By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The Dallas Cowboys are borrowing a phrase from Bill Belichick’s playbook, and apparently that is an issue.

So let’s borrow another phrase: “Must be a slow news day.”

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It seems ESPN’s Darren Rovell, whom everyone loves to hate on Twitter, tried to cause a bit of a stir Sunday afternoon when he tweeted out this photo from Dallas’s training camp locker room:

“Do Your Job” was the mantra of the 2014 New England Patriots, and ended up working out pretty well for them. As Rovell noted in his tweet, it’s a phrase the 2014 Super Bowl champs ended up trademarking a few times, so you can get a bunch of neat gear with the Patriots logo and the phrase splattered all over it.

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There is nothing to see here. There have been plenty of words posted on locker rooms throughout the history of sports, with coaches mimicking other great pep talks to fire up their teams. Plagiarism isn’t the same thing when you’re about to go play a game as it is when you’re writing a thesis or addressing the nation.

Belichick is not the first professional coach to utter that phrase, as a few Twitterers noted, and he even said in a documentary on the Super Bowl XLIX champs — titled, wait for it, “Do Your Job” — the phrase is actually “Do your job well.” But that “well” makes things much too professional, and really, it would kind of look silly on all those hats and t-shirts.

So unless the Cowboys try to start selling some “Do Your Job” swag, there’s nothing to see here. Move on and enjoy the rest of this slow news day.

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