By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – How would you like to be Scott Brown today?

Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros claims Brown was one of many male co-workers and bosses who harassed her on the job at the network, part of a culture she describes as “a Playboy-mansion like cult.”

Former Fox News Anchor Andrea Tantaros. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Former Fox News Anchor Andrea Tantaros. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

She is suing for $3-to-$6 million in damages, but while Brown is named, he is not a defendant.

Except, he is.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is no longer shrugged off – legally and culturally – the way it used to be when the Playboy mansion was still relevant. Fox News has already cut ties with their top executive over other similar allegations.

So if the allegations against Brown are true, it could be very damaging to him, and few would shed a tear.

But, are they true?

He adamantly denies it, not claiming he was misunderstood, but insisting nothing like what she described actually happened. And what she alleges is pretty specific – that he made “sexually inappropriate comments” on the set and “put his hands on her lower waist” in the cafeteria line.

In both venues, there were likely witnesses. Whose story do they support?

We don’t know; we have yet to be presented with a shred of evidence.

And yet, is there any doubt that as we speak, in casual conversation flowing from the blanket coverage of this, Scott Brown’s reputation is taking a beating?

If he did it, I’m dry-eyed. This is serious business.

But if he didn’t – how would you like it if it was your father, brother, or son being vilified?

Or yourself?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Jon Keller

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  1. mstarvin says:

    If he were a Democrat Jon would be trashing this woman as a liar. Bill Clinton is a rapist and serial abuser yet the media give him a pass. A fired employee makes wild unsupported accusations and Scott Brown’s reputation is ruined?? Nope no media bias there…collection of leftist clowns..

  2. Jon just making up stories again. Sad.

    1. bees_knees_3 says:

      Do you even read the article? He reported facts. He did not condemn. But you did.

      1. Just try sticking with one username this time.

    2. Donald J Trump says:

      At least he does not molest his own daughter like Donald J Trump

      1. bees_knees_3 says:


        Great job, BZ, now folks can go back to posting under random names. Owl, if nothing else, will at least be happy.

  3. bees_knees_3 says:

    Yep this is the story. However, since we have no facts, perhaps for once we can refrain from convicting without those facts. That refers to convicting either Brown or his accuser. And on this blog there is an oddly twisted third party that those seem to want to convict. If you do not like Jon, why do you come here? Do you understand how sad that is? Daily you denigrate Jon and yet daily you return.

    1. mstarvin says:

      This is to let Jon know that his smug a55 is not fooling anyone…especially those who unlike the majority of this state will not vote a straight Democrat ticket.

      1. bees_knees_3 says:

        Brilliant tactic as a means to elect republicans in this state. Just brilliant.

        If I may….how about getting out from behind your keyboard and actually working for the republican party in MA. It has been done quite successfully. You do note that we have a republican governor. Do not insult me or anyone else by calling him a RINO which is a childish temper tantrum type response as well as another way of doing nothing but whine. Do also note that we have had more republican governors and senators in MA since 1900.

        So please do explain how your rants here are making a difference.

    2. mstarvin says:

      You have posted six totally useless diatribes already and yet I am ranting?? OK Dorothy just keep repeating that and clicking your heels. The only reason we have a Republican Governor is because he ran against Martha “I can’t win” Coakley.

      1. bees_knees_3 says:

        Actually, my post gave my opinion of the topic. You have not even come close. My post to you addressed your off topic and ridiculous comment. Seems you do feel you serve your party better by posting here rather than actually doing something about it. Also seems I struck a nerve. Actually, I like to believe the reason we have a republican governor is because he is excellent at what he does. In truth, I wish we had a Governor Baker among the choices for November.

        Now please go back 116 years and explain why we had more republicans than democrats in the senate and as governor. Or would you rather resort to more useless dribble. And you think the left has a lot of clowns. If nothing else, you have shown why the right is struggling.

    3. mstarvin says:

      Who cares what happened 100 years ago?? So Mass used to have better voters but certainly not now. The Republicans are not my party, they just are the best choice for who will not target my wallet or ruin the country with failed social experiments.

      1. bees_knees_3 says:

        Of course it has more to do with the voters than with those who are happier complaining from behind a keyboard rather than getting out and working for candidates. It is always better to blame someone else eh?

  4. bees_knees_3 says:

    BTW, WBZ. This is commenting system Number 4 I believe. Congratulations! Somehow you have managed to make each new one worse that the one before. Not sure how many can lay claim to such an amazing accomplishment, but there is no doubt that you can!

  5. Bengals2 says:

    Hey, we can comment again!

  6. Gail Huff says:

    This is Gail Huff, Scott’s wife. Please refer to The show in question is at the bottom of the story about Scott. Watch the show and judge for yourself who should be believed.

    1. bees_knees_3 says:

      If you are in fact Gail Huff, I am surprised you are asking people to judge in the media. Stooping pretty low, isn’t it, and certainly not helping your husband’s cause.

  7. The Owl says:

    “We don’t know; we have yet to be presented with a shred of evidence.” — J. Keller 8/24/2016

    But, Jon, you went ahead and wrote the piece anyway.

    And, Bees, if that doesn’t qualify this as a “hachet job”, I don’t know what is. And, this is after Jon has been pontificating about responsible journalism.

    1. bees_knees_3 says:

      I would rather see it not presented anywhere but then most would be critical of that as well. I think Jon presented it in a respectful manner and tried to point out both sides of the coin. I understand that it is difficult for some to see that there are two sides but, Owl, there always are….often there are more.

      If you do not like how Jon presents his blog, why are you here every single day?

      1. The Owl says:

        I’m on the NY Times every day, and I can honestly…unlike Hillary Clinton… say that on the fingers of one hand I can count the number of times I have agreed with what they have to day.

        As for why here?

        To make sure that you are out of your comfort zone.

        And, as for using multiple screen names, you’re on a roll with at least three this past week alone.

  8. bees_knees_3 says:

    Owl, darlin, I’m so proud that you are on the NYT. And it is a given that you will never agree with anyone who thinks differently than you. I have no idea what you are referring to re comfort zone. Do you think you are the only one who posts elsewhere? I do know that my screen name keeps changing numbers at the end. I just figured most would be smart enough to know Bees_Knees is in fact me regardless of the number. I do apologize that it was a stretch for you. I will say that I am not worrying about it because by the time I figure out why BZ will change commenting systems again so why bother. Although, you do know very well that you use multiple screen names.

    BTW as of three weeks ago yesterday, the correct number is 6.

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