DUXBURY (CBS) — Jeena Sheedy says she was standing on the beach around 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning when her best friend came running out of the beach house on Ocean Road North in Duxbury.

“She said, ‘Don’t get in the water, I think its a shark,'” Sheedy said. “We watched it for a few minutes.”

Jena then called 911. Moments later the Duxbury Harbormaster Department issued a warning to beach goers saying they would be swimming at their own risk after the unconfirmed sighting.

“The coast guard came and said there are a lot of seals that have moved up, and it’s something we see frequently,” Sheedy said. “They were looking out of for it.”

On Sunday the Duxbury beaches remained open, but folks were cautious.

Resident Robert Reed says his nieces and nephews know the rules when it comes to shark sightings.

“You are worried because you see seals out there a lot now,” Reed said. “The kids know if they see a seal time to come in.”

Two weeks ago, a lobsterman spotted a great white shark off the coast of nearby Plymouth, leading to the closure of several beaches for 24 hours.


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