BOSTON (CBS) – Last week, it was Donald Trump’s turn to rally the faithful, reassure the skeptical, and try to grab his share of undecideds.

Starting Monday, it’s Hillary Clinton’s turn, and she faces some challenges every bit as serious as the ones Trump is yelling at.

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Let’s start with the faithful. How do you win over Bernie Sanders voters and left-leaning undecideds when the reason they’re not already with you is they just don’t like you?

These people know who she is, and some kind of bogus “reintroduction” isn’t going to cut it. They need persuasion to hold their noses and vote to stop Trump.

And there will surely be plenty of Trump-bashing this week; watch for Elizabeth Warren to strip the bark off him in her speech. But how much is too much?

Plenty of skeptical or just non-committal voters are that way because they’re disgruntled with the way something has gone under Clinton/Obama leadership, and they want proof she’s feeling their pain. Clinton will never win over the haters who gotta hate, and right now too many of the rest look like they’re seriously entertaining a Trump vote.

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That bleeding must be stopped, and bomb-tossing could backfire with this crowd. What to do?

Maybe she’ll do what Trump is unwilling or unable to – explain, clearly and convincingly, how she would govern, differently from Trump of course, but also from Obama.

Tell them who she is and that she knows who they are, and leave them by week’s end believing that while Trump may claim to be their voice, Clinton is more like their brain and heart.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

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Jon Keller