time coming up with new neuroses which,of course, they must now treat. The first one they came up with was ADD and now all of its derivations.

    In the end, all of their new mental ailments are just make work projects.

  39. I recommend work therapy. Give them a job, have them do their own taxes. Pay for themselves and their families shelter, food, and healthcare. Then have idiots who sit on their buts demanding more of their earnings while calling them racist It will bring them quickly back to reality.

  40. Walt Horning says:

    In two words: liberal grade school
    See, I went to liberal grade school and cannot even count.

  41. Mikeykid says:

    For their whole live these college students have been told how wonderful they are, how special. Every time they farted, somebody took a picture & told them how great they are. They have a room full of trophies for “participating”……and now real life hits them in the face.

    The response ??…..”It’s not fair”…..”Give me a chance”……”Give me a job”…..”You’re a racist”….”You have Privilege”…..”That hurt my Feelings”…..all this nonsense.

    Your parents failed you. They allowed “The Village” to raise you. They wanted to be your friend rather than your parent. In many ways, you’ve been taught the exact opposite of what I was taught.

    For instance: “Sticks & Stones will break my bones but WORDS will NEVER HURT ME !

    You’ve been taught….”don’t say that”….”We don’t use those words here”……”You can’t say that, it hurts their feelings”…..etc, etc.

    Thin skinned children become intolerant & fragile adults. Toughen up people.

  42. dana m blasi says:

    The mental disorder is called ….Liberalism

  43. voiceofreasonoriginal says:

    Clint Eastwood was correct in his recent interview…this REALLY IS the “pu$$y generation.”

    “safe spaces”, “trigger warnings”, triggly puff, shouting down conservative voices, fixation on the mythical “white privilege”, and now the MAJORITY of college kids have psych problems.

    What a pathetic bunch of perpetual victims modern liberalism has created.

  44. voiceofreasonoriginal says:

    Good Lord, the useless hipsters and coastal elites are lucky there are still some actual MEN living in the heartland to protect their weak butts.

    After WWII, combat vets with “battle fatigue” went to college in droves, and they didn’t get “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings”.

    As Clint Eastwood says, the current generation is the “pu$$Y generation”.

  45. cleo48 says:

    Based on what I’ve seen reported on campus over the period of a year or more, I don’t think the problem is limited to the students. The faculty and administration has it’s share of problems as well. I’ll submit Melissa Click as just one example.

    1. Melissa Glick was defensive when she was exposed….as if she thought she was right.

      I can’t even imagine a conservative doing what the leftists do on a daily basis to stifle dissenting points of view.

  46. M says:

    ” 50% to 60% of college students have a psychiatric disorder”

    That explains why they usually go for Democrat candidates.

  47. Fred Garvin says:

    Well Da, you would have to have a psychosis to pay for what you get in colleges today. But I didn’t know that stupidity was a psychosis. Or is this just another way Doc to lockin new customers ?

  48. Cary Straley says:

    Time to MEDICATE them all. I think this doctor is trying to figure out how he can profit on the prescriptions especially considering he has handed down a prognosis encompassing them all.

    Many of the conditions stated as mental health issues are what most people call LIFE!

  49. Tony Mah says:

    After all. Liberalism “IS” a mental disorder

  50. alpha-protagonist says:

    Two things:

    a.) the mental health community has gotten so granular with their definitions of mental health that it’s almost impossible to walk from the table scot-free

    b.) this is part and parcel of a breakdown of the nuclear family unit

  51. So you take immature kids, stir in lethal doses of liberal drivel, and what do you know….it’s bad for your health. Who knew?

  52. Mike Arvand says:

    60%? I think the number is a bit low, and the mental disease is called liberalism.

    Most of the tenured professors have it as well, and given the democrat controlled inner cities – it could be considered a terminal disease.

  53. donttreadonme says:

    Great! Now they tell me.

  54. Rtut says:

    With all the left wing, PC garbage being taught I can see why these kids are confused and can’t grow up.

