WASHINGTON (CBS) – In the week leading up to Memorial Day, TSA officials say they stopped a record number of guns from being carried onto planes.

The TSA said that they found 74 firearms in carry-on bags across the country, and six were loaded.

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That breaks the previous record of 73 confiscated firearms in a week, which was set in April of this year.

The TSA is reminding fliers that they can only bring guns in checked bags, and they must be declared to the airline. The penalty for bringing a gun in a carry-on can be up to $11,000.

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“In many cases, people simply forgot they had these items,” the TSA said.

A list released by the TSA of last week’s confiscated guns did not include Boston’s Logan Airport.

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The TSA also notes that finding a prohibited weapon in a carry-on will only hold up a security line longer, an issue that has been plaguing the agency all year.