MARBLEHEAD (CBS) – Police are trying to identify a woman accused of stealing a Marblehead Donald Trump supporter’s political sign after the theft was caught on surveillance video.

The incident took place Tuesday night on Harbor Ave.

Police say surveillance video shows a car pulling up to the home around 9:30 p.m. and returning about an hour later.

A woman can be seen on video jumping out of the car, taking a Donald Trump campaign sign out of the ground, and running back to the backseat of the waiting car with the sign before leaving the area.

Marblehead Police said that regardless of political affiliations, it is against the law to trespass on private property and steal political signs, adding the crime “can land a person in court with hefty fines, the possibility of jail time and a criminal record.”

“Clearly the woman depicted here is old enough to know better!” police said in a Facebook post.

Last week a North Reading woman was charged with vandalizing an Andover man’s homemade Trump sign and nearly running him over as she fled the area.


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