  55. horatio says:

    The Mental health field needs some mental health itself.

  56. c p says:

    Interesting. Isn’t that the % of college students also taking liberal arts, wimins studies, and pre-law-psychology courses too????

    Stick with the Engineering and Nursing students and you’ll be fine.

  57. Is it any wonder this issue exists with the confusion being spread by progressives? We now live in the era of doublespeak, doublethink, and big brother oversight and removal of choice in various forms. Universities are no longer centers for debate and knowledge, but bias and indoctrination.

  58. JLR says:

    That explains all those votes for Bernie

  59. They get it when they realize they have to pay back the student loan.

    “I did not realize what ‘loan’ meant.”

  60. Bill Place says:

    Dr. Beresin says the suicide rate in college in astronomical. “A college student kills himself every day,” . Wow, when does he have time to study?

  61. Les Griffin says:

    They are infected with liberalism.

  62. Phrank says:

    “The type of student that goes here [at MIT] often puts a lot of pressure on themselves” (and arrives with an inability to speak and write grammatically sentences)….

  63. Dear Dr Marshall, it would be a more fruitful effort if you would conduct a similar study of their professors, who a likely a major causative factor of the students’ ‘disorders’.

  64. Mike Jefferson. says:

    It’s little doubt that the number of college students affected by mental illness has increased. There are two probable causes, 1) infusion of their minds with liberal clap-trap anger, victimology, etc., 2) The increased use of psychoactive agents like Ritalin.

  65. ConservativeBeaner says:

    Well, 12+ years of Liberal indoctrination will do that to you…

  66. Kwagge Meyers says:

    So the liberal factory is harmful to your mental and financial health.

    Sounds like a new course offering.

  67. RTC says:

    Forget about the students …. How many professors have mental health issues?

  68. Jack Pod says:

    The biggest problem is the pussification of America’s young male generation mostly by Big Gooberment schools. Get your kids into private schools where young males will have the opportunity to grow into manhood.

  69. “Dr. Beresin says the suicide rate in college in astronomical. “A college student kills himself every day,” he says.”

    The liberal leftwingnuts will therefore declare a ban on colleges.

  70. John Watkins says:

    I’m surprised it’s not 90%. I was one of them.

  71. Sherry Gee says:

    We are willing to look at the symptoms, but not the actual problem. People in today’s society commonly believe that drinking alcohol and smoking pot is completely normal and fine and is not associated with any bad consequences. Nothing could be further from the truth. Alcohol and pot are not good for people, especially those who are in a stressful situation, because it appears to make one feel better, but that is only temporary. The next day you wake up with the same stress and problems you had originally, but no solutions – just a hangover.

    50% of college students have psychiatric problems? Well lets take a guess at the number of college students using mind altering substances. According to statistics I’ve seen, college students are 1-2 times more likel y to use mind altering substances than other people their age. Alcohol use is 80%, Adderall 32%, Marijuana 50% and Ecstacy 10% among college students. Gee…what could go wrong there?

  72. For a month now I have heard liberals tell me that most of the “educated” people are on Hillary’s side.. I think I now have my explanation. LOL

  73. John Smith says:

    Well …. Generation Snowflake … of course they are all damaged. What college kids all took in stride 30 years ago … now causes mental illness.

  74. Charlie Harper says:

    I presume what he means to say is “This is going to cost a lot of money to resolve”.

  75. jk says:

    I assume the general population has 60% also with this report. It must be as we let anyone into college now.
    THE SOLUTION IS : COLLEGE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! BRING BACK JOBS that a high school and some secondary (tech/trade/programmers) education can lead to a nice life.

  76. I had an uncle who completed his 30 bomber missions in WW2. The practice at that point was be removed from combat flying but he elected to switch to fighters, the P51 Mustang, and was shot down and killed in April 1945, perhaps the last American fighter pilot KIA in the European theater. He was not yet 22 years old.

