BOSTON (CBS) – A Dorchester family is demanding answers after their young son was found dead in the waters off Carson Beach while he was under supervision of a city-run camp.

Seven-year-old Kyzr Willis was found dead Tuesday in the area of the M Street Bath House. He had been reported missing about five hours earlier while participating in a “drop-in” summer program.

Nearly 24 hours later, the boy’s family told WBZ-TV they are seeking answers.

“There’s questions that are unanswered right now. I need those questions answered as soon as possible,” said Ralph Toney, the boy’s father.

Ralph Toney and Melissa Willis grieve the death of 7-year-old Kyzr Willis. (WBZ-TV)

Ralph Toney and Melissa Willis grieve the death of 7-year-old Kyzr Willis. (WBZ-TV)

Family members shed tears outside the Medical Examiner’s office, saying they want someone to be held accountable for Kyzr’s death.

At the time Kyzr went missing, there were 56 children at the program and approximately 25 counselors. There were also eight lifeguards, a director, supervisor and assistant supervisor.

Police are investigating what happened in the approximately 30 minutes that Willis was last seen and when he was reported missing.

7-year-old Kyzr Willis (Curley Community Center)

7-year-old Kyzr Willis (Curley Community Center)

“My grandbaby doesn’t deserve to die like that. Seven years old. Who’s watching the 7-year-old baby? You’re kidding me,” said Ralph Jackson, Kyzr’s grandfather. “How do you not watch kids when it’s your job? You’ve got kids watching kids.”

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said Wednesday the director of Curley Community Center, where Kyzr went missing, was placed on administrative leave.

Walsh said the city will launch a review of all of its drop-in day programs and camps by week’s end.