BOSTON (CBS) – Can you picture Curt Schilling as commander-in-chief?

The outspoken former Red Sox pitcher is talking about running for office in Massachusetts, followed by a presidential run.

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“I am going to run, soon,” Schilling says in the comments of a Facebook post in which he calls out “fraudulent” Democrats.

Curt Schilling's comments on a potential run for office (Screengrab from Facebook)

Curt Schilling’s comments on a potential run for office (Screengrab from Facebook)

When someone asks for more details, Schilling indicates his sights are set on the highest office in the land.

“state office first, white house in 8 years,” Schilling responds, with a smiley face. “or 4 if by some amazing illegal event this country elects another clinton.”

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Schilling’s comments on Sunday were first picked up by Politico.

How serious is Schilling about actually becoming a candidate? That’s unclear, but he also tweeted that he’s thinking about a “state position here in Mass most likely, to start.”

Schilling has not been shy about his conservative politics, and sometimes it’s gotten him in trouble. He was fired by ESPN earlier this year for sharing an anti-transgender meme on Facebook.