    In 2002-2003 I was the volunteer medical director of a remote clinic in very out of the way East Africa. One of the nurses, a local man in his early 30s, told me about two thirds of the people he grew up with were dead.

    We do have a difficult time keeping things in perspective in our excessively affluent society.

    Reid Fitzsimons,

  77. Machismo says:

    Try doing your research on the house and the Senate. You would most likely find an 80% hit rate on loonies there!

  78. davo says:

    Hey! Kids! Just wait until you get out of school and try real life….where there are NO Safe Spaces or Trigger Warnings.

  79. Prof. Click says:

    Those are just the emotionally stunted liberal snowflakes.

  80. Chris says:

    Academic problems, break ups, relationship problems and drinking alcohol are now psychiatric problems? Sounds like hyperbole to me. If this is what categorizes you as having a “psychiatric problem” then I think the number would be more like 100%.

    Does he have any actual data to suggest his assertion of the 50-60% number or is just taking a swag? The wide range on the incidence that he asserts means to me that it is just a guess and he has no data to back it up (otherwise he wouldn’t say “50-60%” he would say “in our study 53.4%”)

  81. Gene says:

    I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. But you know what? I stopped seeing the shrink and never took the meds. I realized the source of my own unhappiness was my own passiveness in life. Sure, I got a degree and had a decently high paying job, but I always felt in my heart I was capable of more and that it always seemed that unrealized dreams were my destiny. But recently I snapped out of it, got out of my relationship, and am for the first time in my life focused 100% on my career and further education. In addition to my primary job I also have many freelance gigs which provide ample opportunities to solve problems and reap the benefits of increased finances.

    I was depressed because I never truly lived. At 29, I feel I missed out on a significant portion of my 20’s. But I never felt so positive about my outlook as I do now.

  82. Citizen says:

    Awwww. Poor little kids. I guess they will retreat to their safe space now. Buck-up buttercup. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

  83. Chris says:

    About 20 people in the age group 15-25 kill themselves everyday in the US so I am not sure that the suicide rate among college students is higher than the non-college person in that age group. If you simply divide that up by 10 you can assume that 2 people of each year of age in that age group end it all each day. Thus assume college students are mostly 18-22 and 8 people daily in that age group do themselves in daily. 40% of adults in the US have attended college so if college students bought the farm at their own hands at the same rate as non-college people that should be 3 college students daily committing mortal sin. Sounds like college students are less likely to off themselves than those who don’t attend so why be so worried about the kids at MIT?

    I tried to use every phrase for suicide that I could so I would not sound repetative.

  84. random255 says:

    So a “Psychiatrist” who helps define what is and is not a “psychiatric problem” says 50-60% of people have them…that says more about what Psychiatrist DO, more than what it says about people. As the old saying goes “No one is perfect” (not even the Psychiatrist).

  85. Ryan J Brown says:

    That number seems to correspond with the percentage of children that were never told no while growing up. The kids are spoiled brats. That’s all it is.

    Psychology is a scam. They’re making up more bs so they can get more people through the door.

  86. “The kids are all crazy”, they’ve been saying that since before I was one. And that was a long time ago.

  87. billrow says:

    It is called liberalism. Being indoctrinated into a dogma that has literally no ties to logic, common sense, cause and effect, morality or honesty will induce insanity.

  88. Russ says:

    Liberal snowflake syndrome.

  89. todd zirkle says:

    Dr. Beresin says the suicide rate in college in astronomical. “A college student kills himself every day,” he says.

    Wow that kid has it rough – Ground Hog Day suicide – this one college student kills himself everyday…that sucks….well at least he gets a chance to perfect it.

  90. Kevin says:

    In other words they vote Democrat.

  91. Tom Palermo says:

    That “psychiatric disorder” is called “Liberalism”! They get it when liberal college professors brainwash them into disbelieving everything they knew as a child: responsibility, religion, morality, love of country, etc. Those beliefs are replaced with beliefs that all of their problems are someone else’s fault (both their parents and society), that religion and morality are old fashion, and that America is evil and responsible for most of the world’s problems…With all that of their shoulder’s why wouldn’t they be depressed?

