BOSTON (CBS) — Felger & Mazz missed a lot during their week away from the broadcast booth.

While the always-positive Sports Hub duo was away, Tom Brady ended his DeflateGate battle against the NFL and will now serve his four-game suspension to start the 2016 season.

Tony Mazz was caught off guard by Brady’s decision, which was announced Friday afternoon on the quarterback’s Facebook page.

“I was borderline stunned,” said Mazz. “I don’t understand how you fight for 18 months, lose but still have an option at your disposal, and not fight anymore. What changed?”

Felger says Brady’s team finally realized they were fighting a losing battle.

“He finally felt that he had a losing case. He either figured it out or Ted Olsen said, ‘This is not happening,'” explained Felger. “I’ve heard people say Brady’s chances of getting a stay from Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have been decent. If Brady thought he would get a stay, he would still do it. If you thought you could delay this — and that does put in the risk of a decision during the season — but you’ve come this far the last 18 months, you have an indication that you may get a stay, and you drop it? My belief is they figured it out that Ruthie wasn’t giving them a stay.

“That side figured out they lost, and it’s over,” said Felger.

And so ends DeflateGate (for now).

Watch their full DeflateGate discussion in the video above, and whether or not the Patriots helped or hurt themselves over the last 18 months in the video below:


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