Nobody does lobster rolls like New England. Out of all the clams shacks and seafood restaurants around, here are eight of the region’s greatest lobster rolls.

Row 34

Kicking off the Great 8 is Row 34 in Boston’s Fort Point. Though the larger-than-life restaurant is known for its cold beers and fresh oysters on display, the lobster roll here cannot be overlooked. It’s cracked and served in two different styles. There’s the warm buttered lobster roll, and the more traditional cold lobster roll. Their version includes diced dill pickles and crème fresh, along with mayonnaise.

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Just down the street from Row 34, you’ll find Gather: a sleek, sophisticated eatery with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking beautiful Boston Harbor. Since they’re located just blocks from Fisherman’s Pier, the lobster roll is incredibly fresh. Their lobster roll could cost you $25, but once you see it, you’ll know it’s worth every penny.

Joe Fish
North Reading, Andover

Another Great 8 winner is Joe Fish in North Reading and North Andover. Whether hot off the grill, steaming from the sauté pan, or served straight from the raw bar, seafood doesn’t get any finer or funkier. When it comes to lobster rolls, Joe Fish offers three different sizes, so you’re satisfied no matter what your appetite may be. If you’re in the mood for something really colossal, just order the Big Kahuna, with lobster overflowing the plate.

Yama Zakura

Yama Zakura in Northborough is a festive Asian spot where sushi chefs make artful maki rolls to order. No trip to this restaurant would be complete without the Lobster Bomb, a Japanese style lobster roll layered with chunks of luxurious lobster, soaking in a sweet lemon mayo that’s torched to create a warm, decadent masterpiece.

Belle Isle Seafood

Belle Isle Seafood in Winthrop serves their seafood in a sprawling space with one of the best views of Boston. Once you’re done soaking in all of that scenery, you’re going to want to order up one of their massive lobster rolls. At around $24, the over-packed, super-stuffed roll lives up to its hefty price tag. It includes a half pound of lobster meat – half tails, half knuckle-claw – and very little mayonnaise.

Bostonia Public House

Another Great 8 winner is Bostonia Public House in Boston’s Financial District. This swanky restaurant is a throwback to Boston’s bygone days, with a rich wooden bar, comfortable seating and live music. Since Bostonia pays homage to all things Boston, their menu had to have a lobster roll, but this one is anything but ordinary. It’s stuffed with a lobster salad made with yuzu crema and avocado, and topped with bacon crumbs.

Red’s Eats
Wiscasset, Maine

Red’s Eats on Route One in Wiscasset, Maine is a humble roadside spot that’s become a worldwide destination, all thanks to one sensational sandwich. Generations of lobster lovers return year after year and wait in line for their turn at the window to feast on one of these incredibly fresh lobster rolls.

Evelyn’s Drive-In
Tiverton, RI

Rounding out the Great 8 is Evelyn’s Drive-In in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Located on Nanaquaket Pond with beautiful sunset views, Evelyn’s is famous for clam cakes that are fried to order. But Phantom’s favorite specialty here is the lobster roll. It’s made simply, with five fresh ounces of claws and tails on a toasted bun, served with mayonnaise and butter on the side so you can dress it yourself.

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