TAUNTON (CBS) – They’re calling him “The Dog Whisperer.”

Taunton police officer Evan Lavigne has a new role on the force: Helping out lost dogs.

Last week, police say Lavigne responded to a report of a loose dog on County Street. He was able to get the dog into his cruiser and snap a selfie.

Animal control was notified and that dog was successfully reunited with its owner.

On Sunday morning, police were hoping Lavigne could work his magic again.

Another lost dog had been found on Oak Street in Taunton. Once again, Lavigne got the dog into his cruiser and took a selfie.

“No word yet on a happy ending,” police say. “If you know the owner of this dog, please contact them and ask them to reach out to Animal Control.”

Though police had not updated the post as of noon on Sunday, it appears there was indeed a happy ending. A comment left on the Facebook post thanked Lavigne for finding the lost dog and said he was home.