BOSTON (CBS) — As recently as last year, there would be no debate. But now that LeBron James has sewn up his third NBA title in spectacular fashion, it’s a fair question: Has LeBron passed Larry Bird as the greatest small forward of all time?

It’s been a major talking point all week, in the wake of LeBron scoring 41 points in Game 5, repeating the performance in Game 6, and then posting a triple-double in Game 7, a championship performance which he capped off with a block for the ages.

Obviously, the two players brought different tools to the table. Perhaps no ball handler in NBA history has had the size and strength of LeBron, while Bird can boast of having the greatest court vision in the history of the game. Bird was a lights-out shooter, and his competitiveness was unmatched, while LeBron’s versatility to basically play any position on the floor is remarkable.

But in terms of measurables, it’s interesting to see exactly how the two compare.

While it’s quite clear that LeBron presumably has a ways to go before wrapping up his career, here’s how the two stack up at this moment in time:

Larry Bird vs. LeBron James

We’ll leave it up to you.

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  1. Shawn Newton says:

    What this article and others don’t talk about is how clutch Larry was unlike Lebron! He made his team-mates better and had to compete with stronger teams too!

    1. bobdevo says:

      Oh,please, put LeBron on a team with Parrish, McHale and DJ and they might never lose. You think Magic would’ve made that look over LeBron? Never.

  2. This article is about 3 years too late. Lebron put Bird in his rearview mirror several years ago.

  3. Don Rockwell says:

    Here’s the fundamental (emphasis on “fun”) problem with this comparison: You could say that LeBron James has surpassed Larry Bird as the greatest small forward of all-time, and you’d be correct. You could also say that Larry Bird was a better basketball player than LeBron James, and you’d also be correct. I’m glad I’ve lived to see both (here are my more-detailed thoughts:

  4. larry..larry..larry..never heard this for lebron…

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