  92. Tccd106 says:

    Well of course a psychiatry professor would say that. How else will he get funding?

  93. Public Citizen says:

    I attribute this high rate of collective dysfunction to the poor job being done in too many homes and in the public schools to expose these young minds [at an age appropriate level] to the sort of real world situations that they will increasingly be exposed to as they “leave the nest” and [hopefully] achieve adulthood.
    This is another effect of public policies that embrace “political correctness” that fails to recognize and in many cases denies the realities of life and society. The cognitive dissonance can only go on for so long before it expresses itself in various forms of mental incapacity to deal with real life situations that it has never been exposed to.
    Bottom line. We have a generation [or more] of children-in-adult-bodies who are incapable of dealing with the usual and customary bumps and bruises of daily life without an extended period of re-education and re-training. In the interim, the ~real~ adults need to be aware of the problem and constantly vigilant for the “children in adult bodies” and take appropriate steps to deal with them and the social problems they will inevitably cause.

  94. Bruce Allan says:

    I am confident that among college “professors” (I use that term loosely), the mental illness rates soar much higher – many of these are simply paid for unsound rants about social justice, climate change and globalism, expeditiously thrusting out the overindulged, sophomoric snowflake generation as an ill prepared, vacuous, fist pumping force of crybabies instead of prepping them to be successful navigators in adulthood.

  95. If you can’t hack college then don’t go. Stop blaming others and stop wussing out.

  96. Ralph Lynch says:

    Prior to the advent of super-coddled youth, the slings and arrows of normal life used to prepare children to be adults. Once upon a time.

  97. When something is this common, it’s not a disorder. It’s a normal phase of dealing with life and the challenges it presents. Mental “health” professionals want us to believe that every negative emotion and thought is an illness when it’s really normal.

  98. What a coincidence – the majority of college students identify themselves as liberals…
    Yet another confirmation that liberalism is, in fact, a mental illness.

  99. Bob Smith says:

    Down from 100%? Isn’t that good?

  100. Florida Gator says:

    I think this gent needs to check into his hospital and throw away the key!

  101. Ima says:

    “the brain doesn’t fully mature until age 26”

    Which is not to say that once a person reaches 26 years old the brain makes fully mature decisions. That is obvious to the typical layperson and requires no research/study.

  102. drugs and the liberal agenda, surprised it’s not higher

  103. ROFL

    Of COURSE they’re crazy. You’d HAVE to be crazy today to spend that kind of money chasing a piece of paper (it ain’t parchment any more) that has way less value than my Briggs and Stratton Certified Technician certificat.

    1. It all depends on the major. I guarantee that my engineering degree and license is worth more than your Briggs and Stratton certificate. I’m sure your Briggs and Stratton certificate is worth more than a degree in women’s studies, but that isn’t saying much.

