By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick thought he was out of the woods with any questions about the Patriots’ quarterback situation when he declared Tom Brady the Week 5 starter, regardless of the performance of Jimmy Garoppolo. I mean, surely he wasn’t going to be asked about it less than 24 hours later, right?

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Never underestimate an obtusely intrepid reporter being oblivious to the reality that Belichick not only wasn’t going to comment any further on the Patriots QB situation, but decimate you with a death stare in the process. “You have to ask the question!” Unless Belichick, you know, literally just told you yesterday.

The head coach couldn’t have been more definitive on Thursday, but that STILL didn’t stop this poor reporter from getting himself smacked down. First, he asked if Belichick had ever named a Week 5 starter in July before, then asked what happens if Garoppolo plays better. Then when Belichick said “Look I told you what’s going to happen,” the reporter said “So there’s no … There’s …”

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That’s when Belichick rolled his eyes and muttered “Jesus Christ” before absorbing the reporter’s life force.

Needless to say, the presser quickly moved on from there to questions Belichick would actually answer. Not before cleaning up this reporter’s corpse after that bloodbath.

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