BOSTON (CBS) — It was a Game of Jones Tuesday as Adam Jones and Rich Keefe played a round of Over/Under. The guys focused mainly on the NBA and Thursday night’s draft, as well as the future of LeBron James, then moved on to the Red Sox and baseball topics.

Check out the questions and Jones’ answers below.

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Number of draft picks the Celtics end up keeping on Draft Night: Over/under 4.5

“I think it’s going to be under,” said Jones. “I could see them doing something like this, Keefe: two first rounders, two second rounders, and maybe one of those players is a stash … I would still count that as a keeper.”

Number of trades involving top-10 picks: Over/under 2.5

“I’m going to say under, but it seems like there’s a lot of intrigue there,” said Jones. “I think something happens there. There’s almost always a move in the top-10, maybe a couple … I don’t know that I see as many as three or four.”

Number of NBA titles for LeBron James going forward: Over/under 1.5

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“Under. … I’m just going to keep betting against him,” said Jones. “Even though he won again, I still think the knock on LeBron is that he hasn’t won as much as he should have.”

Year-end home run total for Hanley Ramirez: Over/under 10

“He’ll get over ten,” said Jones. “Less than 15, but over 10. … You know, with Hanley an injury is always in the cards, so maybe ‘under’ isn’t such a silly bet.”

Number of total All-Stars for the Red Sox: Over/under 5.5

“So [Bogaerts, Ortiz, Bradley, and Betts] are locks,” said Jones. “I would say Steven Wright is a lock. I would say, on top of that, Pedroia will find a way on. … So I will say ‘over’, but Pedroia is the key one because those other five are all making it.”

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