  104. This is just the situation I’ve dealt with personally broadened to society at large. I’m the oldest kid in my family and wasn’t coddled as my younger brother was. Our paths in life couldn’t be more different. Our example gives the lie to the idea that one’s future is determined by one’s upbringing. Not to get too far afield right off the bat, but everything about leftists is to train us to think collectively instead of individually. One is a member of one’s race, gender, socioeconomic group, left handed people who keep iguanas as pets before people think of themselves as individuals. Leftists love when we think of ourselves as part of a group instead of as individuals.
    Anyway, back to how I think my family situation illustrates the types of problems described in this article. I graduated from high school and went to junior college. I picked one which had a rigorous math department and an engineering department with a goofy but sharp Okie in charge of it. My brother graduated two years later. We happened to have the same American history class. Instead of taking notes, he was staring out the window at the birds and squirrels in the trees. It was a really odd thing to be doing, and showed he still hadn’t grown up. He dropped out and eventually was hired in a factory. Just as he saved up enough for a down payment for a house, he lost his temper for reasons still unknown to anyone but him. He kicked and broke the control panel for the machine that was his responsibility. He was sacked. He joined the nuke program in the Navy. Through what I can only imagine must have been a lot of coddling because the Navy was desperate for nuclear reactor operators at that time, he got his certification to be a reactor operator. Our parents still coddled him by going to every ceremony the Navy had and even times in between. The Navy loves its ceremonies: boot camp graduation, A school graduation, nuke school graduation, prototype training graduation, ceremonies for re-fits of ships. Nearly impossible to keep track of it all, but our parents went to all of those even though they couldn’t really afford it. One of the ironies of this is that he never really wanted to be part of the family when around immediate and extended family, but always wanted mommy and daddy there when he left.
    He finished his enlistment, separated from the Navy and went to college on the GI Bill. One might thing that he learned some discipline and ability to be a self-starter. Quite the contrary. He couldn’t function a bit outside of that institutional environment of the military. Institutionalization is a very real thing, and if your kid is showing signs of it by the end of high school perhaps the military isn’t the best thing for them. The military shuts people off from the outside world more than just about anything, including colleges (except for those who become a college teacher immediately after their college graduation and never hold a job in private industry). Despite having the GI Bill paying for his tuition, room, board and textbooks he was kicked out for poor performance. He worked seasonally pouring concrete, now he works seasonally with a surveyor. Since he doesn’t have a college degree, the surveying work will never allow him to be eligible to take the surveyor’s licensing exam in his state. He has friends who work as dispatchers in a few different law enforcement agencies in his area. He is trying to get hired at one of them, and government work might be the best thing for someone like him. I don’t know what his record was like in the Navy, but he hasn’t been able to get work in a power plant since.

    I finished my engineering degree and was hired to work on medical diagnostic equipment, blood cell counters and the like. The machines contain both electronic and mechanical systems. I worked on one circuit card which had 5,000 components (both digital and analog). I learned a lot on this and other products this company produces. The pay was good. I made the median household income as my base pay, plus plentiful overtime and a performance bonus which is a month of pay for those who keep the boss happy. Alas, all good things come to an end. The 2.3% excise tax on medical device manufacturers cut our profit from $100 million to $50 million ad more than 12% of us were let go. I’d invested well, and had the price of two homes saved up. I bought a house cash, rented out the house with a mortgage and am trying to get a business off the ground. It isn’t easy, not that it should be. I am less likely to lose what I’ve worked for than many, so I can’t complain.

    My brother is resentful of me and my situation, but when he was going to bars, dance clubs, running around with his friends, getting fired from jobs I had my nose to the grind stone. I was going to engineering school. It’s incomplete to envy the end results while ignoring what allowed those end results. I moved from a summer agricultural job to a full time night shift job at an auto parts chain, Wednesday to Sunday nights. I’ve no idea how he votes (his views on politics are a real muddle), but he sure reminds me of the types that don’t want to sacrifice or make choices to better their lives while voting for those who promise to tax money out of the pockets of others.

  105. Hao De says:

    “medical” narcotics use that destroyed brain cells ?

  106. What do you expect when they live in an environment that insists there is no God?

    Atheists have developed a comprehensive strategy to win the hearts and minds of the next generation. The strategy can be described simply as… Let the religious people breed them, and we will educate them to despise their parents.

  107. MarvLSOne says:

    In other words, being a typical young person means you have a psychological problem. Bull!

    These academics are merely trying to justify their largely worthless existence.

    My advice to kids: Don’t let them tell you that if everything isn’t perfect in your life that means something’s wrong with you. That is a lie from Hell. Life is NEVER going to be perfect. Just do the best you can. Be a decent person. Work hard. And don’t expect utopia from government or in your own life.

  108. MichMike says:

    Being spoiled and considering pampered as the norm is now considered a physciatric issue?

  109. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    School used to be so stress free, no one had to study and got straight A’s in calculus, the boys dated no one under a ’10’ and girls all dated Clark Gable types. College kids, today, are LOSERS.

