With their huge menus, Mom and Pop operations, and all the food you love, diners offer the ultimate in All-American eating. These are eight of the Greatest diners Phantom has ever found.

Ugly Mug

Kicking off the Great 8 is The Ugly Mug Diner in Salem. Here they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and fortunately, breakfast is available all day long. There’s Huevos Rancherso served like a seven layer dip, or an upscale twist on Chicken and Waffles, made with duck confit, candied pecans, and bourbon maple syrup. Phantom’s favorite dish is The Elvis Waffle, baked with peanut butter and chocolate chips and topped with bananas and whipped cream.

Deluxe Depot Diner

The Deluxe Depot Diner in Downtown Framingham is located in a historic train station dating back to 1885, and has a menu lined with breakfast classics, including their famous flapjacks. The kitchen griddles up six varieties of pancakes, including Sweet Potato, French Acadian style, Stoneground Blue Corn pancakes, New York style potato pancakes, and the signature Deluxe Flapjacks.

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The Breakfast Club

Another Great 8 winner is The Breakfast Club in Allston, where they serve bountiful breakfasts and oversized sandwiches to a loyal clientele. There are big fluffy waffles and pancakes loaded up with all of the good stuff; oversized omelets stuffed with your favorite fillings; and something called the Fire Bomb Benedict, served with shaved steak and a spicy hollandaise sauce that will really light up your morning.

Lanna Thai

Lanna Thai takes all of the big bright flavors of Thai cuisine and stuffs them inside a cute, cozy dining cart in Woburn. You can have appetizers like the chicken satay with peanut sauce and traditional dishes like authentic Pad Thai. There’s the Crazy Noodles, stir fried with chicken, eggs and broccoli; and if you like duck, you’re going to love the crispy Duck Choo Chee, served with bell peppers, snow peas, onion, and carrots in a creamy coconut sauce.

Dave’s Diner

Dave’s Diner in Middleboro is a 50s inspired spot complete with a jukebox, neon all over and breakfast all day. The menu boasts everything from meatloaf sandwiches to malted waffles, chicken parm to chocolate cake, hand-packed burgers to fresh-baked blueberry pie. But it’s the Country Fried Chicken that you really need to try.

Red Wing Diner

The Red Wing Diner on Route One in Walpole has been serving and stuffing hungry customers with fresh, honest, straight-forward seafood, crispy bar pizzas and indulgent comfort food for over 80 years. Fried clams here are fabulous on their own, but even better as part of the Red Wing’s Fisherman’s platter: overloaded with whole bellied clams, scallops, shrimp, haddock, fries and ultra-addictive onion rings.

Busy Bee Diner

The Busy Bee Diner may not look like much from the outside, but inside they serve the best basic breakfast in Brookline. This is a throwback greasy spoon, with its counter seating and big comfy booths. The menu is no different, offering comfort food favorites like pancakes, chock full of blueberries for breakfast; a Greek salad top off with chicken for lunch; and classics like Salisbury Steak and Yankee Pot Roast for dinner.

Round About Diner

Rounding out the Great 8 is The Round About Diner. Located right on the Portsmouth Traffic Circle on I-95 in New Hampshire, the Roundabout is like a new version of the classic 50s diner, serving up huge portions of homestyle comfort food with a twist. So there’s an omelet stuffed with pulled pork; big burgers garnished with fried pickles; and addictive homemade potato chips dripping with blue cheese and bacon.

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