WESTBROOK, Maine (CBS) — The Westbrook Police Department has been dealing with reports of a snake “as long as a truck” in and around the city’s Riverbank Park for the last week.

The first reports of the snake, which Police say has now been nicknamed “Wessie” or “The Presumpsot Python” by locals, came in last Thursday. Police noted on their Facebook page that the snake obviously is not indigenous to Maine, and said they assume it was released.

After a week of checking the area and not finding the snake, two Westbrook Police officers encountered it again in Riverbank Park near Speirs Street around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday–during it’s dinnertime.

“The snake was eating a large mammal, possibly a beaver (not joking),” reads the department’s Facebook post.

The officers, who watched the snake swim across the Presumpscot River and disappear under brush, said it was about 10 feet long. The Maine Warden Service said they expect the snake won’t be doing much moving around in the following days, since it just ate a large meal.

Westbrook Police reminded the public to report any snake sightings immediately so they can locate and remove “Wessie” from the river and the area of the park, and said anyone coming in contact with it should not try to approach or capture it themselves.

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