  110. Robert Doone says:

    Liberalism makes you crazy.
    ’nuff said.

  111. I always knew you had to be crazy to pay that much for a piece of paper.

  112. Jeff Gibson says:

    In a related story: “As more and more young men are leaving college, the enrollment of young women is now 60%.”

  113. Tom Davidson says:

    When I was in graduate school (80’s) almost all the Psychology majors seemed to be there to solve their own problems.

  114. And 90% of those 60% are liberals.

  115. aichtuttle says:

    Funny he never mentions Liberal Education System indoctrination as the main cause.

  116. James Scott says:

    I thought that this article would be about AIDS Skrillex and Carl the Cuck.

  117. Joseph P. Campbell says:

    Those drug parties take a toll!

  118. stand fast…

    in Christ’s liberty,
    be not entangled again
    with yokes of bondage

  119. They are crazy for taking on those loans. What happened to working your way through college?

  120. Sally says:

    These are kids born in the mid to late 90’s. The vaccine schedule was greatly expanded during this time. Autism rates exploded. Now we are seeing the milder brain damage that an unchecked radical vaccine schedule does to innocent babies who then grow up.

  121. Fargin Bastiges says:

    It’s a great sham. My kid just has to whip up some tears and go visit the school psychiatrist and he declares she has anxiety, and then she gets to take a 9 credit hour load per semester instead of the 15 credit hours her degree requires from “normal” kids.

    1. voiceofreasonoriginal says:

      her first boss is gonna have a slightly different ciew of things…..

      1. voiceofreasonoriginal says:

        * view, not ciew

  122. peterwoohoo says:

    Lets’ see……Away from home, having some good times, having some bad times, studying,
    cramming for tests & papers, multiple relationships….in the end realizing you spent 4 years of your life at a Liberal Institution of Learning, graduating with big loans to pay off, trying to find work, trying to find a safe affordable apartment….What could possibly go wrong? Use to be called “the hard knocks of life.”

  123. Mike0oSS says:

    big Pharma must pay Dr. Beresin well. As if presciption drugs aren’t already a problem

  124. flyfisher111 says:

    If anyone had mental health problems it would have been my class at a military college. Imagine going from high school into an environment where upperclassmen were suddenly screaming in our faces, learning all the military stuff instantly, more screaming and yelling, running until we dropped, little sleep, lots of uncertainty, etc. Then, uuuhh, we’re here to get an education on top of this ?

    Amazing that we somehow endured, nobody saw a shrink or any other kind of doctor. nobody went nuts, nobody looked for a safe place (’cause the were none).

    What we have today are a bunch of immature punks, looking for an easy way through life, because that’s all they have ever known. Wait until the real world kicks them in the ass.

    Oh, I was visiting the old alma mater last week. The incoming freshman class is doing just fine. The physical stuff is even tougher than 50 years ago. The profanity is no more, they don’t have to sweep the halls or clean the bathrooms, but they are a good looking bunch.

    No babies there.

  125. John Poland says:

    Well 90% of their Liberal Professors are certifiable Mental Cases ..So what do you expect from that kind of exposure.

  126. Nicholas says:

    I’m surprised that disagreeing with government policies and making critical comments about political leaders didn’t make it onto the list of mental disorders, as loosely as its being defined here. Oh well, maybe next year.

  127. A.j. Derrick says:

    60% of college students have a psychiatric disorder as well as 99% of professors – it’s called liberalism.

  128. Joe Lovell says:

    Have to wonder how the poor little darlin’s will ever cope with the real world. Having to juggle job, family, housework, making ends meet – or having to decide which bills to put off for a month so they can make the rent and buy food.

