By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) — As everyone knows, a presidential race just isn’t complete without a candidate from Massachusetts. This year, that candidate is Lexington’s own Dr. Jill Stein, the presumptive 2016 Green Party nominee.

Dr. Stein sat down with WBZ political analyst Jon Keller to talk about the election, and why the electorate should vote for her.

“Because you’re being thrown under the bus by two political parties who’ve been basically racing to the bottom on behalf of Wall Street and big corporate donors,” answered Stein.

The former physician says that, while she used to practice clinical medicine, “now I practice political medicine.” She said she is the only candidate on the ballot in November who actually supports the American people.

Keller said that many of Stein’s points, including freedom from donor money and being an outsider, sounded reminiscent of Republican candidate for president Donald Trump. So how are the two different?

“Well, number one, Donald Trump changes his mind at least every 24 hours, so what he says today has nothing to do with what he thinks or what he will say tomorrow,” said Dr. Stein. “Number two, he has a track record for offshoring jobs, for mistreating his workers … for cheating students at Trump University, for failed businesses, and he won’t even release his tax returns. It’s like, fool me once, shame on you, fool me a thousand times, shame on me–we don’t want to trust this guy.”

Stein said she has always released her tax returns in past races, and will put them online in the event she becomes the Green Party’s 2016 nominee when the party convenes in August.

Dr. Stein gave her thoughts on the Clintons, saying it was very important to look at their track records and how those clash with their pledged support for a “people’s agenda.”

“The meltdown on Wall Street, the disappearance of 9 million jobs, 5 million people who had their homes stolen out from under them–that was a direct consequence of Wall Street deregulation brought to us by the Clintons.”

Keller and Stein also discussed Bernie Sanders, and the potential that third parties might draw votes from the Democratic Party and result in a Trump presidency.

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Jon Keller

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