ENFIELD, Conn. (CBS) – Coming to the aid of a squirrel is probably not in an EMT’s job description.

But that’s exactly what emergency responders in Connecticut did on Friday.

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A video posted to the Enfield EMS Facebook page shows a crew doing its best to help a squirrel that has what appears to be a plastic yogurt cup stuck on its head.

“Do squirrels bite?” one first responder wonders as they hatch a plan to free it.

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The bewildered squirrel evades the grasp of EMTs at first, hopping about wildly.

Finally, while one rescuer traps the squirrel using a sheet, another pulls the cup off its head, and the unencumbered squirrel dashes off into the woods.

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The video had been viewed more than 150,000 times, as of Monday afternoon.