  129. TroyGale says:

    Just one more foolish pronouncement from an over educated but under common sensed expert. I’m tired of these fools causing new parents to raise even more foolish and useless children.
    I had my first job in 3rd grade feeding the chickens, pigs, and cows on the farm.
    I had my second job at age 13 helping to deliver milk to homes, I began work at 3am and was dropped back at my house in time to make the school bus.
    I worked my way through a 2 year Electronics Tech school after H.S. graduation.
    I spent about 9 years in the Military during the Vietnam era.
    I never got anything I didn’t earn myself, I never got a participation medal. I did however get spat upon by hippies while wearing my Uniform. AND
    I left the Service and made a darn fine living for myself and my family, working every year but 1 which I gave myself off for good behavior.

    Snowflakes is too bland a description of these losers, frankly I think that “Useless as teats on a Boar Pig is more appropriate”.
    Thank God we don’t have to take the beach at Normandy with this generation of milquetoasts!

    1. you benefitted from “white privilege” (e.g. hard work).

  130. voiceofreasonoriginal says:

    Clint Eastwood was correct when he described the current generation as “the pu$$y generation”.

    The only thing holding this country together are the few remaining men in the heartland and south – thise guys carryng a disproportionate share of the military burden.

  131. voiceofreasonoriginal says:

    people rack up debt to get degrees that aren’t marketable enough to pay off the debt….it’s lunacy to go to an ivy league orother expensive school for an elementary ed degree, or for sociology, or anything with the word “studies” in the title (afro-feminist studies, for example).

    it’s even more lunacy to expect the taxpayers to pay for a person get a degree so worthless that the free market lending institutions won’t finance it.

  132. dropped calls and cell phone dead zones cause these millennials mental stress and they can’t cope

  133. gotham1883 says:

    There is nothing wrong with our kids today that was wrong with kids 150 years ago. In fact this generation of kids is great, it is their parents who are the losers for electing idiots like Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama to run the country. Whose to say this,”Doctor” isn’t mentally ill himself. Guys like him can ESAD.

  134. Now we know why there is PC, justice warriors, black lives matter, shutdown of free speech. It traces to Mental Illness!

  135. Well, after all, Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  136. Alix Smith says:

    Why don’t you do a survey to see how many of these students were (or still are) on ADHD medication since they were 4 to 7 years old? Strong medication on a growing brain has to have had repercussions.

  137. Elbee says:

    The doc is correct in saying that 26 is the the appropriate age for so many to start college. He knows that the gap between calendar age and emotional age has been widening for a couple of decades. “Helicopter parents”. The latest stress – “white privilege”. “Evil” white people, especially white,Christian males, have no right to be successful, exploiters of people “of color”.

  138. Well, college IS for morons, after all. And now, apparently mental cases.

  139. James Curry says:

    Being a lifetime student is difficult at times.

  140. Bill says:

    See the late Judi Chamberlain’s writings, On Our Own, or give a call to the National Empowerment Center, 1-800-power-2u. And then if one enjoys or is so to speak, curious about the construct of curioisty, then understand one step at a time. I was given a diagnosis 2 yeara after college, but would go on to successfully defend a Master’f from Waterloo. Being able to visit with the former MIT plannign professors, Donald Schon, Edgar Schein, Cyril Stanely Smith, and Victor Weisskopf were incredible experiences. Then last summer I would travel to MIT for a conference on science and religion and stopped by the office just to say “Hi” to my classmate who serves as the Executive Assistant to the former President of MIT. And then to see Millie Dresselhause and visit with other students in the Union…. or worship in Mass at the Chapel…. Also, explore the writings of Peter Breggin…. And do not hesitate to take the time, while realizing time is being experienced as creativity…. Engineering is trying to discover the number flows alinged with technologies, but if one wishes to compliment that expression, then shift your thinking momentarily within the arts…. LIfe is a challenge to navigate, but do know most of all there is a reason that one takes the time to “comment” believing maybe for those searching for answers when one gets stuck on a topic, there just might be a need to explore some other answers. Takes a while to gently discover the nuances, but then one has a brain that can be so funny to discover the nature of nature, the design inherent to your life. Take care and have a year for profound learning and exploration!

  141. People say there is a RACE problem. People say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY and ONLY into White countries.

