By Katie Brace

BOSTON (CBS) – Residents of 286 Bunker Hill Street in Charlestown credit a Good Samaritan with getting them out of their burning building.

Lourdes Fernandez lives on the first floor. She said initially she thought the woman at her door needed help.

“I looked out the window, and she was on her phone, and she looked like I thought something was wrong with her,” Fernandez said. “I went out to help and I didn’t know she was helping me.”

The woman was walking up the street when she saw flames and smoke coming from the building.

“We were completely unsuspecting. I didn’t put shoes on or anything. She was like you are getting out, there is a massive fire,” said Fernandez.

Avra Schwartz lives in the garden level condo.

“She came in and rang all the buzzers and got everyone out of the building yelling there was a fire,” Schwartz said.

Both Schwartz and Fernandez had heard a distant alarm and didn’t think anything of it. It was the fire alarm from the adjoining building. There was no smoke or flames on the lower levels.

Neither really believed there was a fire until they ran out of the building. “It was coming off the top of both buildings they were very clearly on fire,” said Schwartz. “Right now, I am just happy we got out and everyone else got out, just grateful.”

“I did thank her quickly, but I wish I knew who she was because I mean we owe her a big thanks for what she did,” said Fernandez.

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