BOSTON (CBS) — You have to see to believe it.

Police were called to investigate after a group of four daredevils walked out onto the roof of the Avalon Apartments on Exeter Street in Boston Sunday evening, with one of them taking a leisurely stroll right on the edge of the building.

The terrifying moments were captured on cellphone by Shawn Brown Jr.

“I was like, ‘oh man, am I going to watch this kid? He could fall off and I could witness the whole thing,'” Shawn Brown Jr. said.

The Browns, who are visiting from Texas and staying at a nearby hotel, say they could not believe what they were seeing, as they watched one of the individuals taking pictures and leaning over the edge of the building. None of them were wearing safety harnesses.

“We all came to the window, and they are literally walking on the edge of the building taking pictures, and it was quite a scene to say the least,” Brown Sr. said.

The thrill-seekers were on the 29th-story rooftop for about fifteen minutes before police and fire arrived and escorted them off. Police said they were not residents of the building, and had “piggybacked” behind a resident to get in.

“They were on the ledge that appeared to be about eight inches wide walking around the very edge of the building,” Brown Sr. said. “We were not sure if they were going to jump or parachute off.”

Shawn and his son say they’re glad they captured the moment–but they certainly don’t condone the actions.

“I told my son I don’t want you doing anything like that,” Brown Sr. said. “It’s a very dangerous, I mean just one slip and it would be a very unfortunate situation.”

Police did not arrest the individuals, who were warned they would be arrested for trespassing if they returned.

The hotel has not pressed any charges so far, and said they are looking into better restrictions to roof access.

“No apartments were broken into, nor was there any property damage,” the hotel said in a statement. “We are cooperating fully with the Boston Police Department.”


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