    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  142. JMinSanDiegoCA says:

    I know the source of at least some of the mental illness stems from the curricula. For example, a student who spends four years and $60,000 for a degree in Art History is crazy to think there are any jobs waiting.

  143. thecaldude says:

    There’s a scientific term for their mental illness. Irrational, anger-driven political correctness.

  144. Souza Michael S says:

    If you look at the government and how they operate I would guess 50% is low!

  145. Bob Bernet says:

    I’m surprised that the suicide rate is not higher among parents due to the astronomical tuition costs. After the U.S. government got involved by guaranteeing student loans, the tuition costs suddenly skyrocketed by 10x and 20x the original tuition costs. Instead of navel-gazing the mental health of students, why not investigate the disgraceful price-gouging going on at these universities? Who knows? In the long run they may be pricing themselves out of existence as more degrees are offered online and in local communities as an affordable alternative.

  146. Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder says:

    Break-ups and relationship problems
    are counted as mental illness.
    This is about making jobs for psychology majors.

  147. FuqTheSystem says:

    Worship the religion of “science” and we’ll give you a School of Nimrod diploma.. .. and a lifetime of debt.

    Sounds great, where do I sign up?

  148. John Dendy says:

    The real problem isn’t so much the students as it is the liberal, idiotic professors.

  149. JarvisDavis says:

    The poor snowflakes will look back some day and realize they will never have it better than they did while in college.

  150. whirlwinder says:

    Sell the products, Makilla, sell the products.

  151. Tom Currie says:

    Yes, there is a name for that learned mental disorder — liberalism. A philosophy believes that all behavior is ‘relative’ and that there is no right and wrong. It is a free pass to lie, cheat and steal, excuses any behavior, and uses simple rationalization to justify the behavior without conscience. You are always the righteous hero of your own world. Wonderful, right? Wrong. Behavior has serious consequences, to your mind, to your well-being. Murder, lust, greed, betrayal, sloth, drug abuse, love of money etc… all come with serious consequences — the list is endless. Our ancestors learned this and through millenniums of experience and passed it down, and developed rules, religion, ethical codes etc.. to keep youth and others from repeating the mistakes and thus continually falling into the same old traps of human frailties — and the consequences. The obtuse thought process of liberalism is indeed a learned mental disorder that needs intense deprogramming and thoughtful recognition.

  152. Clint says:

    Pardon me, but bull****.

    Unless evolution is now going backwards—an argument I’m increasingly open to—the brain was sufficiently mature enough two hundred years ago for teenagers to be apprenticed away from home learning trades, in college taking vastly more rigorous curricula than current college students, or helping run farms and raise large families. The brain was sufficiently mature enough just seventy years ago for college-age men and women to be leading platoons in battle, flying the most modern aircraft in the most inhospitable environments, and building the most advanced equipment and weaponry seen on Earth up to that time. The reason teenagers and college students are experiencing such high degrees of stress and anxiety now isn’t because their brains are so fragile. It’s because they’ve been raised to be fragile.

    This isn’t an indictment only of parents. It’s an indictment of the entire culture that’s decided children are delicate flowers who have to be protected, rather than embryonic adults who have to be raised their entire lives to be adults, so that when they reach the chronological age of adulthood, they have the maturity level to match. The children of this country for forty years now have been raised with increasingly lowered expectations, as we bombard them with more and more random information, enabling rather than discouraging short-attention spans, and now we’re shocked, shocked, that they can’t handle the pressures of even basic college life. Safe spaces and trigger warnings are the natural consequence of this.

    And not only was it entirely predictable, it was predicted, throughout its progress, by folks who were highly criticized and ridiculed for it. The growth of the homeschool movement, the announcement of some colleges, the University of Chicago this past week, that they will not pander to students this way, are just the first shots heard ’round the world that we’re mad as hell at the infantilization of our kids, and we’re not going to take it anymore. We get the adults we raise. If we don’t raise them, we don’t get them.