BOSTON (CBS) — In honor of the San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins battling in the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals, Rich Keefe decided to pore over some fun facts about sharks and penguins for a “Tale of the Tape” in the latest round of “Keefer Madness.”

Tale of the Tape: Sharks vs. Penguins

Attribute Sharks Penguins
Top speed 60 mph 22 mph
No. of species 500+ 17
Maximum size 70 feet 7 feet
Oldest species 400 million years 62 million years

Some other factoids:

– When a shark eats something it can’t digest, it can vomit by thrusting its stomach out of its mouth then pulling it back in.

– Penguins have an organ near their eyes that filters salt out of salt water.

– The “cookiecutter shark” feeds by attaching its mouth to victims and carving out a hunk of flesh.

Verdict: Sharks in five.

Listen to the full podcast below:


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