BOSTON (CBS) — It was a “Buy or Sell” Monday on The Adam Jones Show.

Rich Keefe hit Jones with the following questions during Monday night’s edition of “The Game Of Jones”:

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Buy or Sell: LeBron James staying in Cleveland

“I buy that he is staying this year, because even he knows when — not if — he leaves Cleveland again, he’ll go from the pariah he was the first time to never being able to go back to his home state. If he ditches them a second time, and he’s going to, he needs to wear out every last option for him. They’ll probably trade Kevin Love, maybe they’ll fire Ty Lue, but I don’t see him leaving them in the lurch just yet,” said Jones.

“It will happen but I don’t think it will happen this offseason. I hope it happens so everyone piles on and hates him again.”

Buy or Sell: Martellus Bennett will have more TDs than Tim Wright did in 2014 (6 touchdowns)

“I will buy that. I say he gets more than the six, because Tim Wright was a forgotten guy. I don’t think Bennett will be forgotten. Defenses lost track of Tim Wright and didn’t pay attention to him because they didn’t need to pay attention to him,” said Jones. “Defenses will key in on Martellus Bennett more, but he’s such a red zone weapon he should be able to get more than six [touchdowns].”

Buy or Sell: Eduardo Rodriguez just sucks

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“I do sell that. It could be one of those years where he was behind the eight ball, he was never there conditioning-wise, the velocity was never there for him and he’s overly-reliant on two pitches. Maybe the stuff isn’t as good as last year because he never got fully healthy or what have you. Long term, a guy in his early 20’s, a lefty who throws in the mid-90s when he’s right, I still think that’s a guy with a lot of talent.

“It might be a lost year for him, but I don’t think he sucks.”

Buy or Sell: Sidney Crosby deserved the Conn Smythe

“I sell that. How many times did his name come up as Conn Smythe? We talked about Phil Kessel, Matt Murray, Kris Letang. There were so many options, but we know why Crosby got the Conn Smythe. It’s why you see quarterbacks get the MVP even when the numbers aren’t there,” said Jones. “I get it, you’re the quarterback and had an impact. Crosby is the captain and he had an impact. But when it came to the most important guys in their playoff run, it wasn’t Crosby. Obviously the media is going to lean his way.

“I think it should have been Letang or Kessel.”

Buy or Sell: The U.S. will make the Copa America finals

“I sell that,” said Jones. “I don’t know if they’re getting by Ecuador, let alone Argentina.”

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