BOSTON (CBS) — It was a Game of Jones Tuesday on the Adam Jones show. Rich Keefe posed some Over/Under questions to Adam Jones related to the state of the Red Sox, Tom Brady and the Patriots, and the Cavs’ chances in the NBA Finals.

Check out the over/unders, and Jones’ answers, below.

Games that the Red Sox will be out of first place at the All-Star break: 2.5

“I’ll say under. … They’ll hang around ’til the All-Star break. I’m not convinced they’re a playoff team, but I’m not saying they aren’t, either. … I think [president of baseball operations Dave] Dombrowski will make a trade to keep them in the [playoff race].”

Trades Dave Dombrowski will make before the deadline: 1.5

“It has to be over. … They need a starter. They need bullpen help. They could use a left fielder. … They do have, especially on the pitching side, a multitude of needs.”

Points Kevin Love will score in Game 3 of the NBA Finals: 17.5

“I have to go under that. … I think the one thing he could have going for him is if [the Cavs] are getting blown out, LeBron may just defer to his teammates and just pass every single time down the floor … People are questioning [Love] from the outside – his teammates, I’m sure, are questioning him from the inside.”

Remaining NBA championships for LeBron James in his career: 1.5

“I’m taking the under … [James] might have a title in him, but I can’t sit here and give him two when he goes out and does what his team has done so far in he NBA Finals.”

Touchdown passes in 2016 for Tom Brady: 30

“I think [Brady] might be able to miss four games and still get you 30 touchdown passes this year, so I’m going to go over … And I still think he’s going to play.”

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