BOSTON (CBS) — Now that summer is here, many parents are spending their weekends cleaning out the garage, and sifting through old toys and clothes their kids have outgrown.

What if you could make money on that pile of old stuff?

The resale business is booming and local parents are taking advantage of it.

Raina Yeulenski of Franklin is a busy mother of two. She’s a savvy shopper with a spring-cleaning ritual for her growing kids.

“There’s always that population of stuff where you’re like, ‘Maybe it will fit next year?’ Then you take the bag out, you’ve seen they’ve grown 4 inches and you’re like, ‘that’s not going to work,'” Yeulenski said.

She caught the “resale” bug early at stores like Children’s Orchard in Milford. Raina is no rookie at this.

“My son is almost 9 now,” she said. “I started coming here probably when he was a year old, so 7 years.”

Gayle Gonthier-Bell is the owner. She says resale is simple at Children’s Orchard and very different from consigning.

“It’s a one stop process of selling. You come in, you sell it, take the cash or store credit. You walk away and your day is over.”

The catch is the items you bring in must be brand name, gently used, freshly laundered and checked for recalls.

They buy and resell just about anything kids use from clothing, to shoes, toys strollers even bikes.

Gayle says, “the main benefit is time. Your time is money and you want to be able to get everything done in your life quickly. For you it’s 20 minutes in, 20 minutes out, cash in hand.”

Dedicated shoppers like Raina recommend it.

“If moms like good brands and don’t want to pay for the prices, I think it’s a good deal.”

And if you bring in something that’s been “loved” a little too much, Gayle says they’ll take the item off your hands and donate it to a local church or women’s shelter.

Visit the Children’s Orchard website for more information on the store and their resale policy.


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