QUINCY (CBS) — A Dorchester woman is facing charges after police say she pretended to be a police officer and tased a man in a road rage incident.

Quincy police received a report Wednesday night from a man and his girlfriend saying Shunae Allen, 35, was “riding their bumper and honking her horn while frantically flashing her lights.” Allen allegedly followed the couple as they pulled over into a Roche Brothers parking lot.

Witnesses told police they saw Allen and the man arguing. The man told police Allen approached their car, opened the front passenger door where he was seated and tased him before telling them she was a police officer with a license to carry.

Police arrested Allen but were not able to find the taser.

She is charged with impersonating a police officer and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The victim told WBZ-TV’s Julie Loncich he had never met Allen before. He says he’s shaken, but OK following the incident.

Fearing for his girlfriend, he got out of the car and he says he had no idea what had happened when he was stunned and then took off running.

“There was no indication of any type of incident that had occurred prior to this,” Quincy Police Detective Karyn Barkas told WBZ.

Allen was released Thursday following her court appearance.

WBZ-TV’s Julie Loncich contributed to this report.

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  1. Why do people stop for cars that are not marked without proper lights anyway.

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