BOSTON (CBS) — Make some room, Ayesha Curry. You’ve got company.

A day after the wife of NBA MVP Stephen Curry tweeted that she believed the NBA is rigged to boost ratings or money, the ace of the Boston Red Sox is joining the chorus.

The response is in large part to Stephen Curry getting called for six fouls in Thursday night’s Game 6, which resulted in his ejection from the game. Curry himself reacted by heaving his mouthpiece in a fit or rage, an action that sent him off the court entirely for the remainder of the game.

A superstar player very rarely gets called for three fouls in a big game, let alone six, so the sight of Curry walking off the court was rare.

Curry’s wife tweeted shortly thereafter that the NBA is “absolutely rigged.” She later deleted the tweet, but not before it had already made national headlines.

Price probably won’t have to delete his tweet, and the fact that another big-money superstar from a different sports league is calling out the NBA for some fishy business is at the very least a fairly noteworthy development.

Game 7 of the NBA Finals will be played Sunday night in Oakland. Prepare for more tweets.


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