By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – The parents of 7-year-old Isaac Harrington are devastated but trying to remain strong for their son. Isaac was with his mother in Maryland enjoying the summer outdoors when he was accidentally run over by a large commercial lawnmower.

“We were down there having such a great time and in an instant our lives changed, ” Isaac’s mother Samantha Harrington said.

Isaac is currently at John Hopkins Children’s Center where he’s undergone two surgeries. Unfortunately doctors had to amputate his left foot.

“I don’t think he looked down and see his foot’s gone,” his dad Kevin Harrington said. The whole thing happened quickly.

“He tripped and the gentleman operating the machinery threw it into reverse without looking and didn’t see Isaac and ran over his leg,” Samantha said.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says 17,000 children a year are injured by lawnmowers in 2010. Both Kevin and Samantha say they want to see more safety features placed on heavy commercial machines.

They also want parents to be careful where your kids play especially when there is lawnmower around. “The commercial lawnmower should have some kind of safety device because they are being operated in areas where kids play,” Samantha said.

The family, who is from Northboro, has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover medical expenses and they are humbled by the amount of support they are receiving. “What can you say it just shows the outpouring of love people can have,” Kevin said.

Both mom and dad are so proud of the way Isaac has handled this horrifying situation and although he lost his foot, he hasn’t lost his heart. “He’s a really strong little kid I mean I wish I was like that,” Kevin said.

Isaac will still have under do another surgery. “I really want people to know that God is going to take care of our family and make sure my son has a full abundant life despite the horrible accident,” Samantha said.

Paul Burton


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